David Hayter hopes to be in future Metal Gear games after Kojima’s departure

In an interview by FraggedNation and KorruptRonin, David Hayter once again assured fans that he is not in Metal Gear Solid V ‘in any way, shape or form’. He also added that Kojima’s departure from Konami may change things and that perhaps the company will hire him again for the role.


Host Daley explained that the question had to be asked, because there is still plenty of speculation David Hayter is in the game in some form, despite the numerous times both parties denied it. Hayter still gets asked hundreds of times a day on Twitter about the situation.

It’s not true. […] Let me just clarify: the sound files they found [in Ground Zeroes] with my voice on it, that’s not my voice. I don’t know whose voice that is. I listened to it, one of them sort of sounded like me, but I’ve never said those words. That was not me in any way, shape or form. I have had no part in the game, and if there is some big surprise coming, I will be as surprised as anyone, because I have not been hired, I have not spoken anybody about contracts. […] I am sorry, I would love to have done it. I have nothing to do with whatever the next Metal Gear game is.

That said, David Hayter doesn’t mind the fact that people keep bringing it up:

The more they talk about you, the better. So it’s all good. I mean, they’re still talking about me doing Metal Gear, years after I did my last Metal Gear. So that’s very flattering, and that’s awesome. And now that Kojima’s gone…” [Sound breaks up.] “But I know nothing about it. There is no hidden agenda, no trolling, no nothing.

Quinton Flynn, who also attended the interview, asked what he was saying when the sound broke up: “You said: now that Kojima is gone, what?”

Hayter answered, jokingly: “He can go fuck himself.” Then he continued on a serious note: “I was saying: now that Kojima is gone maybe Konami will make a different decision and they’ll bring me back.”

David also indicated that if there was any truth to the rumors, his responses would have been different than they have been in the past years, in an attempt to convince people that it’s not just one giant ruse.

If I was in the game, what I would say is: I just can’t talk about it, guys.

To watch the full interview with David Hayter and Quinton Flynn, follow the link below.

Source: FraggedNation, via GamingBolt, metalgearsolid.be

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