Stefanie Joosten ‘can’t say’ if she’s involved in Death Stranding

Recently Dutch Comic Con 2017 took place, and Stefanie Joosten, who played Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, was at the event to promote REKINDLE, a sci-fi/fantasy feature film that is on KickStarter right now.

During the event, Stefanie was asked about the rumor of her involvement in Death Stranding. This rumor is based on the fact that Stefanie visited Guerrilla Games in March of last year, and the fact that Kojima briefly wore a Stefanie Joosten-cap during the lastest episode of HideoTube.

Upon being asked if she was working with Kojima again, Stefanie smiled and said the following: “Ik kan er helaas niks over zeggen.” (“I can’t say anything about that, unfortunately”). The person who asked the question responds with ‘that’s saying enough’.

In any case, an interesting rumor. Although Joosten doesn’t confirm her involvement in any way, the fact that she did not flat out deny it gives it at least some credibility. Either way, we may learn more in the near future, with the Tribeca Film Festival and of course the E3 coming up.

Source: Filmhoek, via Yongyea

  • NegaScott128

    If she wasn’t involved, she wouldn’t be under any contractural obligation to refuse comment. Since she refused to comment, she’s either confirmed to be in the game and they’re just not ready to announce it yet, or she’s undergoing contract negotiations right now, in which case she literally would not know if she was in or not.

    • Unless she got a masterclass in trolling from the sensei himself. 😛

      • Full Options
      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        I hope so.If she has a main role she will shit on the game

        • Full Options

          Stop it / arretes (ca va quoi…). Let her perform, she is motivated. Not always easy to stick to broadway-style when you come from modeling… Let her some time, actresses are always heavily trained..

      • Johnno

        Maybe she’s doing mo-cap?

        Like what if for example Emma Stone agreed to body scan and facial mo-cap and VA, but instead Joosten is doing her body mo-cap?

        Del Toro has a similar thing going on where someone else is driving his acting. Same for Keifer Sutherland who only did facial mo-cap on MGSV.

  • That’s not all. This is Horizon:ZD party at Guerrilla Games. I don’t remember her being involved with Horizon… Kojima and his team was also there.

    Coincidence? Not sure 😉

  • Lex Radu

    I don’t like what i’m seing so far!

    • Lex Radu

      I’m talking about the Movie!

  • kirtanloorii

    Oh boy. Let the theories come back to life!

  • spideynut71

    Yeah…so she’s under NDA, which means she is, LOL.

  • Biggy

    Hah what a. Giveaway she should practice more!! She is definitely involved Lol!

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    I hope she isn’t in it.
    Her acting stinks more than a bunch o’ grandma socks
    Let’s hope her few indie movie teach her a thing because she was too fucking stiff in tpp (and one of my parts stiff too) and her accent was horrible . Practice makes perfect and let’s hope her virgin fanboys don’t fill this place.

    • Eugene Voldo

      Yep. Her acting was weird in TPP. As a base model for a character she’s quite good. She has a pretty face and slim figure after all. But as a voice actress she’s pretty bad, better hire someone else.

    • radun

      in what way was her acting bad?

    • Alexa Danielle Bresee

      her physical acting was amazing.

      When she finally spoke, her voice acting was good but not amazing. she has room for improvement there, but i think she totally CAN improve. she was able to go from no singing experience whatsoever to singing her theme quite well under donna’s tutelage so i’d love to see how she can improve as an a voice actor

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        Her body acting was pretty much the opposite of expressive.That sucks

        • Alexa Danielle Bresee

          i disagree, i thought she was very expressive

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  • Biggy

    Maybe she is secretly in Metal Gear Survive

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  • Gatsu

    Okey so she is involved with the game lol ;D. I was kinda hoping for a totally new cast, but I still really like her. She should have just denied all of this.

    P.S. hopefully Kojima won’t enlarge the boobs to maximum this time.

    • Full Options

      Unless she is not sure or Boss won’t let her tell or Boss is not sure but has her 3D mesh (Decima-wise).. But yeah, Stef sound likely on board at first glance…
      We never know, movies directors sometimes cut or keep entire actors perfs… Kojima could still wonder but Quiet is particular… She was also pretty well and positively involved with TPP’s promotion (Koji-Sta and stuff), that create links…
      For sure there are far more chances to have her in a KP game rather than a Konami one now..
      …Now wondering why Gecco did not use her TPP mesh for the statue…

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  • Gatsu

    What I want to see most in E3:
    Death Stranding
    Life Is Strange 2
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Final Fantasy VII: Remake
    Prey for the Gods
    Resident Evil 2

    What are yours?

    • Full Options

      Death Stranding
      Death Stranding
      Death Stranding
      Death Stranding

      • Gatsu


      • radun

        pretty much the only game i really care to have any info on 😉

    • Death Stranding
      God of War
      The Last of Us Part II
      Retro Studios title

      • Gatsu

        Oh yeah RDR2, GoW and TLOU2. Hopefully see all.

        • Full Options

          Yeah let’s evacuate RDR2 so we start to have real news about VI… ;D

        • GoW is pretty much a given. TLOU2 will most likely be there, but it might be a trailer and no gameplay yet. Or who knows, maybe they’ll have some gameplay ready. Gameplay for Death Stranding would be awesome but it still seems kind of early. We can always hope though.

        • Uncle

          All that plus Detroit: Become and human, Wild and Days Gone release date.
          New Resistance game.
          PS5 announcement for 2018 or 2019
          Also maybe after Persona 5 success Square decides that its OK to return back to turn based combat and we finally see a proper FF game after FF10.

          • MrVux007

            Resistance 2 was such a blast to play(so many hours spent in multiplayer) and R3 was good too tho it didn’t gave me the same experience as it’s predecessor.

            I would DEFINITELY like them to make a new one!

          • Uncle

            All I need to trash my old PS3 is resistance collection, Ratched and clank collection, GOW Collection and Infamous Collection for PS4 (with PS4PRO 4K support)

    • Lex Radu

      The New WB Batman Game.

    • moto hellogoto

      Cyberpunk 2077
      Resident evil 2 remake
      FF7 remake
      Middle earth shadow of war

    • MrVux007

      Death Stranding
      God of War
      Tlou part 2
      Days gone
      Detroit:Become human
      Visceral’s(Amy Hennig’s) Star Wars game
      Shadow of war

      And whatever Naughty Dog has been working on,in the background of Uncharted 4 and TLOU2 development.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      Cyberpunk 2077
      Battlefront 2?But ea wont be at e3
      Middle earth 2
      South Park
      New ac game
      New arkham game and dc games
      Red dead 3
      Visceral star wars game developped bitchy Raymond and Amy Henning
      Square enix avengers game
      Uncharted lost legacy
      FromSoftware’s new games
      Insomniac’s spider man game
      That’s all mate

    • Griffith

      Death Stranding
      BIOHAZARD 2 Remake
      Kingdom Hearts III
      Ni No Kuni II
      Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4
      Shenmue 3
      Final Fantasy VII Remake
      Dragon Quest X
      New IP’s From Software
      New Game’s CAPCOM
      The rest I prefer to wait for Tokyo Game Show.

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