A look at the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Pre-Order Theme for PS4

Hungry for some Snake? This is the static MGSV PlayStation 4 theme that you will receive when pre-ordering the digital version through the PlayStation Network.


You can check out the theme in action in this video:

MadMoneyBanks YoutubeTylerFlesher98 Twitter, via DualShockers

  • Aleezy


  • VenomSnake1974

    67 more days of hunger… I just can’t stand it no more, the wait will kill me.

    • Leviathan

      65 ….

      • VenomSnake1974

        The counter reads different. However, it doesn’t change much, does it?

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Play something else in the meanwhile ;).

      • VenomSnake1974

        Yeah, Ground Zeroes, maybe 🙂
        By the way, by “IT developer” you mean italian? If so, I’m from Italy too!

        • Ninja_Se7eN

          Yeah ;). Personally I just played Dishonored for the first time :).

          I’ve been to Italy once and I liked it very much :).
          Unfortunately IT developer means Information Technology developer which is a fancy way of saying I’m a programmer ;P.
          I’m from Portugal.

          • VenomSnake1974

            Sorry, I misunderstood. Never been in your country, although I really appreciate one of your products: porto wine 🙂

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            No problem man ;).
            Haha, thank you :P.

            Which platform are you going to play TPP if you don’t mind me asking?

          • VenomSnake1974

            PS4. Actually, I’d rather play it on PC, but I should upgrade my graphic cards; unfortunately, no money for hardware upgrade now, also considering it’s a laptop and is much more expensive than desktop… 🙁

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I’m playing on my PS4 as well. Add me if you want my PSN ID is the same I use on disqus.

          • VenomSnake1974

            Hi! I’ve just sent you a message on PSN.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I’ve just added you ;).

  • Leviathan

    can i get this theme with the physical (collectors edition) copy too?

    • TheGame1083

      they should give it to us for free, but I think I will pre order digital and cancel immediately just so I can get the theme

      • Leviathan

        lol if this works pls write it here 😀

        • TheGame1083

          I’ll try it when I get home tonight and let ya know

          • Zlatan


          • TheGame1083

            you have to pay $60 to pre order it..f that lol

      • Vegas

        You can’t cancel pre-orders dude xD

      • WhatTheJuicay

        When you ore order on ps4 they take out the cost of the whole item immediately.. Make sure you have enough in your account. I did that before for the first time with gtav and was overdrafted.

        Other than that, I doubt your scheme will work.

        • Ninja_Se7eN

          No they don’t. They just attempt to charge your card one week before the release of the game. I’ve done it multiple times.

  • bosskhalife


  • Solidus Türk


    • quintimnia


  • GUN®

    It’s nice for a static theme but they could have made it dynamic by at least having that ‘smoke’ drift across the screen or something.

    Question, if I pre-order it do I get the theme straight away? If so can I cancel the pre-order and still keep it? (I already have the CE preordered).

    • Diamond Dog

      Yeah you get it right after check out, I have CE on PO but got this just for the theme. I’m pretty sure you can’t keep it if you cancel.

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    Yong yea hands on impressions coming soon

    • Alberto Sánchez

      Nice. I’ll go to his channel to check it out.



    This will be availible for physical version ?

    • Cobra Commander

      As far as I know you don’t get themes from physical games.
      I don’t ever recall getting a theme when buying physical.
      I could be wrong though.
      Back to playing MGS1, doing the series run through again before Sept. 1st.
      (I suspect I’m not the only one.)

      • WhatTheJuicay

        It depends on what game and the pre order bonus. I got the witcher 3 theme with my pre order from amazon. People also got a bloodborne theme with their purchase ..physical copy.

  • hunner

    It looks cool but i’m buying physical

  • Ralexion

    I find kinda lame all PS4 themes that are avaliable right now, at least the free ones, I would love to get this one, even if its simple and static, but I have pre-ordered the physical version so I guess nothing for me? Well, duh xD

  • J_muse72

    The only reason I would like the digital is to countdown the to the release and play it the second it comes out since it pre-loads on PS4. I already pre-orderd the CE but I might get this too just to play it as soon as it comes out.

  • Steven Hammar

    How about the ps3

    • Diamond Dog

      Just for PS4

    • Cobra Commander

      There is also a theme for preordering on PS3, most likely the same exact one.
      You can also pre-load on PS3 too.
      I’m torn between the Day One and Digital editions for PS3.
      One thing is you get completely different dlc between the two.
      I’m leaning towards digital though. It’s $10 cheaper, I already have Ground Zeroes digital, and I will be able to play the second it releases.
      (Figure I will wait for hard copies when I move to PS4. I better hurry though, alot of good stuff is about to drop for PS4.)

      • BlankAzure

        I dont have the money for a ps4 sadly but i do i have a little extra so i bought both digital and day one just for the extra dlc stuff and theme it has most of the extra stuff i wanted any way from the collectors edition seeing how i dont really care for the gold guns and such and i love the two camos the digital and day one come with

  • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater

    I finished Don’t Starve. World 5 is a b*tch. The pervasive element to survive in is… shitty man. It took me a fuggin year ugh

  • TykoG

    For the theme: meeeh, nothing special.
    Can someone link this Big Boss wallpaper or something if it’s possible?

    Thanks and have a great day 🙂

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Nice theme, it’s a pity these themes are rarely functional.
    It’s hard to read text over their faces :(.

  • John Rhogan

    PS3 owners getting ripped off, not getting this. Then again, I can always find this picture and set it on my system.

    • kirtanloorii

      Lol. Still can’t do that on the PS4. I got the collector’s edition and if I am not mistaken, there is no theme with it.

    • BurntFM

      I don’t know what you mean. PS3 is getting a Theme as well.

    • Brou3D

      Man, it´s has a Pre-Order theme. Here on PSN says that you get the pre-order theme on PS3,too. It´s the PS4 one, also.

  • Meumels

    The entire series is on sale on european ps store for those who want to catch up.
    MGS1: 4 euro
    HD collection: 12 euro
    MGS4: 8 euro
    Got myself the hd collection as i never played mgs3 🙂

    • Mats

      Never played MGS 3? You are in for a ride, my friend

    • No Place For Hayter

      You are going to enjoy MGS3 a lot of peoples favorite in the series (mine included).

      Welcome 🙂 missed your first two comments but I didn’t miss this one 🙂 first time playing MGS3 before TPP that will be awesome, have fun.

      • WhatTheJuicay

        I’m currently playing mgs3 and boy is it a task. I don’t know how I ever completed the original Snake Eater game. I’m just running and gunning for the story to get it over with and just kill everyone when its calm. Currently hating the gameplay. Hasn’t aged well. The sound design on the other hand is amazing on my surround system.

  • JoJo

    Of all the incredible promotional images they choose to put in this theme, they choose this?
    C’mon it’s bad enough that it’s the cover art.

    • BurntFM

      I know right? This image has been the Lock Screen picture for my computer for a really long time. I see no real incentive to get the theme.

  • This needs to be included in the limited edition damn it

    • Mini gear

      It’s not fair we’d have to buy two versions, I already got ce but I need some more mgs for my ps4 🙁

  • God Hand

    WOW. An entire site devoted to mgs

  • Michael Montanez

    currnet wallpaper for my xbox one. Also a reminder also of how much im mad a Konami.


  • PrinceHeir

    It’s so stupid how the themes are only exclusive to digital ones. Why not put them on disc and let them install on the system like some games do?

    • Gatsu

      Yeah :(….we all need it!

  • Nekkedsnake

    sucks that you only get the theme by preordering the Digital version of MGSVTPP. would be nice if it also came with the physical copy

  • VenomSnake1974

    I’ve found this in the italian site Metal Gear Planet

    • Gatsu

      Pretty interesting, thanks for sharing :D.

      • VenomSnake1974

        You’re welcome, comrade!

  • Gatsu

    Oh my god this is such a fantastic theme, I mean a TPP theme O_o! I need this >_<…but already got physicals pre-ordered ;O!…

  • Sheila T. Bethel

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  • LemonDroidz

    The theme doesnt come with the UK digital pre order and basically, the theme cant be got in the Uk:(

  • Russell Travis

    Epic HD wallpaper

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