Sahelanthropus figure by Kotobukiya revealed

On Twitter, Kojima has shared a picture of a new Metal Gear model by Kotobukiya: Metal Gear Solid V’s Sahelanthropus.


“The plastic model of Sahelanthropus by KOTOBUKIYA. It can be change to both REX & human shaped. Awesome made.”

Kotobukiya released several model kits of Metal Gear figures before, Metal Gear RAY and REX, a Ground Zeroes set, and currently they are working on a Sniper Wolf statue.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter


  • Ardens Anima

    So sexy….*-*

  • Maynard

    Finally Honest trailer of Metal Gear Solid

    • Raven_Sorrow

      Damn, came half an hour too late xD I posted it on the most recent article too xD It was a good one right?!

  • MK_Madness

    This can be seen as spoiler because not everyone is that far in the game.

    • Danny Patten

      This is shown in a trailer before the game released. Not so much of a spoiler 🙂

      • MK_Madness

        The name is.

        • Jake Valliere

          the name was also shown in the trailer

          • Yes, the name was revealed through official channels, so we don’t treat is as a spoiler.

        • WhatTheJuicay

          Meh..pronounciation of the name is more of a spoiler for me at this point. I have no idea how to say it by looking at those seemingly random letters.

    • Random sniper

      Shut up!

      • MK_Madness


        • Random sniper

          It’s not a spoiler!

          • MK_Madness

            The name is, ffs.

          • Random sniper

            No it’s not for fucks sake !

          • glitchbomb

            The name and image have all been mentioned either through official trailors or Kojimas twitter. Sorry if it was spoiled for you 🙁 but it’s common knowledge for most fans already.

  • Gatsu

    Very cool!

  • solidsnack

    gotta love the dick gun

  • Nekkedsnake


  • Aidan Connor


  • Chase Veil RL

    When does this release

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