Hideo Kojima attending PS4 launch event in New York?

So, this is getting interesting. After Konami revealed the first launch details for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes earlier this week, a user on NeoGAF working for the company talked about a ‘big announcement‘ coming before the VGAs (which means before December 6). What follows now is a tweet by Kojima’s personal assistant Ayako, saying ‘in NY from today!’ (translated).


Ayako accompanies Kojima on all his business trips.¬†As most people probably know, next week will see the launch of the PlayStation 4 in the US. This will be kicked off by a launch event, and will supposedly feature new titles and announcements for Sony’s next-generation console. Where will this event take place? That’s right, New York City. Just now, Geoff Keighley posted this tweet:


For those who don’t know, Keighley will cover the event for Spike TV.



Source: Ayako’s Twitter, Geoff Keighley Twitter, NeoGAF

  • the creep

    hopefully while waiting at the midnight release we can watch a live streaming!

    • Slay


  • the creep

    Imagine a ZONE OF ENDERS EXCLUSIVE TO PS4 !!!!!! Or maybe some MGS 5 EXCLUSIVES FOR PS4 :) The companies will all know soon who to bring the exclusives too…. PS4-THE GAMERS!!!

    • Slay

      But nobody is buying a ps4, so it will be announced for the xbox one as well.

      • Capitalist

        @Slay – PS4 pre-orders outnumber those of the XB1

    • Mark Johansen

      why does it have to be exclusive? almost no benefit for konami at all

  • Golgari

    Hideo Kojima shows us a trailer. Blow us away please :D

    • Slay

      Would you like your milk whole or 2 percent?

  • Batzi

    Holy SHIT! I can only imagine what he would be showing at that event! DAMN IT KOJIMA SHOW ME!! SHOW ME MORE!!!!!

    • Slay

      He’ll show you MGS. He likes his milk.

  • Nekkedsnake

    MGS Touch iOS sequel, here I come!

    • Slay

      Is that milk tasty?

      • NL37

        can someone explain to me what milk has to do with mgs?

        • Slay

          it’s entire franchise. It’s being milked.

      • MgS

        Slay doesn’t know that MGS is so he is just referring to milk instead.


  • Slay

    Who? Are we to the point that we are talking about irrelevant people…

    • fairus sulaiman

      ignore this moron .. he.s well known xbox fanboy all over the internet … dont waste your time dealing with this person

      • Slay

        Do you always talk in 3rd person?

  • PrinceHeir

    i already seen Kojima 3 times now. this could be my 4th one(PS4!) then again i didn’t pre ordered PS4 and my finals are coming soon :(

    oh well

    • Slay

      Not even close to being on topic…

  • Golgari

    Kojima is checking a trailer. YESSSSSSSS:


  • Cyberlum

    Hope they clear things up about the size of the game since a lot of people are completely clueless of what’s going on and are spreading misinformation calling it a glorified demo which is complete nonsense.

  • Frederick Guese

    In my minjd it’d be for an original IP. The realist in me says otherwise.