Kojima pays a visit to Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan

After his presentation at the Taipei Game Show on January 31st, Kojima paid a visit to Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan. This is where Chinese localization happens, and where MGSV: The Phantom Pain’s localization will be realized as well.



“With SCE Taiwan localize team who support bringing MGSV TPP Chinese version.”

Kojima-at-SCE-TaiwanKojima-at-SCE-Taiwan-PlayStation-Games Kojima-at-SCE-Taiwan-PlayStation-Games-3 Kojima-at-SCE-Taiwan-PlayStation-Games-2

“At SCE Taiwan.”

Kojima-at-SCE-Taiwan-PS4 Kojima-at-SCE-Taiwan-PS4-2



“Found Yumi Kikuchi’s autograph when we came over back in 2008 for MGS4 world tour.”

Today, after concluding his visit to Taipei with a lunch with Konami, Kojima traveled back to Japan.


Photo by Ayako Terashima


“Thank you everyone at Taipei Game Show. I’m going home! Sayonara!”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter

  • RagingWolf2124

    I wish the release date was here, but I’m happy for Kojima all the way! Anyway, who here agrees that if they were to remake MG 1 & 2. Then Kiefer would voice Big Boss and David would voice Solid Snake?

    • Edward Wokhands

      I hope so.

    • Big_Boss88

      I agree definitely about the voices. But the big questions are, will he do it after Silent Hills and how many years we gotta wait for possible MG remakes :(.

      That would be a dream come true though…but not sure do he want to remake what started it all. I can imagine how epic it could be …

    • Venom_Sina

      I think it’s every single Metal Gear fan’s wish!!!

    • Plissken

      I can roll with that, though I’d prefer Richard Doyle to play Big Boss again. That 30th anniversary is coming up so expect something

    • Jonny McLaurine

      I really don’t much about the VA aspect. I doubt he would use the old guy for solid in a future game, that’s only because the same stuff still applies. Motion capture, getting too old to play a man in his twenties. Usually when a game changes VA, they don’t revert back to the old. I hope they get a new guy , known or unknown , it matters not, unless they are jerks and don’t care about being perfect.
      I just don’t understand why this bothers people. Things change all the time. one thing people do say is why didn’t the Japanese change? I read somewhere that it’s bad luck to replace actors/voice actors with others, or is just distasteful. Idk. What I do know is that here in the west , that don’t bother us because some of the best franchises have been played by multiple people.
      I’m all for change.

  • Venom_Sina

    His connection with Playstation brand will never loose.

    Loved that picture.I played that “Parasite Eve” over there!!!Fantastic game.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Yeah, PE was one of the best games on the original Playstation.

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        I’m surprised it’s never been rebooted/remade for modern audiences.

        • César H. Sandoval

          It was, with the 3rd Birthday on the PSP, it was a lot more “reboot” than sequel to me, anyway.

          • Mila

            More like “Death” than a reboot to say the least , they were trying to kill the franchise in anyway , gamers needs to unite to tell SE that we need this franchise to comeback

    • Cobra

      Vib Ribbon is a game that doesn’t get nearly enough love.

  • Edward Wokhands

    Japanese food looks delicious. I really want to try it.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3


  • Ian Reay

    just want a releas date if not possibly a month if not that just a release window will do, feels like im aging faster than solid snake waiting for tpp

    • Jonny McLaurine

      That’s all I care about lol. Give me a release date. While people cry about VA , I’ll be enjoying everything TPP because I have ZERO complaints

  • DarpaLT.Sigma_

    the Metal Gear 1 & 2 remake should have the same button mapping as Metal Gear Online 2 .. it would really be More successful in my eyes

  • PrinceHeir

    I kinda missed Old Snake

    Love the Parasite Eve series! I haven’t played PE2 even though i bought it Day 1 on PSN since 2011.

    My save for PE1 got lost and after delays, i kinda forgotten about the story and all.

    Need to restart it soon.


  • Mini gear

    with that mgr 2 false announcement the internet hasn’t mentioned tpp since 🙁

    • Big_Boss88

      They are just waiting for the right moment to give some great news ;).

  • MrVux007

    So much history,so much epicness,so much meaning…. ty Sony and Hideo Kojima 07 MGS would never be the same without you all

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