Watch the Metal Gear Online trailer with commentary by Kojima Productions LA

Konami has released a new video for Metal Gear Online, in which Robert Peeler comments on the trailer debuted at the Video Game Awards last year. Below is the new information he shared.

  • At the beginning the characters can be seen selecting their gear using the iDroid.
  • There will be more customization options, weapons and items in the final game than those seen in the trailer.


  • In the trailer the teams are 8 vs 8, but the game also supports a 6 vs 6 mode.
  • The trailer was meant to highlight teamwork, since this is at the heart of MGO.
  • The grenade Snake uses marks enemies within the radius, allowing your teammates to see them from afar and through walls (similar to the marking system in the main game).


  • Different CQC moves are available to the player.
  • The Fulton Trap, which transports enemies outside the map, was detailed last week.


  • In the trailer the objective is to steal an item, but gameplay modes can have multiple or alternate objectives.


  • The puppy item is the new version of the dirty magazine from the old games – it temporarily distracts enemies. Originally the team designed a animal magazine, and then a real puppy, but they decided on the stuffed animal since they didn’t want players to go around shooting puppies.


  • The ‘E’ in the title has multiple meanings: the ‘E’ from ‘Online’, a ‘3’ (since it’s the third MGO game) and the Japanese kanji character ‘san’ (三), which translates to ‘three’.
  • MGO is meant to be more lighthearted than The Phantom Pain. The selfie seen at the end of the trailer is an example of that.

Metal Gear Online will be bundled with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain when it releases on September 1st of this year.


Check out the video below.

Source: Konami Channel

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