Check out these fancy Kojima Productions business card holders

After the Kojima Productions Goods Set and the iPhone cases there is now a new item carrying the studio’s brand. GILD Design has created a limited number of business card holders to be distributed among visitors of the new studio. These fancy looking cases bear the logo and name of the studio, with the slogan ‘From Sapiens to Ludens’ on the back.

“We made 85 units of card case by GILD design as the gift to whom visited our new studio. Should we make it available to purchase?” – Hideo Kojima

“They also gave this totally badass GILDdesigner business card case. It is now full of my cards, ready for business!” – Brad Douglas

Judging by the tweet above Kojima Productions will consider making the item available for purchase if there is enough demand for it, but it probably won’t be very cheap.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Brad Douglas Twitter

  • Lex Radu

    That looks nice.

  • Lex Radu

    Rumor Time: Once again, Hideo retweeted an image posted by Gal Gatot as WW
    This time from both accounts.
    I’m really curious what Hideo has in mind for her, what kind of role, a Villain like Sniper Wolf, a Heroine like Quiet, or an Anti-Hero like EVA!

    • BurntFM

      ooh. That’s interesting. I’m interested in the WW movie. The trailer had some cool scenes, but we all know entire movies can’t have just a few “cool scenes” going for them. I thought her performance in BvS was mediocre at best but if Kojima sees something in her he can use, I’ll be interesting.

      • Lex Radu

        I thought she was great, the accent ads Diana being not american, but Themysciran!

      • Full Options

        Cmon, “mediocre” really ?? I thought she pretty well gave the reply to Bat-Affleck… I think she is a great choice for a role such as WW…

        • Tom Brearley-Smith

          As far as the Wonder Woman movie goes, I really, *really* don’t want it to suck. If the trailers are anything to go by, it looks really impressive, in terms of production-values. But at the same time, I can’t get as hyped for it as I want to since the previous three movies for the DCEU were mediocre at most and horrible at worst.

          • Full Options

            In all cases, I find Gal Gadot very charismatic, aside being a very cute lady… I like how comfortable she feel while acting..

    • Tom Brearley-Smith
    • Lex Radu

      2/10, that is the next Friday, right?

      • Yep, until that date he is on the business trip. Probably about new actors, composers or something. Busy week for Kojima.

        • He’ll be in Sidney on February 4, and Monaco on February 18. Busy indeed!

          • Full Options

            Magic Monaco is not communicating much :/.. I know I am supposed to show my ID, but expect some more mail confirmation / stuff to print or something. I know there will be a signing session, but don’t have the schedule so far, nor the ones for panels / discussions :/…
            They said we should bring him for signing “Only official products and related to him”… I hope my PS3 Ref tool black cover enters this category…

            Here is how it looks 😀


            I wanna peace and love symbol on this along with hopefully Yoji’s signature as well… Since it is a manga-anime event, I hope Yoji will attend too !!

          • If you’re getting that signed you should bring your own marker. Because maybe he’ll only have a black one himself.

          • Full Options

            Thanks for the cool reminder Nyx, I know, I planned to bring a chrome one (will perform some tests before to make sure it write well) so it will feel like written / matching as well “PlayStation 3” and “TOOL” color.

          • You are going to Monaco event? Oh god…. I need that sun from Monaco like right now. =/ + Kojima/Yoji combo… Damn… That’s not fair. xD

          • Full Options

            I hope the signing session will be “sneakable” enough… hehe
            That’s why I am checking regularly their site to figure out the schedule asap and sleep in front of it once marker is placed..

          • Full Options

            I live in Nice / France and work in Monaco..
            Grimaldi forum is about just a kilometer from my office and there was zero fee for attending. I thought it would be sad to not check if I could see Boss in real, there.. 😀

    • Full Options

      Yummy…. Thx for the reminder ! Koji-Tube 6 ETA status = acknowledged !
      Looks fairly DS centered, or at least Ma-DS centered ;D… I hope we’ll also have cool footage of their visit at Ten24, etc..

        • Full Options

          WWWWOOOOAAAAA that is a peace of a Tube we have here !! Thx ;D Can’t wait !

        • No bias here, Kojima is the only developer right now that shows how they work on the game with actors in the middle of game development in a youtube show. That’s awesome communication with it’s fans.
          Ask any dev right now or Naughty Dog to show how they work… You won’t get nothing unless they will publish an additional blu-ray disc with documentary which is always fake and directed by someone.

          • Full Options

            Seems like he pioneered that too… 😀

          • BurntFM

            Sorry but I’ve been following Ninja Theory’s dev diaries for Hellblade very closely so I wouldn’t say Kojima is the “only” one doing this type of thing. They even gave an upfront honest reason for delaying a game. Instead of just radio silence(Hello Games) they really seem to care about the people watching the development of the game. Also they’ve been doing the whole “independent studio” thing so they don’t have to answer to the big wigs and investors in a large corporate publisher. so Kojima isn’t the only one doing that either.

          • Full Options

            Correct, although admit that Ninja Theory is some kind of rare exception that however confirms the rule.
            I believe Golgari’s statement stays quite valid.. ;D

  • Full Options

    If I grab one of those and if it fits, I may consider putting my cigs or cigars in it instead of business cards… ;D
    Would be classy…

  • Off topic, but here are our picks for the five best looking games of 2016:

    What are yours?

    • Full Options

      Played none yet, but if I had to order from those pics on both tech and artistical standpoints, I would go :

      1 – The Last Guardian
      2 – Uncharted 4
      3 – Ratchet & Clank
      4 – Gears of War 4
      5 – FFXV

    • Same list, but I would drop the Last Guardian and the second place would go to DOOM.
      Especially when it uses Next Gen VULKAN tech

      • Full Options

        Drop Last Guardian ? Really ? mmm… I thought you guys were pretty enthusiast at launch… You mean graphically ?

        As for Doom, even if Bethesda fired our beloved Doom-Boss from ID (because he just wanted it VR compliant !?, what a bunch of .sses), or more precisely, he slammed the door of his own studio, I definitely need a check… It looks really neat ! ;D

        • Yeah this list was purely about graphics, so probably Golgari’s choices are as well.

          • Full Options

            From the promotional material I watched, at least the artistical aspect look pretty original.. Maybe he is not happy with the shading quality, then. I find it quite fair though, but perhaps he felt it inferior to others in the long run…

        • The Last Guardian looks great, but not great as a Ps4 title. It was developed for Ps3 and it looks like a GREAT PS3 game, but technology wise DooM does it really, really, really, really well.

          Uncharted 4 looks better then any game last year IMO, but DooM has one advantage over it, especially with Vulkan tech – really fast paced action without a single FPS drop and it looks very smooth… Smooth as hell.

          • Full Options

            Ha I see… Interesting, thanks. So you suspect the backward compat constraint messed the PS4 flavor… Their engine must be less scalable than Fox… 😛
            Very understandable though, PS3 is a sooo different architecture… For example, between GZ and TPP, KP had to rewrite from scratch a lot of libs in order to properly stuff the streaming mechanism on PS3… Part of why GZ was, btw, a single map entirely loaded in RAM / not open world yet… For TPP, and if I am not mistaken, they had to load part of animations and AI data in PS3 GPU’s memory which is generally a quite exotic / unusual move. 😀

            Regarding Doom, idSoftware has some kind of tradition (if not religion) of minimalist I/O latency. Probably a legacy of the pain they had to develop the first Doom, creating a so tweaked 3D engine, and so many revolutionary techniques later on… Woooaaaa…
            Funnily, I just had a discussion on the topic with an old friend while writing to you my reply.
            You know what ? He just told me that Carmack lost his suit case today against Zeni (he lost 4M$), because now, they accuse him to have stolen some VR libs he wrote for them…
            So first he want to push VR on Doom, Bethesda does not let him… They publish Doom VR enabled and sue him for using his work somewhere else !? WTF


            It is like they think they even own his very brain or something !??? .ssholes…
            Although Carmack is not done with them, we’ll see…

            GRRRRRR !!!!

          • Yeah technologically The Last Guardian wasn’t the best, but artistically it looked awesome.

    • MrVux007

      Wish your other news-site had more views.

      • Yeah, you’re not the only one. 😛

  • Gatsu

    Sure is fancy looking :D, I want :3.

    Btw, Nioh getting awesome review scores. I think I’m gonna get it, even though I first planned not to buy too many games when a lot are releasing so close to each other xD. The reviews were superb and gameplay looks so cool, as a DS fan I think I’ll enjoy it :). I never played much Ninja Gaidens.

    • Full Options

      THX !
      4:30am tonight here.. For week-end’s breakfast then…
      Whether for the US, Aus or Japan, they leave us euro mates in impossible hours, hehe… Looking forward !

    • Gatsu

      This is awesome, thanks for sharing the info :D!

  • Lex Radu
    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      A weapon to surpass Metal Gear…

      • Lex Radu

        The Big Boss Mullet, that is!

      • Mr.Pony

        A Comb to surpass Metal Gear

  • Lex Radu

    Now in real relevant news, a new Kojima interview by Glixel!

  • Lex Radu

    And holly s**t, Hideo just exposed the reason for the “Uncanny Valley” in Hollywood Movies!
    God…damn, that’s genius!

    • More like…. He burned these movies that journalist have mentioned via Skype.

      • Lex Radu

        Same thing, he proved that all you have to do to not fall in to the uncanny valley, is to give a crap about the character you’re CGI-ing!

      • Full Options

        Yeah, not sure he had both of them in mind though xD, was perhaps more general.. Nevertheless, if I was one of JJ Abrams modelers, I would be quite perplex.. Don’t up episode 8 you xxx… xD

    • Gatsu


    • Lex Radu

      Ground control to Diamond Dogs

      Fulton a Japanese translator, quickly, it’s an urgency, this is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill. Over.

    • Full Options

      They are using Maya in conjunction with ZBrush it seems, hehe..
      DA BEST cocktail !!

    • Johnno

      Seeing that white hallway with lit up floor tiles, I think Sony knew all along about Kojima’s plans considering how they introduced him walking on a hallway of white lights at E3.

  • Gatsu
  • In other news, Nier: Automata went “gold”

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