Death Metal Gear song and more on this week’s Kojima Station

Ever wondered what a death metal Metal Gear song would sound like? Metal Gear Solid V’s composer Ludvig ‘Ludo’ Forrsell created just that, remixing the Ground Zeroes alert song to sound like something played by a metal band.



The song is called ‘Ground Up Zeroes: Death Metal Gear’, and can be heard during the latest Kojima Station, or downloaded for free at this link on Kojima Station’s official webpage.


There may be coming more remixes at Kojima Station, as Ludo was working on a jazz version of Peace Walker’s Heaven’s Divide.


Also addressed during this week’s episode was the absence of Metal Gear Online information. Sean Eyestone assured they are seeing the comments of the fans who want to hear more about the game, but at this point there are not ready to show anything. But in the future, they will have ‘a lot to show’.

Another listener asked about the theory going around that Quiet might be Chico. The staff didn’t really want to say wether this is true or not, but based on their reactions it seems pretty unlikely.

After requests by fans they will try to get Quiet actress Stephanie Joosten on the show.

The hosts also encouraged people to let them know if people want certain content shown during either the Japanese or the English show localized (English subs for Japanese content for example).

Finally, for some interesting insight into the casting process of Metal Gear Solid V provided during the show, go here.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 6

  • Zero

    “Sean Eyestone assured they are seeing the comments of the fans who want to see more of the game”

    More of the game? We have saw nothing yet, would be cool to see a liitle about the game. E3 hopefully.

    • He did not really word it like that, I’ll change it to make it clearer.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      There goes the Chica theory… Damn that was close! 😀

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Even though that video has some very strong points that may be true. I believe it can be true.

        • Raynes

          YongYea could probably make a convincing video of how Raiden is Kaz XD

  • Janeo

    I’m glad they pretty much debunked this theory it was getting ridiculous yong even made a video saying he wasn’t completely dismissing it. Am I the only one who thinks Chico didn’t actually have sex with Paz I thought he gave in and talked why would he rape her then give up information. Even if he did rape her why become a woman maybe I can understand if he just cut his penis off but no reason for him to actually become a woman.

    • The Solid Grape

      THANK YOU! Only people who never played the game and just want to troll the game b/c they either hate MGS or they’re furious with the price(Angry Joe-esque fans) say this to cause controversy. As im sure you people who have already played the game know he was told to rape Paz by Skull Face and Paz herself but he refused and chose to give XOF info on Mother Base instead of the rape. Im sure most of you already know this anyway.
      And the Chico is Quiet theory? I ALWAYS thought is was BS from day 1

      • Janeo

        Yeah I guess people just want to cause controversy I have seen many articles around the internet how kojima can’t handle dark storytelling or this kind of dark story doesn’t belong in metal gear because it’s a goofy series. Anyone who says anything like that isn’t a fan because this series has always been one of the darkest series in gaming.

  • Alex

    They should release that Heavy Metal music video separately like they did the Ground Zeroes Behind the Scenes. It is worthy of it.

  • Raynes

    Anyone else find Ludvig incredible irritating?

    • Anoop

      Hes a funny guy I’d say

    • Kevin Kerr Music

      Can’t wait to shoot him in TPP! >=D

      • MrVux007
        • ObsessedGeorge

          I watched the trailer again, and l don’t think he looks like Ludo at all. Or maybe that’s just me.

          • MrVux007

            they confirmed it in Kojima station …dont know wich episode,but thats ludo

          • Alucardsnk

            It was confirmed in the stefanie joosten “Mission”.

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Yeah, l know he is Ludo. I didn’t say it’s not him, but he doesn’t look like him in the trailer. Though in the pic that Alucardsnk posted, he def looks like him.

    • Hans Maulwurf

      i can’t stand this Forssell guy, his guitar playing really sucks

  • Anonymous GX

    They will never talk about Hayter.

    • Kaizen

      Uh. Why should they?

      • Anonymous GX

        Oh I dunno. It isn’t like they worked with the guy or anything.

        • Kaizen

          LOL Your point? They’ve also worked with Patrick Zimmerman and Cam Clarke in the past. Again, why should they?

          In fact, what does that have to do with MGSV?

          They have no reason to talk about him. Unless you’re either “A). Still carrying sour grapes after a whole year.” Or “B). Have severe dependence issues for David Hayter and refuse to let it go.”

          Mentioning him for no purpose because he’s a subject of your fanboyism, just to incite more various emotions from the hardcore Pro-Hayter elitists, while marketing a game he’s not involved in; is pointless, stupid, and redundant.

          • Anonymous GX

            I’m not the one creating a paragraphed rant filled with my emotions and assumptions. I actually prefer Sutherland. All I’m saying is that Hayter is the proverbial elephant in the room, of course they should talk about him.

          • Kaizen

            Excuse me, which room are we talking about here? Your room? For him to be the “elephant in the room”, that would imply those guys at Kojima Station are personally concerned about issues involving Hayter, which they’re obvious not. There’s nothing to talk about. Not only for the reasons I’ve already stated above, but asserting regurgitated & robotic clarifications that 99% of the MGS fans watching Kojima Station, are already aware of, serves no purpose. Especially to the game they’re pushing without his involvement. Hayter himself already said in a recent podcast interview that he would come back for a future installment if approached by Konami. So again, why should they?

            Let it go.

          • Anonymous GX

            If I have polka-dotted skin and I entered a room with you, would you not immediately notice? Wouldn’t you think it bizarre if no one else mentioned the fact, even when I’m not in presence? Of course the voice actors would have an issue. They worked with Hayter for 15 years, he IS a big deal. Will that change their willingness to accept money? Absolutely not. But that has no bearing on discussion regarding their feelings on the subject.

            And “Let it go” my ass. I PREFER Sutherland for Chrissake. That changes nothing in regards to Hayter’s absence.

          • Kaizen

            Horrible comparison dude. That would suggest that the obvious “polka-dotted” awareness remains unaddressed, unexamined, and unresolved in real-time. “No Hayter” is neither of those situations in our medium (E3, KP Alerts, Podcasts, Twitters, etc.) He’s also never been a part of Kojima Station, which defeats the “entered a room with you” initiation point. “They worked with him for 15 years” is also a moot and inaccurate reason. Exactly what feelings are the hosts suppose to discuss and express, when most of the staff involved in MGSV haven’t worked with him in previous entries like MGS2 and MGS3, nor personally and/or directly in various installments?

            It seems like you’re trying to avoid my previous points on purpose too. So hypothetically, what exactly do you want them to discuss about David Hayter?

          • Anonymous GX

            It WAS an accurate analogy. You don’t work forever with somebody without feeling something after they’re ripped away unfairly.

            Also, are you implying that Robin Atkin Downes never worked with Hayter? What about Sean Eyestone, Christopher Randolph, Antony Del Rio, Tara Strong, or even Avi Arad (who started this entire situation)?

            I’m not avoiding anything. You’re just being a hardass over nothing. I’m sure these people are having censored thoughts.

          • Kaizen

            No, it was a terrible and inaccurate comparison, and yes, you are avoiding my points, because you haven’t addressed them at all. I’m also not “implying” anything. You literally said, and quote, “They worked with him for 15 years”. With the exception of Randolph(who already gave his thoughts in other medias, thus proving my point even further), neither of them have been with Hayter from his beginning. Neither of them have match Hayter’s span of reprisals.. Neither of them “worked with him forever”, especially the Peace Walker cast. Sean Eyestone isn’t even a voice actor that’s directly involved with Hayter’s actual sessions, nor was he involved in MGS productions in a large span. It’s also interesting how you claim Hayter was unfairly ripped away,(which he wasn’t). That has Pro-Hayter regurgitation all over it. That tells me everything I need to know. For you to also assume they have censored thoughts, gives me the notion that you just want them to be pissed off and address it.

            And No.. Avi Arad didn’t start anything. Hayter wasn’t scheduled to come back during its entire conception. Kojima virtually announced this at Pre-E3. He literally said he had a difficult time finding someone to match those qualities that he wanted transmitted into Big Boss, until he met with Avi Avad. The only thing Avi Arad did was put forward an approval of Sutherland to match what Kojima was actively looking for. He didn’t start shit. If Kiefer would have declined, someone else that shares Kiefer’s qualities would have been sought out.

            I’m also not interested in fighting for the last word, so this will be my last response. All I’m just telling you, is to let it go. They have no reason to talk about him, and with each article I read, and comments I scroll down, I see you being in the midst of Hayter/Sutherland, when the actual articles have mostly have nothing to do with it.

          • Anonymous GX

            I’m not reading all that. Write an essay for college.

  • I missed this one Live, I guess that’s why they thought the Fiddles are done for lol.They will continue to play us like a damn fiddle until The Phantom Pain gets released.

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