Kojima Productions gives Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ‘Behind the Scenes’ sneak peek

Kojima Productions gave a sneak peek at the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Behind the Scenes (Making Of) at the Japanese episode of Kojima Station. Here are some screencaps. If you want to see the footage for yourself, skip to 58:21.








Here you can see someone’s face getting 3D scanned. In the game, he’s the soldier driving the truck in the intro scene.










What’s interesting is that all the footage seems to be in English, so it can be assumed it’s not just meant for the Japanese audience. How and when the studio plans to distribute the video remains to be seen. But it does look like it would be interesting to watch.

To give a short recap of the rest of the show: The Japanese episode was hosted by Yuji Korekado, Hideo Kojima and Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, among others. They started off talking about Kojima’s trip to Europe (of which he literally just returned, walking in with their suitcases).

Kojima and Imaizumi unboxed a copy of the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Premium Package.




They also showed some of the more recent goodies, such as the PUMA jackets and shoes, and promotional material such as posters and stickers.







At a certain moment Akio Otsuka (the Japanese voice of Snake) entered the scene, kicking his feet to show the MGSV PUMA shoes he was wearing.


Other than that, there was malnly a lot of talking in Japanese and the same videos that were also shown on the English version.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 1 (Japan)

  • Janeo

    I’m looking very forward to this making of I love this kind of stuff I hope we get nor for TPP to

  • glitchbomb

    Ever play a game that had director commentary on while you play? Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay had something like that and it was pretty cool if I remember correctly. It would be neat to have little audio clips you trigger that describe the creative process of whatever it is you are observing/doing . Get even more out of the game after a play trough.

    • Nekkedsnake

      yea, kinda like in MGS4 where you trigger scenes and gameplay from past metal gear games, only with your idea which would incorporate commentary.

    • Fredy Carius

      Monkey Island 2: Special Edition (the remake of the 1991 game) has audio commentary in almost every area you go. It is so cool, every game should have an option like that

      • glitchbomb

        That is one series I am sad to say I haven’t had the pleasure of playing. If I remember correctly it is related to Tim Shafer (sp) who I love. Well, I love the Double Fine titles that I have played!

        • Fredy Carius

          The game creator is Ron Gilbert (of DeathSpank, The Cave etc) but Tim Schafer worked in it to so in the audio commentaries there are both of them and it is hilarious because they are such funny guys.

  • Machine Gun Kid


  • William of Orange

    I can’t wait for the subbed documentary! This looks very interesting.

    • glitchbomb

      Makes me want to try and get in touch with one of the active sub groups that translats new anime before it gets an official sub.
      See if they could just do this one video for us real quick!

      • William of Orange

        Dude, I would really appreciate it. Make it happen, Glitchbomb!

        • glitchbomb

          They are all usually swamped in requested, but its worth a shot!
          While doing a little research on the subject I ran into something else that may be somewhat reliable. It might get us a rough translation way before(if) we get an official one, and the fansub request route seems like it may take a long time.

          I will be back tomorrow with whatever I come up with!

          • William of Orange

            Thanks, Glitchbomb! You’re the best!

          • glitchbomb

            So far i have gotten in contact with two people in two diff fansub groups. One has yet to get back to me with any time frame, and the other told me it is essentially put into a que.

            No word on when that means we will actually get it, or even if we ever will. :/

            There are places that charge you by the min for translations, and they can be rather expensive, so screw that.

            My second approach was to try and use Japanese speech to text software, and then use a diff program to roughly translate the Kanji into English, and theeeeen essentially create an .srt for the video.
            I have tried 2 different programs so far, and both of them suck ass.

            The reason seems to be that the software has a hard time picking up speech from a pre-recorded source.
            Especially ones with music and multiple people speaking at once.

            Still checking out other options. No clue if anything will pan out though.
            Who knows, maybe we will get an official version soon?

            Even if nothing comes to fruition, this was an interesting little project so far. 🙂

          • William of Orange

            Damn,well, at least you tried your best. I admire your persistend attitude and your determination to develop progress! But one of the sub-groups probably has the decency to mail you back, so lets hope for the best!


    I just notice there were canines in the first scene during the main mission. Where were the dogs during game play? Man! Would have been that much more intense! Should have added them for at least the Hard difficulty. Hopefully they’re in Phantom Pain.

    • glitchbomb

      Oh yeah! Not only were there no dogs. But remember these scenes?
      They definitely take place on Omega.
      Now, I know these scenes were taken from the red band trailer, but I thought we wouldn’t be returning back to Omega? Actually, I forgot what Kojim said about that.
      Maybe it is just scenes taken from a flash back that plays during TPP, or they play it while the narrator describes the things that went down there.

      ::Sorry about the duplicate, apparently Disqus doesn’t allow editing of images once posted::

      • Janeo

        I’m hoping we get a little narrated montage from Kaz or maybe ocelot at the start of TPP that tells us what led to to camp omegas events and what happened afterwards for the last nine years

        • glitchbomb

          That is kind of what I imagined. I haven’t finished the last 2 missions but I do know something dark and bizarre is happening on Omega. Something more than just your average torture of detainees, and the extent of it will be revealed in TPP. I really hope it comes sooner rather than later!

          • Janeo

            I think there is a very good chance of it coming this time next year especially with that dlc early next year thing

  • gray

    This should of been packed with Ground Zeroes as an extra video bonus when you do a mission or collect something. Oh wait I forgot I bought “Document Of Metal Gear Solid”……..

  • William of Orange

    Ah, the AM MRS-4 is amazing (although I advise you guys to use short controlled bursts for maximum damage and a instant kill). So here’s a question for you guys: what’s your favourite MGS weapon to this date?

    • MrVux007

      The tranq. gun !

      • William of Orange

        It’s pretty iconic and I could speak on behalf of the entire community that it saved our asses for countless times and let’s hope it will save our asses in TPP as well!

      • Fully agreed!

        • William of Orange

          It begs the question, what type of tranq. Gun do you prefer?
          The “snipe an enemy sentrie from a mile away” Tranq gun or the realistic Tranq. Gun with bullet drop, which is feautured in GZ?

          • In MGS4, you also had a tranq Mosin Nagant (sniper). Very useful! But yeah, I still have to get used to the bullet drop in GZ, the tranq gun was my most used gun by far in the previous MGS games.

          • William of Orange

            I assume you never defeated “the end” with non-lethal weapons and items?

          • I never even snipe The End. Just attack him in his back with a shotgun. 😉

          • William of Orange

            Hahaha! It took me hours to achieve the peace walker achiement/trophy! After you defeated the end, you can obtain his weapon. It’s a horrible weapon, though. (except for the Mosin Nagant in PW. It actually serves a purpose in PW)
            I’ts way too loud and the reload time is anything but exhilarating!

          • Janeo

            I just used the Mosin Nagant for the base defined missions in PW you only need one shot for normal guys and two for armor guys it’s the best way to s rank missions where you can’t sneak

          • William of Orange

            I used the mosin nagant for the Monster Hunter Missions.

          • Janeo

            How is GZ for you by the way are you enjoying as much as you thought you would

          • Definitely enjoying it but I’m still pretty bad at it. 😛

          • Janeo

            I have always been pretty bad at mgs games but it’s always so enjoyable dying many times figuring out a good route and how to get there then succeed, I have died so many times in boss battles and stealth but it never gets annoying. The only time I have ever been annoyed is the torture scenes in mgs1 and PW I couldn’t press the button hard enough I have to get my brother to do those parts every time I play the game

          • MrVux007

            damn this is a tough one….ill go with the GZ one….i just like the sound it makes PEW PEW!

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Single action army from snake eater lol

      • William of Orange

        Hahaha! Yeah, the SAA is extremely lethal and a pussy magnet when it’s being used by a professional gunslinger.

        • Machine Gun Kid


      • The decorated ‘collector’s item’ Ocelot uses? 😛

        • William of Orange

          Nice one, Nyx! But you probably need to auction it,because it has no tactical advantage, whatsoever.

          • glitchbomb

            Yeah. You could auction it and get a better gun!

            It looks fancy, and has Ocelot DNA on it.

    • Kevin Kerr Music

      MGS4: M14-EBR sniper rifle. Was Also in MGO2. LOVED that gun.

      Rapid fire, not needing to reload after each shot and a true sniper scope.

      • William of Orange

        The M14-EBR sniper rifle is way too powerful! (in a good way)
        I could clear mgs4 on “the boss extreme” with at least two continues, if I would stick with the M14 throughout the campaign.

    • Janeo

      Is the mrs4 actually a real gun though, people have been saying it’s fake so I looked it up and couldn’t find anything but it would have to be real right

      • William of Orange

        I believe it’s a fake and I believe it resembles the FN FNC , a successor to the FN FALL (which was feautured in PW).

        • Janeo

          It’s surprising they would have a fake gun I don’t remember any fake guns in metal gear so I didn’t expect any in a game where they are going for a more realistic feel

          • William of Orange

            I think kojima productions never obtained the rights to use real firearm names in MGS V. Criterion games (BurnOut series) created fictional cars, due to negative responses from car companies, stating that featuring real car models with actual damage models could cause bad publicity. I don’t know if that’s the case with MGS V too.

  • PrinceHeir

    I lol’d when Otsuka-san tried to kick all the goodies from the table XD

    Only he can do it in front of Kojima-san 😛

    And He pretty much got all the new clothes from the promotion. Puma Jacket, Puma Shoes. I wonder if Kojima-san also gave him the watch as thanks for his work for 16 years now(1998-2014)

    Great stuff!

  • Rob Machado

    I want that FOX shirt!

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