Kojima Productions website updated with ‘making of Death Stranding’

The official Kojima Productions website has been updated, and it provides a glimpse behind the scenes of the creation of yesterday’s trailer for Death Stranding. The recording was done when Kojima visited Sony’s VASG studio in San Diego a few months ago. Below you’ll find the pictures and descriptions from the company’s website.


Recorded on March 22 and 23, 2016 at the Sony Interactive Entertainment Visual Arts Service Group (VASG) studio in San Diego.
The scan data to be used for the game’s 3D data was created through Photogrammetry, based on photos from all angles.
Hundreds of photos were taken to cover everything: the actor’s hands, facial expression, full body, etc.

The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-1 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-2 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-3 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-4
The actor’s performance was recorded through performance capture, in order to simultaneously capture voice, expressions and movement. The baby was replaced with a doll. In addition, camera movements were simulated with the virtual camera, as reference material.

The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-5 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-6 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-7 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-HQ-8 The-Making-of-Death-Stranding-9
The scan data as well as the animation data captured at VASG was then taken back to Japan, where it was recreated in the game engine to complete the final product.

The website also contains some high quality stills from the trailer.

And a very high resolution render of the character:


Source: Kojima Productions Website

  • Gatsu

    This is awesome :D! I remember when Kojima shared tweets of some guy in a motion capture suit and people speculated that it was Norman :). I couldn’t sleep well because this got me so excited lol. Thanks for sharing the screenshots too Nyx. ^_^.

    I love it how Kojima always adds some quote into beginning of his trailers, I wonder what the one in this trailer means. Ohh maan, I’m gonna keep watching it a zillion times again xD, it’s just so strange, mysterious, beautiful and cool artistic trailer. I dunno what the hell happened to the world in it or what are those flying things. Nothing good that I know for sure :P.

    This is what I like also:
    “After a few hours of playing, players will realize that Death Stranding is a completely different game from what they have played before.”
    Ohhh hella yess…

    P.S. to those who are interested, Resident Evil 7 demo should be available for download in PS4 now: I’m gonna check it out myself soon :D.

    • I only hope the realization will be stronger/better than the regret I felt when I learnt the reason why Quiet runs around half-naked (which I did not feel, really) :D. Man, just a few days ago I was complaining that I miss waiting for MGSV, now I have something else to wait for.

  • Volf
    • Full Options

      Ditchu… Rike it ? 😀

      • Lewis

        I was really hoping he would say that. 😀

        • Full Options

          Hopefully soon ;D

    • Even the light effects can’t keep up with Kojima.

  • MichaelPayneV

    “Recreated in the game engine”

    Looks like i was right after all. That being said, it looks fucking awesome, best looking Game Graphics i have ever seen. Only time i felt this was n 2012 when Ground Zeroes was revealed, at that time it was the best looking Game!

  • I loved the trailer, but Kojima need to explain what this game is about. I want this to be super successfull, but reading kotaku comments:

    So salty.

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      The comments you mean ? F.ck em ! ;D

    • Danny Patten

      Kotaku community is just salt. Dunno why you take that website itself serious. i look at it like a satire game magazine. While they’re a satire of a gaming news website.

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        In Persian / Farsi, “Kotak” means whacking… xD

        • Danny Patten

          How…fitting 🙂

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            Yeah 😀 Better wait for Sina to confirm my translation, but it is at least whacking… xD

        • Venom_Sina

          You are exactly right,Kaveh.You’re pretty good 😀

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        • True Sheperd

          I speak Persian in everyday life and see links to that website every here and there. But this… This has NEVER crossed my mind XD XD

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            Yeah it is “Kotak” pronounced Japanese-style like
            Boss->Bossu xDxD

    • Gatsu

      Ohhh those little noobies, I saw them in N4G too. “Wtf did I just watch, the oilspill simulator?” Lmao .

      Because the game is still a long time from releasing, I love that he revealed us fans a trailer. Even if a confusing one that makes you wonder, it was still so awesome to see something that they are progressing.

      Next time we see a trailer, it will be a lot different by showing more. This was especially to make fans feel at ease, that they are progressing,

      • Full Options

        Hideo is yet very generous, I was not expecting that much / that soon. ;D

    • Lewis

      I never read comments. Well, unless I really need to read some salt. MGI is probably the only place, where I comment and read comments. It is friendly and nice to read, even disappointment and rage is very different here and doesn’t make me leave the site immediately.

      Comments reach the highest cancer point almost everywhere around the world. There is always somebody hating, there is always somebody complaining. And think about this: take 10 people and 1 topic. 4 guys are haters/trolls. They start flooding the comments with shit, instantly making it toxic. In come 6 “good” guys. What do they see? All commenters (cause they only see those 4 by now) hate the topic. So “good” guys have 2 options: start a conversation, that will probably lead to toxic communication and most likely making “good” guys talking shit back ,or they can just read the article and move on.

      All I’m saying is, that if you see 10000 haters in some comment section, just remember that there are 1000000 “good” guys, who just avoided all that cancer all together.

    • I’d say Kotaku’s commenters is filled to the brim with butthurt babies…

      …but my respect to butthurt babies is too strong to say this (:-))[_]=

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami



    I wonder if Death Stranding will be 3rd person of first person view. What You think guys?

    Kojima said fans of Uncharted and The Divison will like the game so maybe it is in 3rd person.
    What You prefer?

    • Full Options

      I think chances are high to have a 3rd person view based title, since it is Hideo’s favorite camera mode for decades. As his first title and since he is keen to give us something close to him / his vision, I am perhaps mistaken but I bet he’ll go 3rd, probably combined with 1st for shooting sequences like MGS or something.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Yeah, Youre probably right. 3rd person is really possible.
        What You think about trailer of Death Stranding? I think its really cool!

        I had never any chance seeing Norman Reedus acting but in this trailer its really great! and the music is awesome too!

        and that Phatnom Pain style directing. Really really cool!

        I like how everyone on Sony conference were shouting : KOJIMA! KOJIMA! I am really happy I watched the conference live.

        Cant wait to see some gameplay 🙂

        • Full Options

          “What You think about trailer of Death Stranding?” I still have hard time to fully realize what just happened today… xD
          I mean too much cool info, Hideo attending E3, a whole new and very rich trailer for us to scan under every angles, Norman confirmed…

          The trailer surprised me by every means. Not too much info in it, not too less… Simply perfect ! The ecologically engaged atmosphere as well… MG Sensei is BACK.

          The mention A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME on the poster almost pulled me some real tears.

          Man, Andrew’s intro and the KP logo on stage was so badass, I am still hypnotized… xD

          I also need to re-re-scan Geoff’s interview more in depth, so dense quantity of info.

          This morning, I was just as usual checking Nyx’s corner to see if there was any cool leaks/updates about Hideo+E3 and since then I am like :


    • Lewis

      It’s fantastic, how can I save it?)

    • Gatsu


    • MichaelPayneV

      It would be better with the Mad Max music instead. cool edit tho.

  • Gatsu
  • What’s interesting is that everything has a power cord attached to them. humans, animals.
    What if … (speculating some bullshit tbh) some relatively complex individual, an “extraterrestrial” or just aliens use earth as a battery of some sorts? Maybe earth is dying? I dunno.
    But this is interesting.

    • Gatsu

      That’s a great theory and it could be something like that :).

    • Danny Patten

      I’d say it’s an umbilical cord. Like those ‘stranded’ entities are using the lifeforms on earth as ‘cattle’ now.

    • Full Options

      You are right. Let me watch it again… Yum !

      Norman seem to have successfully escaped somewhere (his handcuffs).
      Those flying dudes (“it’s the skulls ! ” 🙂 looks like some kind of very oppressing too and Norman has a strange or maybe revengeful gaze at them. I also thought first that the baby was wired to him and that someone/thing took it away by seeing the location of his scar.

      Man kind looks like having been enslaved by those things. Maybe this necklace contain some kind of man kind legacy or something, hehe.
      Make sense to start playing from there, and hopefully sneak/infiltrate their bases ! ;D
      “You mission Snake, is to kill those Snatchers !”

      • MichaelPayneV

        The 5 floating figures looks to me like God and his 4 horsemen of the apocalypse!

        • Full Options

          Perhaps some kind of hybrid machine-alien form. Looks so promising in all cases.

          Got it, we are Naked Snake (pretty obvious), starting the game here and by the way with no weapon. The 5 guys are the Cobra unit… Can’t wait to debrief the Boss ! ;D

          • MichaelPayneV

            If this Norman Reedus will sit down and open a codec, i’ll will laugh my ass of :))))))))))))))))))))))))

          • MichaelPayneV

            But now seriously, i think those 5 entities are the villains, and that we will fight them 1 by 1, once we get the suit!


          • I kinda hope it’ll be more of a walking simulation and less of an action game. Or at the very least no-reflex action :). I wouldn’t mind a hybrid between metal gear solid and lovecraft.

          • Full Options

            I was not entirely kidding, 😀 I bet they are the enemy too.
            This environment looks cool / polar, I wanna sneak in their base and make few head-shots. xD

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Aliens are the best!

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

        “Norman! Get down… The enemy Snatcher…”

        Great analysis. I know for a fact that the concept of death plays a huge part. The name: Death Stranding is essentially referring to the concept of the walking dead – standing up despite being dead. And their is the symbolism with the whales.

        I love this trailer. A pure visual piece. So vague, but more philosophical and affecting than the announcement trailer of MGSV.

        • Full Options

          Kaz : “Norman ! Why did you kill him ? He was human !?”
          Norman : “Yeah but Dude, ya know, nostalgia or something…”
          Yeah, a kind of mid-matrix / mid-aliens invasion enslavement from which Norman is the One.. A kind of John Connor of all this mess, hehe. ;D

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        I had the same idea when I saw those flying guys! The skulls! but later I was like – wait a minute this is a psycho mantis with brothers or sisters!

        • Full Options

          Right xD Or some cousin..

    • I think this specific idea was too strongly used in Matrix to warrant reuse.

      One idea I had is that everything is connected by cords because their sentience is moved to a different plane/simulation, so only the dead bodies of beings remain.

      I am probably way off though :D.

  • Venom_Sina

    Hi everyone.I just wanted to say what a trailer.TBH I’m really happy that Kojima-san left Konami and Metal Gear to work on other projects.Without MG in the way,there will be new ideas left and right.Wish the best for the team.

    • MichaelPayneV

      I’m also glad that he fixed all of the plot holes of the MG series with TPP, the missing link indeed!

      That being said, i’m also interested in the new MG Game from Konami, since TPP made place for a Reboot, like “Days of the future past” did for the X-Men Movies, maybe the Solid saga will play different, maybe they will explore unseen parts of Solid Snake saga, like Raiden’s Origin Story, how he became “Jack The Ripper” or what happened to him between MGS2 and 4!

  • Lewis

    Sooo, Nyxus. Now that we have an announced game from Hideo-sama, what is the future of this site? Will it be more MGS with bits of Kojima, lots of Kojima and occasional pachinko news (lol), or will you make something to divide this site in two parts?

    • MichaelPayneV

      Good question. I also want to know!

    • Metal Gear Legacy will continue. This is the site about the past, present and the future of Metal Gear series and at the same time it is about the future of Kojima Productions.

      • Danny Patten

        For all we know this could be decades…

        • I hope it’s decades 🙂

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

        Well said…. o7

      • Yeah for now just having one site for both seems to be the most efficient, otherwise you end up splitting the community in two, and most are interested in both Metal Gear and Kojima anyway.

    • I don’t see a problem in posting articles about MG and Kojima

  • Venom_Sina

    Let’s hear the new song of BigBoss himself 😛

    • MichaelPayneV


    • MichaelPayneV

      His new TV show looks awesome too!

    • Gatsu

      I love this song!

  • Gatsu

    Okey so I played the Resident Evil 7 “Beginning Hour” demo just now on PS4. I have to say that Resident Evil is back in the horror feeling. This small demo was more intense than whole RE6.
    There is that PT or Outlast feeling, which I liked. The demo is pretty short. It was a lot different from the previous entires, especially because it is in first person. I’ve always enjoyed 3rd person more, but I think first person can give a greater feeling of horror (if look at PT).

    I will maybe get a VR later and play it with that omg, ever since RE2 maybe I’ve imagined playing a horror game like that :).

    Some longtime fans don’t like the change from 3rd person. Well I’ve been a fan since 1997 too and the most thing I wanted is that they drop the action and coop, return to horror. Sure this was only a short demo and didn’t see everything the game will have, but as first impression it was quite awesome imo. Can’t wait to see how the full game is like.

    Didn’t see familiar faces, well it is only a demo anyway. But to be honest, I guess I’m cool with it if RE7 don’t have a familiar cast, although I love the old characters. As long as the game and horror is done in a great way, I’ll be okey.

    It just feels like a fresh take on the series, which is cool. I can understand why some fans don’t wanna try it, if the full game drops the usual things previous entries are know for. But games change.


      Im okay with new Resident too. If I would like to play a 3rd person shooter I would buy xbox and play Gears of War. When I want to play horror game I want to feel im playing a scary and cool game.
      I saw comment everyone complains about its not in 3rd person. Who cares? I like it how it is. Im really happy they announced new Resident and maybe it looks like a copy of P.T but I will play it for sure. its fresh Resident which is cool.

      Have a nice playing new Resident game 🙂
      You will be doing second play?

      • Gatsu

        Thanks, have a nice day too :D.

        Nah I won’t, the demo is quite short and limited with things you can do.

        • ADAMJENSEN13

          I see.

          I saw on Youtube there are many endings. Is that true?

          • Gatsu

            No idea xD, I need to jump back into Witcher 3. But maybe I check again later.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Witcher 3? Nice! 🙂 I read its really good.

    • I don’t really play horror games. I usually walk my dog at 1AM, so you know…

      • Gatsu

        Oh maan, I hope you avoid the dark alleys and parks.

        • I have a pretty big field right next to my house and my city is pretty safe so I am fine :). But my imagination is an asshole 🙁

    • Lex Radu

      I don’t think the whole game will be FPS, just like how Silent Hills wouldn’t have been all FPS.

      Haven’s played it, so i’ll ask you something. does this demo have any clever ideas, like something that hasn’t been done till now, or is it just copying PT, jumping in to the PT Band Wagon, and having no real justification for the creepy stuff, and feels like is just there to say “look, you are scared, we have scare you with scary elements that aren’t really connected, like PT was!

      Before you answer, since i haven’t played, i’ll just tell you what i got from watching the E3 clip.
      I got a feeling from what i saw that Capcom is learning the wrong lessons from PT, that they think we love PT for the jump scares, and visual horror, and the FPS approach, and the cockroaches and damaged dirty environment, when we actually…i actually love PT for the way it makes you feel, even when you are watching gameplay and not playing, for how clever it was, for the pacing, for the trippy Forth Wall breaking, for the themes tackled in it, like killing your family, and regrets, and the puzzles

      Kinda like how some Studios think all Comic book Movie should be R Rated because of Deadpool, thinking that’s why Deadpool made lots of money.

      • Gatsu

        Nah, it didn’t really have any new ideas that hasn’t been done. But it wasn’t very long so hard to say how to full game will be. It is shorter than PT too, because there is no looping. There are eerie sounds you hear and couple jump scare-kind of moments. But the whole atmosphere feels good imo.

        It’s far different from PT, because that game messed with your mind with the sounds, as if Lisa would be all around you and all those clever Kojima things.

        • Lex Radu

          Exactly, looks like i shouldput this on the “Skeptical Optimistic” list!

    • Lex Radu

      1 Game changing that i love it did, is God of War, i, just love this new approach. When he helped his son kill that deer,to cure his suffering, i cried, i didn’t cry watching the “Death Stranding” Trailer, too busy being weird confused, but that moment made me cry, man, also when Kratos wanted to pad him on the back, but changed his mind, hiding the emotions from him, hiding his feeling, for the kid to see him as the Bad Ass Kratos we know!

      I also loved how when he lost his patience, when his son lost his patience too, when he rushed to fire the bow, when Kratos lost control a little bit and screamed at his son, he took a deep breath and repeated with a calm voice, mentor voice, that’s amazing writing, it showed that he was acting just like his son, how his son lost the patience to shoot the arrow, he also lost patience, basically making him a hypocrite if he kept screaming to his son to have patience, and he realized that, that he has a responsibility now!

      It feels very “The Last of Us”, and just 1 more reason for me to buy a PS4 at some point. What do you think?

  • Adrian Lukita

    Well, its a Silent Hills, except for ash, kojima use oil instead.

  • cklambo

    I kept coming…

  • VenomSnake421

    If Daryl can look that good in those graphics why should this game be indie-ish? because Kojima said this game will be small or something.

  • PrinceHeir

    Going to be an amazing experience, I can feel it ^^

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