Details on Metal Gear Online’s new item, the Fulton Trap

To celebrate posting their 1000th tweet on their official Metal Gear Online Twitter account, the developers of Kojima Productions LA have shared an artwork of one of the items from the game: the Fulton Trap. You may remember seeing this device in action in the trailer that premiered at last year’s Game Awards.


The developers describe it as ‘a trap that detects movement within a radius, fires a self-inflating balloon onto its victim and carries them into the air’. Here are some detailed specifications:

  • Material steel alloy
  • Weight 27.5 lbs
  • Diameter with stand: approx. 609.6 mm
  • Height: 381 mm (approx. knee height)
  • Muzzle Velocity 100 m/s
  • Maximum firing range 5 m
  • Filling weight 2.5 lbs
  • Self-inflating balloon that attaches to a lift line on a V-shaped yoke
  • Braided nylon line
  • Mylar marker


The developers also answered a bunch of questions about this specific item on Twitter. Below is all the information gathered from the responses.

  • The Fulton Trap’s current range is 5 meters, and it works in 360 degrees.
  • The default capacity is 1, but this can be increased. There are ways to carry more.
  • It can be placed anywhere on the ground, even indoors.
  • It takes less than a second to place the trap.
  • The trap expires after one use.
  • If you step on the trap you are removed from the map until you respawn. This doesn’t count as a kill, the game notes it as the player being fultoned. It also counts towards the statistics.
  • You can shoot the balloon if a team mate is fultoned, but if you’re the one in the trap, you can’t.
  • You’ll have two seconds to free the one in the trap. There are ways to make this shorter.
  • Only people can be fultoned, not objects.
  • You can destroy the traps by shooting them.
  • Currently all classes can make use of the item, but this can still change. Same goes for availability in different game modes.
  • You can place a trap next to a tranquilized enemy, and it will fulton him once he wakes up.
  • Different game modes have different goals or objectives, and removing a player from the map has various purposes.


Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

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