Kojima doesn’t want to stay away from sensitive subjects, thinks he will face a lot of criticism

Kojima has been talking about tackling taboo subjects and sensitive topics in his next game, Metal Gear Solid V. During an interview with Gamespot, he says that this is needed if games want to become more than just games.

If we don’t cross that line, if we don’t make attempts to express what we really want to express, games will only be games. If we don’t try to go beyond that, we won’t be able to achieve what movies or novels have achieved. I didn’t want to stay away from these things that could be considered sensitive. If we don’t go that far, games will never be considered as culture.

According to Kojima, not too many games are trying to go really far.

In Breaking Bad, I also see that these guys are trying to go to the limit; trying to take it as far as they can to try to get their message across. For us as well. In games we have to go to the limit; we want to stay within this limit of how far…pushing the boundaries of conveying our message. We look around and we don’t see too many games like this; that is unfortunate.

Kojima is aware of the fact that the content of his game may be met with strong criticism.

One of the main topics of Metal Gear Solid V is this chain of revenge. That is something that I really didn’t want to step back from, I really didn’t want to go around it. I know that I will probably face a lot of criticism because of it but I really wanted to portray that accurately.

However, Kojima doesn’t think this is something every game has to do just for the sake of it.

I don’t think necessarily that all games have to go this far; in our case we have a strong message that we want to convey.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes already faces censorship in Japan, but it doesn’t seem Kojima is willing to avoid shocking content.

Source: Gamespot

  • PrinceHeir

    While I’m glad he’s pushing the boundaries, The only reason he was able to do this is because he has already established his name and team in the game world.

    If this was from a niche developer, HIGHLY doubt he’ll be able to do whatever he wants.

    As for what kind of themes he’s pushing, there might be dead children all over the place, attempted rape of women or slavery of people, more realistic deaths(when you shoot someone in the head there’s no dramatic music playing, just the sound of thump of the body) etc.

    I do wonder how Big Boss will changed, it seems in the older games he’s just straight up a typical villain, but here he’s becoming more and more of an fallen hero who probably lost he’s ways due to the endless battles he encountered.

    I hope he has a big speech at the end of Big Boss, maybe teach us that war is probably the worst thing that has happened to mankind or etc.

    In any case i’m still hesitant to buy the game, mainly because of backlogs and tons of orders already on my way.

    But we will see.

  • Zero

    Waited almost 19 months for ground zeroes man only 12 days left!!! Kept you waiting huh? 😉

    • Janeo

      I am going to be so happy when I hear big boss say that

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