Number of owned nuclear weapons in MGSV – September 1 Update

Here are this week’s graphs detailing nuclear weapon ownership in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As if to celebrate the second anniversary of the game, nukes went down on all platforms, with the biggest decrease happening on PlayStation 3.

The current numbers, as of September 1st, are as follows:

PS4: 1855 (-14)
PS3: 882 (-25)
Xbox One: 205 (-8)
Xbox 360: 378 (-4)
Steam: 9864 (-16)

Since last update:
Number of nukes went up
Number of nukes went down

Source: Metal Gear Official Japanese Twitter (1,2)

  • Lex Radu
  • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

    OT:PythonSelkan has finally hit puberty by posting real stuff it seems

    • AA99

      Don’t you get it? This is all a ruse on Kojima’s part. The truth is, Ubisoft sold the rights to the Assassin’s Creed series to Konami for them to publish future installments. That’s why they stopped releasing the series yearly, because it was at around that time that they sold AC’s rights. Or do you think it was just a coincidence that the last main Assassin’s Creed game (Syndicate) came out in 2015, the same year as MGSV’s release?

      Still dont believe me I see. The truth is, they had been preparing us for this for years. In MGS4, you could unlock an Altair assassin costume. Peace Walker also contained a number of AC references. All in the name of the ultimate move, when Konami started to produce the AC games themselves. And seeing as though the MGS franchise is now over, they moved Kojima Productions on to Assassin’s Creed, and work began shortly after The Phantom Pain’s release. So this is just Kojima issuing another one of his master ruses once again. We can safely assume that Grey Fox is going to be the main character in the new game, seeing as though that was so obviously set up in V. They are also clearly going to merge the MGS and AC franchises together, by revealing that the Animus is really an advanced version of The Patriots’ VR training. It would also make sense that 1985 would be the year that Assassin Grey Fox appears in, as his present day son, Jank Fraegger, experiences his father’s exploits in Afghanistan. What comprises those exploits you might ask? Get ready to have your minds fucking blown, because, as it turns out, Chapter 3 is going to be the events of this new AC game. Kojima cut them out on purpose to have them be utilized in this upcoming project, thus connecting the two games. THAT is the greater meaning of his interviews where he talks about this bogus “Death Stranding” game being about connection. That’s because it’s meant to connect the two universes, MGS nad AC.

      As for Kojima’s masterful super-ruse of leaving Konami, it’s all part of the plan. He intended for his detachment from Metal Gear to symbolize not only the detachment of limbs from TPP, not only Python Selkan’s detachment from reality, but also the detachment of the AC series from Ubisoft. All for them to be connected under the Konami umbrella.

      Our lord and savior Kojima is a genius, after all.

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