Close Up: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Premium Package

As is the case with every Metal Gear Solid launching in Japan, so, too a Premium Package was being offered for Snake Eater when it came out in 2004. These Premium Packages, large boxes containing some nice extras aside from the game itself, make for popular collector’s items.

This article takes a close look at the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Premium Package.


The outer box is made of brightly green colored cardboard, decorated with a pattern reminiscent of the graphic elements in the title screen of the game, including soviet symbols, Russian text and missiles in different shades of green. On the center is the logo in shiny silver lettering.


Opening the lid reveals a vintage-styled box with a drawing of the Shagohod on its lid, and the name in Cyrillic script, the writing system used in Russia. It’s probably made to look like a Russian made toy from the era Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place in.



Some more illustrations and text on the sides.


The Shagohod model is a bit smaller than the box suggests, but it does look authentic, and it’s actually quite heavy. It’s a 144 to 1 scale model, and it’s very detailed.


Underneath this box are the other items, among them of course the game itself. The cover art differs from that of the regular version (this is actually the same box art used in North America).



Then there are two books and a four panel wallet with a DVD. The stickers warn for spoilers. Both the DVD wallet and the larger of the two books are made from what looks like recycled paper. Because of the brown, empty covers they kind of look like confidential files, which may have been the intention since this game is all about the era of espionage. The two books are called the ‘L’ and the ‘R’ book.


One of the books is a MGS story booklet, the small one, but of course it’s all in Japanese. There’s an artwork of a satellite on the inside of the cover. The outside looks like it represents a wall made from large, dark stones.



The ‘R book’ has a page filled with words starting with an R.


The bonus DVD contains different trailers and early experimental material.



The other book is an art book that contains interesting behind-the-scenes material. There are character artworks, research photos, commentary by the creators and more. It also comes with a fold-out poster with art by Noriyoshi Ohrai.






This is a really nice book filled with beautiful, full page prints containing artworks and photographs. On the reference photo below you can see the Mauser, which is the weapon EVA uses (except hers is a Chinese fake, as Snake points out in the game).


Because this is the ‘L book’, the page is filled with L-words.






Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Premium Package is a very nice bundle to own for Metal Gear collectors. All the items fit nicely in the box, so they can be conveniently accessed and stored.

Of course, since the item only came out in Japan, some of the pieces can’t really be used by non-Japanese speaking collectors, but when it comes to the artbook, even though it’s a shame not being able to read the descriptions, it mainly relies on images.

Still, this Premium Package will mainly appeal to collectors. And for a Metal Gear fan it’s an awesome collector’s item indeed.

  • PrinceHeir

    where did you buy this?

    awesome stuff!! i’m guessing the DVD contains the MGS3 GTA style video that came out years ago? 😛

    so this poster was created since MGS3 huh?? and they put it out on MGS4 ^^

    • Nyxus

      Got in on eBay, from someone in Japan. And yeah, he made several arts for the different MGS games, and there were a few of them in the church in MGS4.

      • crimsonfox

        That artist has made a bunch of art work in this style. That dude is awesome, congratulations on acquiring this Nyxus you lucky mother…

        • Nyxus

          Thanks, got a tip from a fellow MGS fan, and I got it for a great price. I mean, free shipping from Japan, can you believe it?

          • crimsonfox

            DANG! Getting hooked up man!

            I’m having breakfast now. But I’ll be searching for this later on today now.

          • Nyxus

            I think the seller I got it from had more of them in stock.

          • crimsonfox

            How much did it cost you?
            Can I get the link to this gentleman?

          • Nyxus
          • crimsonfox

            Oh man that ain’t even a deal…

            That’s a steal!, looks like I’m obtaining one of these bad boys this week, Thanks dude.

          • Nyxus

            No problem! And mine arrived in excellent condition, there is some minor damage to the box, but other than that it doesn’t show that it’s 10 years old. The inside looks like new, with everything still in plastic wraps, as you can see on the pictures.

          • crimsonfox

            I saw that. I also noticed that snazzy carpet. Damn it has been 10 years holy snaps, I need to replay MGS 3 in celebration. I haven’t grown up yet, still clamoring for anything new. Can’t wait for Ground Zeroes man.

            Add me on PsN ” crimsonfox “

          • Nyxus

            Added you.

          • crimsonfox

            I’m out running bull-ish errands I’ll add ya when I get home.

      • Jonny2x4

        They were in the Hazard House in MGO too. Specifically Ohrai did illustrations for the Premium Package editions of MGS2, Twin Snakes, MGS3 and MPO.

      • TonyFS12

        Hi Nyxus, I’m a Spanish fan of your blog and your job, and I have to say that “you’re pretty good” he he he… I wanna ask you a question about this item: Did you have to pay extra taxes of any class? I mean, beacause it is importated.

        • Nyxus

          No, I only paid what the seller asked for it, no additional costs. But maybe I was just lucky.

          • TonyFS12

            Oh, thank you for the answer 🙂

      • Kawaii as Fuck

        How much did you pay?

    • Cartmangus

      Random note, but I like how a joke bit made only for a trailer has better sound foley than most games in general do for cutscenes, it’s something I love a lot about Metal Gear and the reason I love the cutscenes even if they can become a bit too much at times, Kojima gets the sound right, never feels like there’s anything missing in a scene.. Plenty of other games just completely lack ambience or sounds for character movement and it just makes cutscenes really awkward to watch

  • crimsonfox

    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I remember back then collecting magazines with anything on metal gear solid 3. For many reasons this one is my favorite metal gear especially the music. I didn’t know this kind of package existed back then. I was 13 at the time, oh the memories. I’m going to try and find one for sale now though…

  • Janeo

    We have to get something like this for phantom pain we just have to.

    • Nyxus

      I’m sure we will, or at least Japan will. They are getting one for Ground Zeroes as well.

  • Janeo

    On another topic I just watched a gametrailers video and they talked about ground zeroes one guy was arguing it was to much for 2 hours and the other guy was ok with it. It was just horrible though the guy against hadn’t even seen game informers impressions and just sees everything as a away to get more money out of the game he also said how they going to get even more money with special editions and then ended up saying how stupid the slow mo mechanic was for some reason. It’s just really annoying when people that are meant to be professionals don’t do there research when they are going to do discussions I mean it’s fine if he doesn’t like the price that’s fine but he should at least know the game has more to offer then story.

    • Nyxus

      Here is what I find strange: the 2-hour thing comes from Game Informer, but afterwards this same magazine explained that this doesn’t cover the whole game and doesn’t do it justice, and they also said that they think it’s worth the price. But strangely enough you hear no one about that. If people take over the 2 hour thing from Game Informer, why not the rest of the things these guys are saying? Seems kind of selective to me.

      • Janeo

        Yeah it’s pretty silly I mean game informer love the game and they aren’t saying the length is a bad thing they haven’t said one negative thing about it. I just hope the sales don’t suffer because people have just heard this 2 hour thing and are judging the game off that without looking further into it

  • Saladin

    Would love to own this masterpice

  • Ben King

    This makes my pants tight.

    • Jacob Gonzales

      That’s disturbing.

  • Kaniebas

    That looks amazing!

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