Kojima comments on removal of Kaz from Ground Zeroes box

As most people will know the boxarts for the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes differ from the western versions mostly in the sense that the latter one doesn’t feature Kaz. Kojima explained the reasons for this earlier in an interview.

Metal-Gear-Solid-V-Ground-Zeroes-Box-Japan Metal-Gear-Solid-V-Ground-Zeroes-Box-PAL

Above: Japanese boxart. Below: Western boxart

After the western cover was revealed, a lot of people expressed their disappointment with the removal of the character. Now, Hideo Kojima commented once more on this decision, via Twitter.

“I gave direction to GZ key art as I want to do everything incl making trailer by myself. But I let our oversea publisher handle their key art as heard Kaz wasn’t a known character as PW was released on PSP.”

“But the reaction to oversea key art surprised me. People asking “where’s Kaz?”. Now learnt that Kaz’s been well received. The title logo, the key art, and how to leverage them are already planned at the very beginning of game concept phase.”

“I bet all the marketing/PR/sales staff handled/handling my title think I’m such an annoying director. lol”

“In fact I tried to create bloody Snake and Skullface ver. for oversea’s but it looked horror / reminded me if “Enemy Mine”. lol”

It seems like they underestimated how familiar the western audience is with the character. Maybe we’ll see him on the boxarts for The Phantom Pain. The original concept Kojima talks about at the end sounds pretty interesting as well.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • PrinceHeir

    still stupid seeing as the JPN cover have it as well.

    solution? reversible cover. you can use this as a display while people who prefer with Kaz can swap it for their own use.

    though tbh i kinda prefer the Yoji Shinkawa art Japan has been getting instead of the in-game model. it looks to generic tbh.

    • Nyxus

      Well the JP one has a render as well. It’s the one in the left. So no Shinkawa art, at least not on the regular cover.

      • PrinceHeir

        that’s why they should have used the older style which is character art instead of in-game render in the old games.

        i do wonder what will Phantom Pain artbox will be. Kaz, Snake, Skullface? or something?

  • RoderickThe13

    Who doesn’t like Kaz? Also the empty space on the cover looks too notorious without him.

    • Jeff O’Connor

      I disagree that it looks empty. Camp Omega is pretty well-represented on the Westem cover. It’s a nice atmospheric glance and it doesn’t appear empty to me.

  • TheF1BOB

    A Skullface/Big Boss box art would of been bloody brilliant. :/

    Damn you Konami!

  • DarkCerberus

    I hope TPP comes with a cover by Shinkawa, like every other MGS game ever…apart from PW and MPO…dunno if he did the art for that.

    The BB/Skullface cover sounds really freakin interesting..

  • Golgari

    Master Miller is a fantastic character.

    This is why I hate Konami in general. Beyond Kojima Productions, their western PR department does not exist in this realm. They make crappy ports of great titles like Silent Hill and think that people in western countries does not know what is MGS. This is Metal Gear we are talking about. The biggest Konami’s franchise. Obviously people who played the game and are looking for the final product know who is Kaz. At least at some form of information.

    • Neil Kapit

      Sometimes I wonder if the Master Miller of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake isn’t the same person as Kazuhira Miller of Peace Walker, and it’s just a similarity that they’re both blonde guys named “Miller” with sunglasses. It’s really hard to see how Big Boss’ bestest boyfriend would end up turning against him and helping his clone-son kill him, especially since the Phantom Pain trailers have Kaz adopting Big Boss’ “watch the world burn” attitude.

  • Jeff O’Connor

    Honestly, though, as much as I love Miller, a bunch of Metal Gear fans into the series enough to contact Kojima Productions over *anything* whatsoever are really not a representative sampling of the whole. Peace Walker has certainly gained more Western awareness since the launch of HD Collection but most people I’ve met at my school, parties, etc. who tell me they enjoy Metal Gear Solid games are no more than passingly aware of its status as “some handheld spinoff” at best and still act like the franchise at least temporarily ended with 4.

    I’m sure Kojima is prepared for this and will offer a good little catch-up document. And I don’t really think the inclusion of Miller on GZ’s Western cover would have a particularly negative impact on sales. But I can see where the publisher is coming from and it seems silly to me that Kojima would act like, well, that he would act as though people such as ourselves are going to spend time on the net discussing the franchise in great detail and still be relatively unaware of the character’s coolness.

    We are extraordinary people.

  • Neil Kapit

    Ultimately I prefer the American box art, as the color balance is easier on the eyes without Kaz’s scaldingly blonde Johnny Bravo hairdo.

  • BoxArt

    I don’t have twitter but can someone please ask Kojima ot show us the Snake & Skullface concept?

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