Metal Gear Solid V’s marking system is not comparable to Splinter Cell’s Mark & Execute, Kojima Productions says

Metal Gear Solid V’s marking system is not comparable to Splinter Cell’s Mark & Execute Mode, Kojima Productions insists.

In the latest episode of the official podcast, Kojima Productions addressed some of the concerns surrounding this new gameplay mechanic.

The reason the studio implemented the marking system is that they no longer have the Soliton Radar System. You could see enemies were around the corner. Now you can use the marking system for that. This means you have to plan your infiltration. Using binoculars from a distance to scope out the area and mark enemies.

“Again, this is completely optional, and you don’t have to mark enemies if you don’t want to.” host Sean Eyestone clarified. “Another thing that we want to point out is that it’s very different from the way marking is used in other games.” According to Eyestone, it’s not similar to Splinter Cell. The system won’t be used to mark and execute enemies, like in that game. It’s only used for gathering intel and planning your infiltration strategy. Marking system and reflex mode are two separate modes, and they are not related. One helps to prevent you from getting spotted, the other helps you if you are spotted.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 007

  • Ricardo Oe


  • Nekkedsnake

    haha i just mentioned sc conviction in another article without knowing this one talks about for different reasons:

  • Nekkedsnake

    on topic tho, the marking system was in PW. its just getting a higher lvl of attention now cuz its MGSV. its pretty useful IMO the radars in PW would run out of battery anyway. plus the PW tagging seemed more temporary and the markers would fade out faster compared to MGSV where the markers are permanent once an enemy is tagged. tag info gets sent to your iDroid, letting you know enemy whereabouts. basically a radar. problem solved.

  • Hiro

    That’s exactly how i thought it would work. I remember some retarded editors on IGN comparing it to Splinter Cell, saying it was a rip off of the mark and execute feature.

    • Nyxus

      People have been jumping the gun with these changes.

  • PrinceHeir

    it’s probably similar to Deus Ex HR marking system or Peace Walker

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