Kojima visits Valve and Sucker Punch in Seattle

The past two days Kojima spent in Seattle, visiting both Valve with Kimberly Cooper of Prologue Immersive (a company Kojima is an advisor for) and Sucker Punch Productions, one of Sony’s game development studios. This last visit could be related to Death Stranding, as Kojima’s studio may make use of technology provided by Sony’s studios. That said, not many details were shared by Kojima or Ayako as to the exact nature of this trip. Regardless, you can enjoy the usual slew of pictures below.

As being the advisory of Kyle Cooper’s VR studio@PrologueVR, I visited VALVE with Kimberly Cooper.


It’s been 9 months since I visited Sucker Punch studio last time. They got Halloween style office now. Photo with Brian.

"Good bye, Seattle."
“Good bye, Seattle.”

You can find some pictures of Kojima’s earlier trip to Sucker Punch here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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    THX, “That said, not many details were shared by Kojima or Ayako”…
    Their BBQ party seem to have last a bit… xDxD
    That was short, he is back to the airport… Wondering the destination… MB or still around for a while…!?

  • The most important picture:


    Double Bastard is awesome.

  • Punished Fox

    God damnit, stop doing social visits and get to work in the bloody game!

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      Stop punishing, Punished, he is working, stay sure about that. He actually works really hard when on the move, but of course not as hard as in his walls, like any of us.

      • Punished Fox

        He works really hard on his food pictures while on the move. What he should be doing is: lock himself and his team on the bloody office, work like a slave for two years (standard game developer behavior) instead of socializing and fooling around. I rather not have any news for a year and a half than this kind of bull every week.

        • Ricardo Coelho

          I thought you were joking but by the end I knew you were not. That is a standart game developer behavior? Don’t make me laugh. Is Kojima a developer? Don’t make me laugh twice. Do you think you’re entitled to want the game as fast as possible? Don’t make me laugh 3 times. Why are you so mad? The game will come out when it’s ready, period.

          • Punished Fox

            I hope you still laughing when you realise it’s 2020 and still no Kojima Productions presents Hideo Kojima’s DEATH STRANDING a Hideo Kojima game.

          • The game has only just been announced. Have some patience.

        • Jav

          Shinkawa is the one who works.

          • Punished Fox

            You’re probably right, this is how I imagine things are going at Kojima Productions:

            Shinkawa: Boss can we get on with the game? just tell me what to f***ing draw…

            Kojima: I have no idea Shin-chan, just draw another 50 sketches of the company mascot, that LUDENS thing and then make the others build some useless toys from that, I have a plane to catch to San Diego.

          • Full Options

            “Chan” is for girls. You may use “San” or “Kun” if you need it more familiar.

          • Lewis

            Actually, you can use “chan” adressing a male, but only if you are in a very close relationship and position yourself as an older, more expirienced person. I somehow can imagine Kojima calling Shinkawa – Yoji-chan. 😀

          • Full Options

            You are right, I see now that it can apply to close friends… Always thought it was for younger females !
            Thanks for the info. ;D

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          Kojima is not a coder (never was), he is the Director. His job is to put HR and great techs together along with communicating. With a career like his, I suppose he is not accountable to anyone about his working schedule. This is not because he is among the rare ones to share moments of his life, that he is scratching his balls the rest of the time.
          I understand the picture you have of a game studio, more a indy one, but in reality, a true game studio is not a couple of coders and CGI dudes working with tons of coffee.
          “Standard” game developers work like slaves because the team is too small, that’s not a standard behavior. He directed hundreds of devs through many smash hit titles.
          How many smash hits did you directed ? Show me at least one so I can better consider your POV.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Dude studied economics
            He’s a designer not a programmer or coder
            This guy is smoking too much crack

          • Punished Fox

            You first, with all that knowledge I bet Sony is kissing your balls too, although i bet you are just all talk since in the world of game development you believe in, things like time restraints, schedules and production set backs don’t seem to exist… You don’t need to be a programmer or coder to criticise someone else’s behaviour towards a certain craft, for all his talents Kojima throws a lot of smoke around lately, what’s the point of showing up at E3, throwing a bloody light show to show a trailer before even deciding on the game engine, it’s ridiculous, what is the point in making the stupid toys and giving everyone the stupid T-shirts. You seem to take a lot of offense on the way a speak of game developers but you are so incredibly stupid you didn’t notice I actually prefer a Kojima that shuts the f*** up and actually does his job instead of being a show-off celebrity.

          • You can talk all you want, but at the end of the day no one here, including you, knows what Kojima is exactly doing every day. How do you know he’s not working on his game? But business trips and meeting are also part of the job, including PR and interacting with the fans. All those things are important. If you read interviews with Kojima you can see he knows it’s important he delivers with this game, it’s going to be the showcase for his new studio and he already said he knows expectations are high and he cannot fail. But after 30 years of great work, can’t we assume Kojima knows what he’s doing? He knows what is at stake, he knows how to lead a team and how to bring attention to his game and he knows how to develop a game. Let him do it his own way at his own pace, that can only be for the best of the final game.

          • Punished Fox

            I love it how you believe “interacting with the fans” is a part of his job. Boy if that’s true I feel really sad for Hideo, it also saddens me that these “business trips” stage is taking a bit longer than we all anticipated right? Suffice to say, I enjoy your optimism and the fact you think Kojima hasn’t change in the last 30 or 20 or 10 years. Personally… I do, I miss the day when almost out of nowhere I got games like MGS1 and Snake Eater, beat the games and thought to myself: Man! The mysterious guy Hideo who directed these games must be the most intelligent mofo around, all this anti nuclear, philosophical stuff, wow. 8 years later you find an old video reassuring your thoughts with Kojima scouting the bloody jungle JUST FOR A VG, this wasn’t something everybody knew he did you know, he was that cool without the need to be a show off. Now he… takes pictures of his food, meets celebrities and goes around… business tripping…

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            He hasn’t changed for sure.
            And annoying fanboys like you won’t CHANGE HIM EITHER
            YOU NEVER WILL
            So why post this when it doesn’t matter and doesn’t matter
            Ah, I forgot it’s a public forum where everyone can post their opinions.
            Well stop trying to make it sound like your opinion will make Hideo go like”Ah,I should stop that”
            At first your criticism was good but now you’re just insulting when you don’t have any decent answers
            You must be horrible at debates,Man!
            Feel sad for ya

          • You seem to think you have it all figured out.

          • Punished Fox

            You are right, that’s the scary thing dude, I see that picture with the huge beer in his arms and I actually think I do, and for the sake of Death Stranding a Hideo Kojima Game, I hope, with all honesty, that I am completely wrong.

          • We all do. 😛

          • Full Options

            xD Let me re-insure you, Sony is not “kissing” my balls… It is more me that is kissing theirs… Well, it is a kind of co-operation. :DD
            I actually founded an indy game studio in 2009, was authorized SCEE 3rd party PS3, PSP and PSHome developer and publisher in 2011. My game never made it to the store and had to go back to work, in order to keep the studio open.
            In the mean time, I happened to work on various libs for some friend’s studio along with participating in debugging the PlayStation Scene Graph (a.k.a PhyreEngine).

            Do you still think that I ignore “things like time restraints, schedules and production” ? I hope I managed to convince you otherwise.

            Kojima is just sharing stuff on twitter which is cool / fun. Why wouldn’t you allow him to do so ? Are you Konami ?
            More seriously, the Dude is recognized as being among the most talented game designers ever. If you don’t trust casual sources, at least trust true dev ones, who gave him the Development Legend Award this year. This is not a distinction you receive through casual GOTY ceremonies.

            You are not happy with the E3 trailer ? How about how fast he produced it ? It is not easy to recreate a whole IP.

            As for me being incredibly stupid, give me a better scoop, since I can not really get why I am actually answering to someone speaking to me that aggressively.

          • Punished Fox

            Well for starters I can call you stupid and “all talk” again for the simple reason that you asked me “How many smash hits did you directed? Show me at least one so I can better consider your POV.” You know, as if you were entitled to defend Kojima because you had some “smash hit” and made it in the industry, giving you some sort of authority to also bash others who talk about videogames and THEN you miserably wasted 4 paragraphs showing me your résumé, that beyond your attempt of impressing people with all the tech-savvy bull only shows you have failed as a game developer so far. So, are you really that insecure you have to go around random comment sections showing off that bullshit mate?, really? I’m just gonna leave that notion for you there…

            Also, just look at that last comment you made, typical example of “fan boy” crap, trust me dude I agree with you, Kojima is one of the most creative minds around, I’m not here to bash him as an artist, I’m here to express my opinion about his bullshit simply because unlike you I don’t also believe he’s perfect and the bloody messiah. It’s because people like you that like all his garbage on tweeter, buy all his t-shirts and toys and celebrates every time he takes a dump that he begins to take his celebrity status all too seriously to the point he believes he has to show every single advancement of any of his projects because he believes it’s all brilliant, unique and worth showing. So beyond the annoying fanboyism just think back at TPP and tell me the 7 bloody trailers he released didn’t mess up the game experience and the magic even a little bit for you, come on.

            I know it’s the social media era and all that shit but that doesn’t mean he HAS to do things like that, I liked the E3 trailer like most people but I have to ask again: was it really necessary to show it right NOW, to everyone, like with a 99% of the project still undone… That is the kind of tech demo artsy trailer Kojima should have presented in private to his associates and collaborators to pitch an idea and you know… getting people to work with him. Going full on E3 was just a narcissism fest, that’s all it was. So you see, that’s what I really fear amigo, that our beloved Hideo is becoming a director that has to show people everything about the games instead of letting the games speak for themselves.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            You’re the bashing him here.If you don’t have anything good to say don’t insult others.
            Mgsv was amazing for me.
            We are in an era where despite all the technologies, humans are du,her so they need that idea explained to them
            And it’s not bullshit , it’s called business.
            You saw the sucker punch pics.
            He has new stuff for us and nitpick des like you are blind obviously.

          • Full Options

            Hey, buddy, don’t make me pay for your own bullshit by slightly shifting subjects here because your tiny .ss is bleeding now xDxD.
            You first tried to make me look like somebody spoofing a AAA dude but ignoring all about it, and when I try to explain you that I am an indy, knowing real difficulties, you are now judging me again as being a failed game dev… Just stop man !? Stop judging people that did not offended you. At least you have enough neurons to deduce yourself that I am a failed game developer, impressive Sherlock, but keep in mind that I shared the info, so agree that it is definitely not a way to make myself look hard-core, right ? Mc Fly ? xD
            Nothing wrong in being wrong. Cheer-up dude, don’t waste your nerves. Take it easy and stay polite, you never know how aged or not your interlocutors might be and some of your interventions can appear very displaced.

            Now back to the real fun stuff :
            Fan boy crap… Develop is not fanboy crap. It may look like that, but such meetings are real pro events like GDC (communications, tech publications / ppt presentations, and stuff). I did not chose this award randomly.
            There are many “bloody messiahs” in this field, not just Kojima. None of them would dare criticizing each others the way you think it is right. They all had their own experiences / difficulties and worked all so hard that they have an infinite respect for each others. That was why I was asking you about your foot-print in the industry, possibly authorizing yourself to judge him like neither Carmack nor Houser bro’s would ever think about.

            TPP’s trailers did not ruined my playthroughs by any means. Dunno, must be generational, but sorry that your’s were impacted.

            If you focus enough on Kojima, you will understand that he does not feel like a celebrity at all. He just troll, plays them or with them.
            The guy is very humble in reality.

            As for showing everything, there are many factors in presence. Konami destroyed his team, showing to the fanbase that he is there was specific to the situation. If he was still at Konami, stay sure you would not have seen any trailer that soon. The condition were special this time. He was really wounded and all the industry kind of mobilized themselves to keep him motivated. After what happened, those applause and acclaims were very important for him in first place. Try to keep in mind what happened with Konami in your analysis.

          • Punished Fox

            “slightly shifting subjects”?
            hmm, I actually touched on every single thing this discussion was about and everything you argued around my comment.

            The point here wasn’t insult you because I really wouldn’t care if you are a game developer, successful or not, you and Kojima have something in common which I kinda loathe, that being… you talk way too much about irrelevant things, all that stuff dude, real unnecessary, really. I wouldn’t know if working like a slave is really an insult in this case? but trust me I know, indy or not some of these guys work hard as sh*t, it can go one way or the other in the end but if you make a game that I enjoy, a game that has some emotional resonance with me, some good character, a good story, kudos to you, your work was worth everything you suffered. Kojima’s focus appears to be in other, let’s just say “superfluous stuff” from time to time, that pisses me off.
            You mentioned Konami destroyed his team, I reckon the best way to come back is not with that useless E3 light show (again, completely superfluous) but simply take everyone by surprise with a game or even a kind of game nobody thought of before, I mentioned TPP trailers for that reason, I’m afraid the game will be delayed to 2019 or 2020, we’ll have 10 trailers by then, some idiot at reddit will leak the ending (if think somebody might have done that already btw) and the element of surprise will be completely lost by then.
            It’s a the age of information and all but Hideo isn’t helping here, there are ways to embrace it and ways to over blow it, hopefully what you say is true and the guy is completely focused on DS but I simply don’t want another TPP where things were too overblown before release.

          • Full Options

            “you talk way too much about irrelevant things, all that stuff dude, real unnecessary, really”
            You are always free to orientate others towards more relevant subjects.

            Here, I was just trying to give you another perspective about the situation with DS and Kojima and his possible communication scheme, but if you prefer to choose only one interpretation, you may indeed find the discussion quickly boring.

            “indy or not some of these guys work hard as sh*t”
            Again, you are preaching a convinced.
            But let’s put our personal feelings aside to focus on possibly more interesting stuff :
            It was even way more painful in the past but nowadays, we are pretty fortunate to have very mature engines and very rich communities over the net, sharing a lot of tips helping to move forward.
            Planning a project with those new tools have become tremendously easier but it is still very hard to manage the production of titles for a way more exigent target audience (whether for perfs, arts, gameplay concepts..).
            That let sometimes imagine how complicated it was to write games in the 90’s-early 2K, and even horrifying in the 80’s, when devs were obliged to write all strictly with machine code, and without google to back them on specific issues.

            Don’t be afraid, 2019-2020 would be a normal window for a regular Kojima game after all (even a quite quick one). He stated he wanted to build something faster but I would not be that sad if the game was out even later because I trust him. I know that if he is late, that’s for really good purposes.

            Devil is in details, you are always free to consider some of those as superfluous as others are free to interpret them differently.

            Finally if some .sses spoil any ending, why blame him ? Leaks happen all the time, and I am sure he always does his best to prevent them.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Man you should be banned with all that toxicity
            Why isn’t he banned?

          • Punished Fox

            I guess it takes more than that mate, you just made a stupid, unnecessary comment and I’m here wondering the same thing. I guess if you make a valid opinion, no matter how acid it is towards the behaviour of certain game entertainment figures you get to remain here for a little while longer, but I ain’t really sure…

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Calling a dude who did not insult you someone who gets his balls kissed
            Or calling someone who obviously knows more in game dev because HE IS PART OF THAT SYSTEM
            Using unnecessary profanity against users
            Calling people stupid
            Being aggressive
            There are so much more reasons I could bring in front of you

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Here the mods are brutal so you better refrain from insulting others
            You messed up this discussion mate
            This wa s just an interesting topic and you messed it up because of your rage after mgsv and DS
            I remember I posted in September 2016 a comment
            It was a question
            I asked”If Eli is controlling sahelanthropus then what is psycho mantis doing here?”
            One of the mods (Crimsonfox I think) had an incident that made him angry and my comments got deleted
            So watch out!
            Because all this hate ain’t good for ya mate

          • Punished Fox

            You made your mission to respond to each thing I say, I won’t even bother to answer each, suffice to say I am stunned by your general level on ingenuity and dumbness. You are so hurt because I call someone stupid and I am aggressive, well let me explain why I will call YOU stupid now without even having to resort to aggressiveness, I’ll just put an amazing quote you just wrote, there is not even a need for explanations:

            “He hasn’t changed for sure.
            And annoying fanboys like you won’t CHANGE HIM EITHERYOU NEVER WILL”

            Mate, that comment made me laugh so hard. You are calling me a “fanboy” after saying THAT ha ha ha ha, that is one of the most childish, fanboy comments I’ve witnessed in my time here, I’ll just assume the problem with you is not even about fanboyism but actually a lack of understanding about language and how to use it properly.

            Oh, and also this: “If you don’t have anything good to say don’t insult others” makes absolutely no sense my obtuse little friend, although I will consider insulting you once I have something really good to say.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            You made your mission to prove that we are all here Kojima Fanboys
            With your pseudo-intelligent comment
            Bla bla blabla bla bla
            It’s not a FANBOY thing
            It’s just the truth
            Kojima has a habit of say, socializing
            And we can’t change that
            Just like your aggressiveness which I couldn’t change
            Mate,it does make sense.
            If you want to be considered serious during a “debate” you started , don’t insult others when they didn’t insult you or when they give their perspective
            Oh and also this quote might make you nostalgic
            Oh right there is no quote
            Just like there was no actual discussion about this topic
            All we did was criticizing your childish behavior and give you a few lessons , a few facts about game developing
            If you want to insult me go on.
            We’ll see how long that lasts

          • Punished Fox

            Dude ha ha that’s the problem with being a fanboy, this isn’t rocket science, it’s kind of a self-righteous attitude problem. Say, you are a Hideo Kojima fanboy, OK fine, you love the guy but if you see a person that states Kojima is a mere mortal with flaws you brain instantly tells you: that person is evil, aggressive, poisonous, he comes here to destroy our little niche. I won’t consider anything that one has to say because what he says doesn’t compute with my own POV, the brain automatically starts looking for anything to complain about and gets defensive no matter how much it deviates from the topic of discussion, etc. Lol according to you I’m a “fanboy”, of what I have no idea yet, I guess I’m a fanboy of Kojima Twitter hating group (if such thing exists let me know) and the simple act of letting you know a comment of yours was nonsense becomes a ridiculous declaration of rights, I ain’t got time for this mate, apologise if you really felt that insulted, threatened, trolled or whatever, sometimes I just forget that if you are not a P.C hipster you’ll get into these long and boring “discussions”. Have a good one.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Dude It’s fine to criticize Kojima but don’t insult people
            You called Full Options so,done who gets his alle kissed with his knowledge despite the fact that he works in that same sector
            I mean you wouldn’t know that obviously but come on man…
            And yeah there are groups like that

  • Lex Radu

    I get it, Half Life 3 wasn’t made, so that Kojima would make it, it would make it the second Franchise that would have the third entry be the best one!

    Yesss …. (kappa)

    • SholidOnline

      That would be wicked!

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)
  • Full Options
    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      I have more faith in WB than fox in terms of cinematic universe and that speaks a lot

      • Full Options

        Ya, this is just a trailer but was not really convinced about what we’ll get with this episode…

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

          Deadpool is he only thing they got
          If they nail this movie , good for them coz I’ll watch it
          Just watched apocalypse on DVD
          Suicide squad was worse tho
          Maybe I was just overhyped

          • Full Options

            Deadpool was so awesome… I was glued to my seat ! ;D

    • MrVux007

      If its half as good as “Old Man Logan” comic i will be so thrilled

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    Off-topic : Nintendo Switch… Was expecting a bit more from Nintendo than keeping sucking the monkey’s bowling balls with their mobile hardware with plastic around to make it look like NextGen HC home console. xD

    Never really got into mobile gaming systems, since I realized yet with PSP that my mobile gaming would never represent more than 5% at most of my overall gaming time. And now giving to my home console the power of a mobile console is not exactly my cup of tea… Sorry Nintendo, but since the Wii, I am having hard time to consider investing in compact gaming systems that would hereby obviously be less powerful than PC’s or PlayStation.

    • Well at least it doesn’t look like a toy and has a proper controller, though I have to say I was expecting something… more.

      It surely doesn’t have enough power like the PS4 and XOne but it might be worth a buy, if it has a reasonable price and more useful features.

    • MrVux007

      Im getting a STRONG Wii-u vibe….which aint good : /

    • Aleezy

      Ima get it

    • This thing seems a little too complex for its own good, and it also seems to be another solution to a problem that doesn’t exist (like the Wii U was). The reveal trailer wasn’t really convincing, showing a lot of situation that won’t exist in reality, and as for the games library it seems to mainly consist of ports of older games (at least what they’ve shown so far). Well, there was a new 3D Mario, that’s something.

      • Full Options

        Yeah, they should be grateful to Mario.The only really steady thing at Nintendo is their devs. The hardware teams master really well the manufacturing, but higher decisions / strategies in terms of “new” game input methods get less and less credible (!?), at least to some users like me.
        As you said, it is like they are hanging around instead of having real ideas to move forward.

        “showing a lot of situation that won’t exist in reality” Definitely, and if they happen at least once, they for sure won’t happen twice.
        How much time do we play in an airplane or bus ? Is it comfortable for a gamer to play in such scenarios ?
        What’s sure is that the last thing I would do, is to alter my playthrough of a game I love, by playing part of it with a lower res or at least less detail-friendly one, and of course where the gaming comfort is not optimal (crouch + HDTV + crisps + coke xD).

        Besides, their controllers look so awkward to manipulate and fragile… Feels as puny as toys coming out of Kinder chocolate eggs… xD

        Not to mention the very well packaged but so poor, clumsy and cheesy marketing like : “Look at this pretty girl you are going to seduce if you play with switch…” and BS like that.
        Not convinced at all by the switch campaign neither.

        • Yeah, like the situation of the guy playing Zelda and then having to walk his dog, so he continues to play it on the handheld. But who does that? Wouldn’t any normal person just pause the game, walk the dog and go back home to continue? Instead we see this guy play all by himself in the park in the middle of the night. Come on, really? Also, in these videos it is always suggested that every other person you encounter will not only own the device, but also have it on him or her all the time. Would you really encounter multiple people with a Switch at the same time? Not likely. So all these situations are just hypothetical, and in reality you would probably just use it as a home console most of the time.

          • Full Options

            LOL Yeah, can you imagine playing TPP and walk the dog at the same time !? No f.ckn way this is gonna happen. Pause or “Rest mode” at worst.. “Just do your stuff peacefully my diamond dog, I’ll keep some more of my playthrough for later, no worries…”

            “all these situations are just hypothetical” Yeah, even almost pure sci-fi for some of them. xD
            In practice, the gaming hours are far higher at home because a true gaming session should at least be 3-4 hrs long to immerse properely… Short sessions of 1/2 hr or 1 hr are pure torture, always feeling you did not played anything and have to pack all up already…

  • Full Options

    RDR2 looks awesome ! So sad this trailer was that short, but still !


    • SNKtheStampede

      Yeah it was very short. I didn’t like the trailer to be honest. I found it soulless. The first one got some serious pieces of trailer back in the day. Also, is it cg or game engine? Something is missing visualy. To me it looks all too clan. Or maybe is just the color palette. I don’t know. What you tech bros can say about that?

      • SNKtheStampede

        The light, the contrast… they give me an elettric feeling, more than a proper dusty western feeling. Maybe it’s set more to the North.

        • Edward Wokhands

          I’m pretty sure it’s not set in the same place as RDR1 so it won’t have that “desert” feel. I think the trailer was incredible, the game seems to be set in the countryside. People are guessing it’s set in middle America due to the fact that snowy mountains can be seen from pretty much every single shot.

      • Full Options

        Like Koji-Pro, R* do their cinematic directly in the engine. The trailer was rendered in real-time.
        “All too clean” Although they will fine-tune those sequences a lot before the release (whether lighting, textures and geometries).
        Early trailers can often look too “clean” because they may have few features left to add whether in the textures and also screen-space wise.
        Real dirt is often treated more toward the end, with for example the help of extra noisy textures layers / masks and shading techniques.
        They also usually refine a lot regarding normal maps / bump effects so everything look better detailed at the end. Better atmospheric / fog settings also help a lot to gain realism.

        To me the atmosphere was still looking artistically very western.

    • Graphically it looks like GTAV (a bit better) which is not bad of course but still.

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        Same engine but they reallyyy overhauled it

      • Full Options

        Ya, I believe we can not expect pure perfection everywhere since RAGE is yet handling a lot, however, artistically, I am really happy.
        Then on the pure perf side, only first gameplay footages or even better, our real hands on it will tell. What’s sure, is that new consoles leave them a lot of horse-power. They are usually clean with coding, I trust them. ;D

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

          I thought it was EUPHORIA ?

      • suli559

        It looka like gta v a bit better? What are you blind? Lmao gtfo here kid

        • Full Options

          Well, GTAV was not a piece of sh.t neither !? And watch your language “kid” !?

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

          Listen here 10 year old kid
          We don’t accept people like you
          Because y’all are a pain in the ass for us and the mods
          AND NO!!!!
          Don’t you “TOXIC” me
          Change your language and then we’ll talk about the definition of that word because I don’t think , given your age, you know the definition of that word

  • MrVux007

    First RDR 2 trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7tzKt8hBuI)
    Then Logan trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny3hScFgCIQ )

    Life on board this ship is bit easier now :_)

    PS i will cry tears of joy if Logan is based on “Old Man Logan” comic book

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      The legend of Zelda gameplay made me cry so much my house nearly got flooded and my neighbors called the police

  • Zigrifid

    Half life 3 made by kojima confirmed

  • proceeder

    Kojima using a MAC?! Outrage!

    • Best computers.

      • Full Options

        Are you guys, gonna start this legendary fight here !? xD
        Ok, I am in ! xDxD
        Since they wear intel CPUs, Macs are complete PC’s now ! xD
        The only difference is MacOS with an underneath Linux layer named Darwin. Macs are PCs now. 😛

        • Well there’s the OS, as well as the build quality and design, but that depends on what PC brand you’re talking about of course.

          • Full Options

            xD “but that depends on what PC brand you’re talking about of course” Touché xD
            Although some Macs designs are not always free of various kind of problems like PCs of all brands btw. As you said, some may have less problems than others. Problems are always “rotating” from one brand to another depending on the choice of components they decide put inside. All these years, I believe Dells and HPs were the most robust I happened to work with.

          • Different experiences with Dell here. 😛

          • Full Options

            All my Dells weren’t as reliable neither, but in the long-run, I had less problems than with ASUS, Toshiba, MS-Surface…
            What was the problem ? Was it on an inspiron ? I got one time an issue with a RAM slot that burnt, leaving me alone with half the capacity of memory that the system should support, and hardly servicable. But it happened 6 years after I bought it. I hope your issue was not that severe. ;D

          • There were multiple issues, but yeah… water under the bridge now. 😉

  • Mini gear

    dang kojima always looks cool/// hows everyone?

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      Welcome back comrade

      • Mini gear

        Thanks, I really need to stop going on hiatus from here ^_^7

  • Full Options
    • Haha the picture with them looking at the screen has already become an exploitable meme in the comments.

      • Full Options

        Awesome, ya the comments went just nuts, so funny. :DD
        Too sad we can’t see anything else on the screen than Hideo’s reflect..
        Loved also the pic where Hideo plays Spock ! xD

        • On that first pic Abrams is like ‘the hell am I looking at?’ and Kojima is like ‘Problem?’ 😛

          • Full Options

            Yes, is it Hideo show-casing something or the inverse ? ha, yeah it seems, JJ is wearing headphones.. Must be Hideo’s Mac, could have been sneaks of Rogue One as well…
            Would kill to see what’s on the screen, hehe ! ;D

          • Yeah, looks like Abrams is being shown something by Kojima, as he’s in front of the screen and wearing the headphones. It also looks like Kojima is trying to see his reaction.

          • Full Options

            With all those talented networks / contacts / friends around him, how this game could not be awesome ?? I am sure it would be awesome even without those cool contacts tho.
            Couldn’t he find him great actors that could be used for cheaper thanks to his help ?? 😀

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      Man I hate Abrams

      • Full Options

        I understand, although he is a good friend of Boss and has a lot of influence. He could help him a lot in various areas of production. I am not a real fan of his work, but his Star Treks are very fair to me.

  • Full Options

    mmm… Dr. Strange not that promising ?? It is worrying me too then.. I watched Beyond 2 days ago. Perhaps not my fav one, but still extremely cool episode.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      Apparently acting and visuals are cool but the script is formulaic and is worse than ant man. Ant man was mediocre IMO

      • Full Options

        Ant man was not completely catastrophic neither I think, but yeah, preferred Ant man in CW.

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