Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain product line up shown off at Kojima Station

During episode 34 of Kojima Station, the impressive product line for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was discussed. As revealed yesterday, there will be several editions of the game available when it launches in September.


While they didn’t have the physical collector’s editions to show just yet, they did have some of the items included, most notably the full-scale bionic arm replica (for Japan) as well as the halve scale version (for NA and the PAL region).

Kojima-Station-34-Bionic-Arms Kojima-Station-34-Bionic-Arms-2

Kojima demonstrated some of its possible uses as he used it to strangle himself and to pester Yoji Shinkawa. Or you can just have it hold your DualShock controller.



This is the half scale version for the western market:


Here you can see a comparison of the two arms:


It appears you can take both arms off their pedestals as well.


The special edition PlayStation 4 made an appearance on the show as well. Kojima was asking for suggestions on a name for the system, so if you have an idea send him a tweet.

Kojima-Station-34-MGSV-TPP-Products Kojima-Station-34-MGSV-TPP-Products-2Kojima-Station-34-MGSV-Red-PS4-Console

Kojima-Station-34-MGSV-PS4-Console Kojima-Station-34-MGSV-PS4-Controller

They also showed off the Seiko Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain watch that was just announced. Shinkawa presented his design.



Kojima-Station-Seiko-Watch-Close-2 Kojima-Station-Seiko-Watch-Checking

Furthermore, they talked about the emblem creation in The Phantom Pain, and about the Metal Gear Online trailer with commentary that was released yesterday. The show concluded with the usual fanart competition.

The next episode of Kojima Station is planned for March 26th.

Kojima-Station-34-Shinkawa-and-Kojima Kojima-Station-34-Kobayashi-and-Kojima

Source: Kojima Station #34, Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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