Check out these fancy Kojima Productions business card holders

After the Kojima Productions Goods Set and the iPhone cases there is now a new item carrying the studio’s brand. GILD Design has created a limited number of business card holders to be distributed among visitors of the new studio. These fancy looking cases bear the logo and name of the studio, with the slogan ‘From Sapiens to Ludens’ on the back.

“We made 85 units of card case by GILD design as the gift to whom visited our new studio. Should we make it available to purchase?” – Hideo Kojima

“They also gave this totally badass GILDdesigner business card case. It is now full of my cards, ready for business!” – Brad Douglas

Judging by the tweet above Kojima Productions will consider making the item available for purchase if there is enough demand for it, but it probably won’t be very cheap.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Brad Douglas Twitter

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