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Close Up: Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack: The Lost Tapes

More than half a year after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, another soundtrack has been released in Japan. Titled Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack: The Lost Tapes, this CD contains tracks from the game that (mostly) were not on the previously released Original Soundtrack. In the game, this is the music you can collect and listen to through your iDroid, plus some extra tracks.


The album cover is designed in the same style as those of the Original Soundtrack and the Vocal Tracks: a character render from the game with a V overlaid on top on a separate transparant layer. The artwork used for this cover features both Snake and Quiet, covered in copious amounts of blood.


There are 16 tracks total, most of them by composer Ludvig Forssell, and some by Steve Henifin. The full track list is as follows:

  1. A Phantom Pain | Ludvig Forssell | 3:59
  2. Behind The Drapery | Ludvig Forssell | 3:42
  3. Dormant Stream | Ludvig Forssell | 1:47
  4. Nitrogen | Steve Henifin | 3:13
  5. All The Sun Touches | Ludvig Forssell | 2:51
  6. Different State | Ludvig Forssell | 3:44
  7. 204863 | Ludvig Forssell | 1:52
  8. Scouting Barren Lands | Ludvig Forssell | 2:43
  9. Defiance | Ludvig Forssell | 5:07
  10. Planet Scape | Steve Henifin | 4:54
  11. Journey To Point C-5 | Ludvig Forssell | 2:33
  12. Montage | Ludvig Forssell | 1:52
  13. The Guitar Says Hello | Ludvig Forssell | 2:00
  14. Death Metal Gear – Ground Up Zeroes | Ludvig Forssell | 1:34
  15. That Itchy Feeling | Ludvig Forssell | 2:10
  16. How ‘bout Them Zombies Ey? | Ludvig Forssell | 5:21

This is a limited edition version of the soundtrack, and that means it comes with a nice bonus: a good old fashioned cassette tape, similar to the ones found in the game. It contains the same tracks, so if you happen to have a cassette deck or a Walkman laying around, you can use them to listen to the music.


The booklet contains the lyrics of the tracks, as well as some cool artwork.


To conclude, this is a cool collector’s item. As with the other CDs, the presentation is really nice, and the included cassette tape is an interesting bonus.

As of now, the Limited Edition can still be purchased from CDJapan. There’s also the option of the slightly cheaper Regular Edition, but this one does not come with the cassette tape.


You can see the other two Metal Gear Solid V soundtrack CDs here: Original Soundtrack and Vocal Tracks.

Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack The Lost Tapes

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