MGSV: Ground Zeroes iPhone cases available at the game’s launch

Kojima tweeted a photo of a couple of new Ground Zeroes related iPhone 5 cases. From left to right: Sneaking suit (according to Kojima), MSF, XOF and the Fox Engine.


“iPhone5 case by Guild Design available at GZ launch. The one in left hand side has a decal from Snake’s sneaking suit.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Santiago

    I have one of these Guild Design ones, the Fox Hound Logo gun metal iPhone 5 case from this past years Comic Con. They are freaking awesome, and feel really sturdy, BUT I hate to admit this, but the signal/reception on my phone dropped SO BAD, I was unable to use my phone in half the places I went. It’s a shame though cause the cases are beautiful in person 🙁

    many non gamers would question my case and ask where to buy it just cause of the design and material.

  • Anonymous X

    Diamond Dogs is the Holy Grail at this point.

  • Rob Machado


  • PrinceHeir


  • Glasscut

    I just hope.. we can at least get to buy one of these cases in the U.S…

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