Kojima Station Episode 1 summary – skipping cutscene affects enemy positions, and more

Today Kojima Productions put out their first episode of Kojima Station, both a Japanese and an English version. Sean Eyestone, Ken Mendoza, Ludvig Forssell and Chris Johns talked a bit about the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes launch and the BAFTA event, before going more in depth into the game. Here is a short summary of the topics discussed in this episode.

Ground Zeroes comes with download codes for The Phantom Pain (register at Konami Core) to unlock special things.

Next up was a gameplay recording showing off the skills of one of the studio’s top players. The staff commented on the video.

If you skip the intro cutscene, enemy positions will be different because they move in realtime during the opening scene.

There is a new move: throwing enemies you’re carrying. This will knock them out (from sleep status to knocked out).

You can eavesdrop on enemy conversations to find out the location of characters (POWs) to recruit.

Alert status is indicated by the music (since there is no longer a soliton radar that displays it).


About the iDroid App: By completing challenges in Ground Zeroes (such as getting a certain amount of head shots) you can unlock new characters in the standalone Mother Base game.

Message from Kojima: Back in the day games were all about mastering your skills through multiple playthroughs and about interactivity, and he wanted to recreate that type of game with Ground Zeroes.

Next time: In the next episode they will talk to creative producer Matsuhana, and Yoji Shinkawa (and show his workspace). In the Japanese version, Ludvig Forssell will talk about the sound side, spilling secrets about how they do stuff. The show will be streamed at a more convenient time.

The next episode may come next week, and fans are encouraged to leave comments and recommendations in the meantime, as the show is still a work in progress. If people want to see Kojima in one of the episodes, they need a lot of people to ask for it, and then they can have him on the show.


Source: Kojima Productions Official Site

  • Kaniebas

    Played an hour of Ground Zeroes on PS4 last night and I already think it’s fantastic!

  • Fredy Carius

    The download codes for Phantom Pain only come in the physical version, right?

  • PrinceHeir

    Good stuff!

    My FFX | X-2 HD CE already arrive today(freaking finally).

    Now i’m deciding if i should import the JPN version now or wait on summer.

    The game looks fun, but eh i have too many stuff on order and with college going on.

    • black_fox

      Would you shut up about those games already. Honestly, noons cares! This is like the fourth time on a metal gear website you have brought up that you seem have better things to play than metal gear.

      • PrinceHeir

        Seriously are you too stupid to not reply?

        No one cares yet you even bother to reply. It’s funny there was also a thread back then on what games do you look forward on buying in 2014. I see a lot of different games being mentioned yet i’m surprised an idiot like you didn’t respond to it back then.

        Why don’t you go back sucking konami’s dick like a fucking crack head. I wouldn’t be surprise if your lap whatever shit Konami throws at you.

        Don’t be mad not everyone is looking forward to Ground Zeroes and instead are patiently waiting for for the full game Phantom Pain.

        It’s no wonder scumbag elitists like you plagues this site. Don’t like what i say? don’t fucking reply.

        Is that really hard? or do you need a book to explain on how to do that?

        • black_fox


          • Janeo

            What’s he angry about anyway

          • PrinceHeir

            Nice stealth edit though!

            Stay Classy next time!

          • Janeo

            What are you talking about

          • glitchbomb

            Who knows. That black fox said something about prince should stop mentioning how he has more Importing games to play than GZ, Which is fine. Play those games, But why tell us on a site where we are all celebrating GZ? I personally don’t care either. Guess that makes us all fags that suck Kojima dick or whatever.

          • Janeo

            Just seems like the kind of person that can’t stand it when people like watching English dubbed anime which is something I do

          • glitchbomb

            lol! yeah, I could see that. I think there are good and bad in both versions!

          • PrinceHeir

            Nice assumption though!

            I do play and watch games/anime in English and Japanese. Still waiting for Hellsing Ultimate Dub IX-X even though the series ended last Dec 2012. I could watch the last parts now, but i chose not to and instead wait for the dubs.

            But it’s good to assume stuff!! Shows how much you know.

            Keep it up though!

          • Janeo

            Sorry didn’t mean to assume anything just you remind of someone that I use to go to school with, I remember getting into an argument because I said I watched the DBZ dub so he said I wasn’t a true fan he just didn’t like people disagreeing with him and kind of seems like you are the same, I mean I get it if you get insulted for voicing your opinion I remember getting into a huge argument with some siphon guy on ign when I had an account because he didn’t like the blogs I was doing so I get what it’s like to be angry at people over the internet but it just seems like you are always getting into fights

          • PrinceHeir

            Yeah it’s okay to post random things like “Come to me personal shit site that barely no one visits” or “What about my theory about this Vapor Snake thing, Gray Fox being Snake? Wow!!”

            Seriously does anyone really cares for any of that BS??

            Oh don’t worry i’ll make sure to post more “positive” comments from now on with the way things are.

            So no more arguments! Just all positive comments with no sense in them. So yay let’s do this!

          • glitchbomb

            Why is positive in quotes? Who are you quoting? I don’t think anyone said anything about positive comments. Now who is assuming things?

        • Janeo

          If you think the site is full of scumbag elitist people then why do you come here, most people here love metal gear more then any game that doesn’t make anyone elitist scumbags so no need to write comments like this

          • PrinceHeir

            I only come here because Nyxus does a good job on compiling all the news from MGS, especially the JPN ones(although he still misses some, but it can’t be helped)

            There’s nothing wrong with praising MGS. What i don’t like is people shoving their ideals thinking “it’s the best thing ever!” “Metal Gear can do no wrong!”

            And when someone gives a fair criticism about the series(like i did with the MP portion of Metal Gear Online), you get labeled as a hater, noob, even though you clearly explained why you think there’s something wrong with the game and its mechanics.

            Actually most of the news comes from Kojima’s twitter, KP JPN facebook page, konami573ch youtube channel etc. But i don’t have time to go through every site just to see the latest news. Nyxus does that for me since it’s convenient and saves me time. MGS isn’t the only franchise i follow.

            Funny i never once complained to anyone’s post here EVER. Even though some of the comments here are delusional, i never minded that and continued with my business as usual.

            I guess you can’t really express your criticism here without being called out as a hater.

          • glitchbomb

            It is funny, you say “guess you can’t express criticism without being called a hater” but one person criticises you and you flip out with some rant. You can’t have it both ways. That is called being a hypocrite.

            Also, nobody here thinks Metal Gear can do no wrong. I don’t know why you keep saying that. We are all different. Stop judging the fans of this site just because people disagree with you.

          • Janeo

            People are allowed to disagree with others criticism seems he doesn’t like it when people have a counter point which is why he is always in arguments I’m fine with people saying they don’t like something about mgs but always getting into arguments and insulting users is not the way to go about it

          • glitchbomb

            I COMPLETELY agree.

          • PrinceHeir

            Please tell me on what kind of counter point he made? I just called out he’s statement and suddenly I’m starting fights? funny none of this would have happened if he had kept his mouth shut in the first place.

          • Janeo

            Blackfoxs comment just said wait which is why I am confused did he say something before that

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol i’m just responding to it as fully as possible. Is there something wrong explaining in detailed on what my stance is? Do you want me to half ass it and leave the out details?

            It’s obvious people here don’t want to discuss things about the franchise seriously and instead would rather just play the same old games all over again. With the way things going, i wouldn’t be surprise if Kojima does indeed retire as a Metal Gear only guy. Nothing wrong with that, but a waste of potential for sure.

            I don’t think you even read all the comments in the sections here. Obviously most of the fans here are overhype as hell for Kojima. Things will become much clear once they released more MGSV Phantom Pain details.

          • lupo

            Yes. The problem isn’t with you…it must be everyone else. Stop generalising “everyone here” you don’t know us. Just stop.

            If you like the news from Nyxus and hate everyone here then just stop commenting. Stick with anime list.

          • glitchbomb

            This whole thing is dumb, and is making soliquidus bosscelot cry.

          • Janeo

            I wouldn’t say him retiring as the metal gear guy is a waste of potential not in the slightest how is he wasting potential when pretty much all of his games has been praised and he already has a lifetime achievement award for video games, if it wasn’t for him video games wouldn’t be what they are today so even if he never makes another game nothing was wasted. I’m very very hyped for TTP and GZ which I don’t have yet so what’s wring with that

          • glitchbomb

            That’s just the way he seems. He jumps at troll bait, and snaps. You should have seen his posts when the down vote still worked.

  • PrinceHeir

    Finally they put the video version of the backstory of Peace Walker leading to Ground Zeroes 🙂

    The JPN release didn’t replaced the english bubble text in the comic scenes(since it would be too long for them to fit each sentences) so they did put the JPN subs below just like in the game.

    It’s pretty tempting to import the game, but alas I have too many things i need to get 🙁


      the actual MPW games (both PSP and HD editions) have english bubbles and I was so glad of that back then (MPW was released a couple of months in japan before anywhere else) so I could understand the main plot of the game…

  • mhhh probably doesn’t happen but it would be cool if:

    since they say that the guards position change if you skip the intro,if you rushed inside the base really fast, it would be a nice touch being able to catch skull face, even if killing him gave you a time paradox screen

  • PrinceHeir

    Also Nyxus why didn’t you post the Japanese interview?

    Much better than the one above since you can see Kojima himself playing the game and the crew promoting it, unboxing of the premium edition, watches, figures, plus Akio Otsuka talks about how long he has been working with Kojima and the MGS franchise 🙂

    Now this is the content i want to see.

    • You mean the Japanese Kojima Station episode? It’s a bit difficult since I don’t understand Japanese myself, so I was still deciding what to do with that. And I’m a bit behind on the new in general, since there has been a lot of it these past days.

      • PrinceHeir

        Don’t worry about it!!

        Take your time! All i got from the episode is where Kojima and Akio Otsuka talked about how long they have been working together(16 years) so 1998+16= 2014. He thanks him for his continued dedication.

        Other than the promotions of the items and all, nothing new tbh ^^

        I’m sure you’ve been enjoying Ground Zeroes to actual post some news about the series. So i understand. So go play the game and enjoy yourself! I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this for a long time now.

        • Haven’t started with the game yet, actually. Will do tomorrow. 🙂

  • Fuck PrinceHeir

    OMG PrinceHeir You are such a arrogant douche though. please do us all a favor and stop thinking you are the best or anything special. Always drama with you._.Dramaqueen

  • Alex Coulombe

    AWESOME! You guys all rule. You know what would be fun? Get Keifer Sutherland on the show and quiz him about the Metal Gear universe.

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