Hideo Kojima attending PS4 launch event in New York?

So, this is getting interesting. After Konami revealed the first launch details for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes earlier this week, a user on NeoGAF working for the company talked about a ‘big announcement‘ coming before the VGAs (which means before December 6). What follows now is a tweet by Kojima’s personal assistant Ayako, saying ‘in NY from today!’ (translated).

Ayako accompanies Kojima on all his business trips. As most people probably know, next week will see the launch of the PlayStation 4 in the US. This will be kicked off by a launch event, and will supposedly feature new titles and announcements for Sony’s next-generation console. Where will this event take place? That’s right, New York City. Just now, Geoff Keighley posted this tweet:

For those who don’t know, Keighley will cover the event for Spike TV.


Source: Ayako’s Twitter, Geoff Keighley Twitter, NeoGAF

  • the creep

    hopefully while waiting at the midnight release we can watch a live streaming!

    • Slay


  • the creep

    Imagine a ZONE OF ENDERS EXCLUSIVE TO PS4 !!!!!! Or maybe some MGS 5 EXCLUSIVES FOR PS4 🙂 The companies will all know soon who to bring the exclusives too…. PS4-THE GAMERS!!!

    • Slay

      But nobody is buying a ps4, so it will be announced for the xbox one as well.

      • Capitalist

        @Slay – PS4 pre-orders outnumber those of the XB1

    • Mark Johansen

      why does it have to be exclusive? almost no benefit for konami at all

  • Golgari

    Hideo Kojima shows us a trailer. Blow us away please 😀

    • Slay

      Would you like your milk whole or 2 percent?

  • Batzi

    Holy SHIT! I can only imagine what he would be showing at that event! DAMN IT KOJIMA SHOW ME!! SHOW ME MORE!!!!!

    • Slay

      He’ll show you MGS. He likes his milk.

  • Nekkedsnake

    MGS Touch iOS sequel, here I come!

    • Slay

      Is that milk tasty?

      • NL37

        can someone explain to me what milk has to do with mgs?

        • Slay

          it’s entire franchise. It’s being milked.

      • MgS

        Slay doesn’t know that MGS is so he is just referring to milk instead.


  • Slay

    Who? Are we to the point that we are talking about irrelevant people…

    • fairus sulaiman

      ignore this moron .. he.s well known xbox fanboy all over the internet … dont waste your time dealing with this person

      • Slay

        Do you always talk in 3rd person?

  • PrinceHeir

    i already seen Kojima 3 times now. this could be my 4th one(PS4!) then again i didn’t pre ordered PS4 and my finals are coming soon 🙁

    oh well

    • Slay

      Not even close to being on topic…

  • Golgari

    Kojima is checking a trailer. YESSSSSSSS:


  • Cyberlum

    Hope they clear things up about the size of the game since a lot of people are completely clueless of what’s going on and are spreading misinformation calling it a glorified demo which is complete nonsense.

  • Frederick Guese

    In my minjd it’d be for an original IP. The realist in me says otherwise.

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