Photos of Kojima’s second day at E3 2014

Hideo Kojima is still in LA for this year’s E3. Here are some pictures and comments by the game creator from his second day, June 10th.


“Today I’m wearing a very rare Tshirts, probably only a few exists in this world, OUTER HEAVEN Tshirts.”


“DD & OH pins.”

“Like back in old days of MGS, u can expect somewhat comical elements in TPP gameplay at E3 like cardboard box or fulton animals. Scary huh?”

Hideo also paid a visit to the Kojima Productions studio in Los Angeles, where Metal Gear Online is currently in development.


“Had guests from SCE at Kojima Productions LA Studio. We gave them a studio tour.”


“Had BBQ lunch outside.”

Here are some more pictures of the Konami E3 Booth, and the gameplay demo taking place.




“There’s “V has come to” in GDC2013 trailer, V stands for VENOM. I call him V Snake.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Jon “With Jon from UK.”


“With Pierre from Paris.”

“There’re laughters from the audience at MGS TPP gameplay demo presentation today. Hard to imagine from the trailer announced yesterday.”


“Meeting room.”


“Intensional dirt on the light & ceiling.”


“DD Tshirts we’re giving away for who attended gameplay demo at E3 KONAMI booth. Choice from M & L size.”


“Briefing room-ish mtg room has the duct as expected.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Anonymous GX

    Love that Outer Heaven shirt. I really wonder how they’ll handle it with this game, considering it shouldn’t be around until 1995.

    • Hellrasinbrasin

      …Outer Heaven was established in South Africa at an abandoned Nuclear Test Site in The Kalahari Desert in the 1980s. The facilities construction in the 80s was stated in Metal Gear.

  • Janeo

    That demo sounds so great, since you can Fulton vehicles I wonder if that means you will be able to take that vehicle with you when you go to Africa and I wonder if there is anything you can do with the recovered animals.

    • Nekkedsnake

      I’m curious how Fulton works in TPP as well. In PW. you needed 4 comrades to Fulton a vehicle after defeating it. I really hope they release the 30 min demo

  • Golgari

    New Cover. LOL

  • Altaim
    • crimsonfox

      Berry nyce

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Thanks! So the 80% we saw in the sneak peak is the percentage of the possibility of the fulton recovery. Which means if you fulton someone in the sandstorm, it will not reach mother base.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Is he now venom snake and not punished snake?

  • CrazyGuy207

    The “V has come too” came out before the one that had shown “Punished” Snake. So that name is probably a possibility still. Also, with the new Outer Heaven logo, I’m guessing they’re not going to use the old one.

  • Josue Quintana

    Change Watermelons with Sheeps OMG the game has changing to a darker tone!

  • PrinceHeir
  • LukesAlike


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