Robin Atkin Downes Metal Gear recording session in fourteen seconds

Robin Atkin Downes, who plays the role of Kazuhira Miller in Metal Gear Solid V, has been doing voice over recording sessions for The Phantom Pain. He posted a video consisting of some very brief shots showing the voice over studio.

Remember, you can send in any questions you might have for Robin Atkin Downes to Kojima Station.

Source: Robin Atkin Downes Instagram, via Twitter

  • Fiddle…Playing….Action in process.

    • NegaScott128


      • If somebody find his vehicle, write that on the rear windshield lol.

  • Guest
  • Janeo

    Come on this fiddle joke is getting old yes it was a funny line but it’s 1975 and kaz is just the kind of guy to say something like that

    • George Sears

      The fiddle joke got old back in 1975.

      • This is the third instrument in the series. In MGS4, Rat Patrol 01 was ‘played like a violin’. In Peace Walker, Strangelove played Snake ‘like a piano’. And then there is the fiddle in MGSV. We also need a percussion instrument.

        • We are getting played like a damn Harp?! by Kojima that is lol.

        • William of Orange

          Lol, my mind is blown apart! I remember the codec call between kaz and snake, after he defeated chrysalis, but I can’t recall the “being played like a violin” part in mgs4. Haha, You have a sharp mind, Nyxus!

          • Drebin says it to Otacon at the end during the wedding scene.

        • That’s awesome Nyx, I didn’t even realise that connection lol

    • Anonymous X

      Step your fiddle up nigga

  • Anonymous X

    Did he buy the game?

  • You are flat out wrong

    Downes is going to get asked to do the fiddle line for years to come.

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