Mads Mikkelsen on Death Stranding: the story is completely out of this world

In an interview with IGN Japan (translated by IGN US) held during Tokyo Comic Con last weekend, Mads Mikkelsen talked about Death Stranding and working with Hideo Kojima. When discussing his character in the game, he explained that it’s not really a matter of good guys or bad guys, something he also said in an interview earlier this year.

“The characters are very dualistic in (Kojima’s) games: There is no such thing as a bad guy or a good guy in his games.” Mikkelsen told IGN.

“It is all a challenge; you have to go through these characters to achieve certain things. And it’s also a learning curve, and they will be an obstacle for you sometimes, and sometimes they will be a help for you.”

Furthermore, the characters’ roles may change during the course of the game.

“[Kojima’s] games are not as black and white as Hollywood is sometimes. So there are more nuances of gray in his world. You’ll have to encounter these characters in different ways throughout the game.”

When IGN asked him what attracted him to the project, Mikkelsen replied: “Well, him [Kojima], and the fact that he is the Einstein of the gaming world. Everybody knows him. My son heard about this offer and he went, ‘Woah, are you serious?!’ He’s just a legend in this world.”

Due to the nature of games and game development, recording is very different than for a movie, Mikkelsen explained.

“It’s obviously very, very different work from being an actor in a film, where you have a curve, you have an arc, you have lines, you have a fellow actor, you have a scene. Here it’s a different world. We have to do some generic things that can be used in [Kojima’s] world and he can manipulate that. So for us it’s all this motion-capture and wearing a helmet, and doing specific moves – it’s got nothing to do with acting, in that sense.”

“But it’s been really fun, and you can just tell that Hideo has an otherworldly approach to all of this. He has is a master genius in this part of the world. He’s very, very easy to work with – the whole thing is in his head, and he just asks us to do certain things, and he knows exactly what he wants to use them for. It’s very interesting.”

For now the game is still shrouded in mystery, and Mikkelsen could offer no further clues on what to expect.

“It’s an enormously labyrinthine game, and I would not be sufficiently educated in it to tell you how it’s working yet. All I can say is that I’ve seen some stuff and I’ve never seen anything like it; the story is completely out of this world.”

Source: IGN Japan, via IGN US

  • Some interesting tidbits there. I’m really curious about the narrative in this game. I can’t wait till I actually know what the hell is going on so I can say “oh that’s what that is” As of right now I’m at hyped as I can be, but I will really get invested when I start learning more about the story here. I’m just waiting on the story trailer now …

    • radun

      you and the rest of the world buddy 😉

  • BurntFM

    That screenshot of the baby is going to haunt me in my sleep. That’s the most disturbing out of the whole trailer :S

  • Lex Radu
    • Full Options

      I think Sam is dreaming about a crazy perfect place to hide the baby. This part of the trailer feels like a dream delirium.

  • Lex Radu

    I think DS is a metaphor for Online Gaming.

    The Planet is a metaphor for The Game r, the hands are the players trying to grab control of a Character, the bay is the Respawn system, and the “Ludence” are a metaphor for the Matchmaking servers taking players to their selected Match.

    …Or you could say that the Planet is the Industry, the ghostly faces are the Predatory Microtrasictions, and that the Babies are our babies, our Bank Accounts, being controlled by the Gigantic Figure with Strands that is the Publisher exploiting us, the Players, whoc also get sucked in the black whole that are the loot boxes….and the bay at the end, is Kojima himself, the small glimmer of hope in the industry that will destroy Loot Boxes by working with us, Norman, the Single Player Character.

    Either Way, Death Stranding is about The Second Explosion in Gameing, (Multiplayer Game) that will bring an end to Single Player Experiences.

  • Lex Radu
  • Jav

    I just think the game will be like quantum break.

    • How dare you

      • Lex Radu

        Quantum Break is not a Bad Game, is a great game, what is bad are the live action parts.

        • It is a mediocre game man… Seriously. Live Action parts are not even it’s huge problem. The shooting mechanics, the image that breaks immersion and player movement is really, really awful.

          • Full Options

            Wow… Is it that shitty ? ;D Never played it, but it seems you were very disappointed.. I was under the impression that it had decent metacritics / scores…

          • it does not have decent metacritic scores.
            It’s an awful game. It’s a pretty game sure. The engine is crisp but the game itself is just your basic TPS with slo-mo mechanics and with NISSAN – NISSAN – NISSAN marketing all over the place.
            It’s awful and boring. It has 4 enemies variation at best with horrible last boss, some puzzles does not make any sense at all story or gameplay wise. Gameplay part is even worse… I don’t want to describe that nonsence. Not sure that Microsoft will continue partnership with Remedy Ent. Their next project will be multiplatform and I don’t care anymore.

            These guys made amazing and groundbreaking Max Payne 1 and 2 though. Good games.

        • Gatsu

          I think it was a great game and really enjoyed it :).

          • Lex Radu

            Exactly, ther imersion breaking, is part of the plot.

      • Jav

        The gameplay

        • Quantum Break was a completely linear game, a TPS with some time powers in it. DS will be an open world game where you will be able to use weapons, vehicles, etc as you please.

  • Kojima said at the PSX that the moment that we see in the trailer where Sam(Norman Reedus) is in the water…
    It is actually a playable thing and it somehow makes sense.


    I guess that if the character died you do something in the water that can revive your character.

    • Full Options

      I felt like it was some kind of dream after being knocked out by this white blast, when he is in water.. In this dream he sometimes does not seem wired to the black goo system when he is naked, but he is wired when he wears cloths again…
      Him wired feels like switching to the nightmare part of this dream, where he’s worst fear would be to loose the baby.
      The baby in his throat is probably a dream delirium which could be interpreted like the baby needs to be kept safe at all costs, to the point nobody can detect him. Sam is tormented to the point he imagine keeping the baby as deep as in his very throat to hide him completely or something..

      • This is a perfect explanation FO. I really like the one with the dream thing.
        but then again, Kojima said at PSX that you can actually play in that state. I don’t know how… But this is his words.

        • Full Options

          What I love with Kojima is that he really try to make most things playable everywhere, which also guaranty innovative mechanics…

      • RJRO
        I think when you are in the underwater section is because your character died, hence you get another palm mark. Since Kojima said he wanted to change the death mechanic in this game he is dooing this thing.
        edit: grammar

        • Full Options

          Yeah, must be full of some very interesting mechanic stunts of such… Some fellows think that the baby is even a kind of game life (like “extra-life”)… Very exciting stuff, but we still need more details !… 😀

          • It definitely seems like the baby is some kind of link between life and death. Sort of like something they use to be ‘reborn’, travel between life and death in an inter-dimensional kind of way.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, he does not really look that involved, nor his protectors about him being a baby.. Not as deep and mature as Kuato in Total Recall but still…
            Very puzzling, I love that.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      But will he manage to avoid drowning?

  • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife
  • Lex Radu


    Ludence are the 5 Figures.
    Ludens is who Sam becomes at the end.

  • Full Options

    What is also cool and intriguing is that the baby seem very aware of the environment and very smart in both last trailers. He is way more awake than a regular fetus.. Playing around in this kind of cyber-egg…

    • Lex Radu

      So i guess that means that LU2 (Mads’s Plastic Baby) and Lu1 (Sam’s) might be brothers or even twins.

      Maybe Sam’s Baby is named “Lu” and Mad’s named “Dence” making them the weapon against “Ludence” and this is why Mads is an Atagonist and not a Villain, same goal, different Methods!

      • Full Options

        Not sure about your early conclusions, ;D, Mads flying character and behavior now reminds me a spectrum entity such as the Sorrow…
        A character spot on the edge between kindness and evil..
        Plus the Sorrow has the same eye-bleeding pathology than Le Chiffre in Casino Royale…

        • Lex Radu

          He might be “The Sorrow” in a more Meta Way, like, he can’t call him that in the game due to Legal stuff, but i think it is him.

  • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

    Yuri Lowenthal is the guy playing the accident victim of corpse.fisposal team 6 . I have asked for confirmation on twitter . No response so far

    • Lex Radu

      But who’s the guy who tried to kyll himself, who is that Actor?
      The Face looks familliar, but i can’t put my finger on it, on the name.

      • Gatsu

        His voice sounds familiar to me also.

        • Lex Radu

          He looks like someone i saw in Gotham the TV Show!

  • Full Options

    “Standing… on the EDGE… of the CRATER… like the prophets once said…”

  • MrVux000

    Batman+anime…what could possibly go wrong there?

  • Full Options

    Aside the extremely cool PSX news regarding the fact that we will be able to swim in a gorgeously realist water with refraction and beautiful shaders, there was also an interesting / promising fact when Hermen first went on stage at the beginning of the show :
    HZD frozen wilds was shipped very quickly which hints that Decima enables to issue quickly new content for a given flavor of the engine.
    This is a very good news for possible DS big chapters and possible future big expansions and later opuses. I sense DS will possibly be a quite huge title.

    The part with Andy + baby thumbs up was also very cool ! ;D

  • Mr.Pony

    Small detail i noticed, the bracelet changes color from blue to green, yellow and red as this guy stabs himself. It makes me think that we might count on that bracelet as the life gauge for the game which means a cleaner UI like MGSV

    • Yeah, it does seem that way. The bracelet of the guy who’s stuck under the vehicle is also red. It will probably also be reflected in the lightbar of the DualShock controller.

    • Full Options

      Another strange thing is that this device seems to be connected to the baby..
      It turns on when you get the baby and off when you disconnect from him…

      • Lex Radu

        That’s based on the Urban Legend that children, and babies can actually see Ghosts!

        • Full Options

          In all cases it sounds pretty clear that they are using the baby as a “radar” for locating those invisible threatening entities…

      • Mr.Pony

        This one i thought intriguing, the thing on its shoulder reacts to the invisible “Paw” but the baby only reacts when the giant ones appear. To me it looks like the giant thing controls whatever the paw is (like a hound or a scout thing), the idea of rope and strings

        • Full Options

          Seems you are not far.. The baby wakes up right when Mads give the finger order.. The shoulder device turns in a different mode and the shell of the baby’s egg turns lit.. There is probably a hierarchy between all those different threats… The Paw could be some entry level enemy whereas bigger ones could be potential bosses..
          Mads appear to give order to capture the baby, what’s weird is that neither Sam nor Oldo (let’s call him like that for now, xD) seem to be surprised about Mads presence… Know your enemy… Is he actually one ??
          And am I wrong or is Mads wearing a golden skull mask like the embalmed dude that got his face vaporized ?? xD

          • Mr.Pony

            To me Mads is the corpse that gets sucked into the black mud, also a bunch of strings snap from it before going under, kind of insinuating something being released, maybe Mads became infected and is like a puppet for the giants, also his shoulder thing is slightly different (older model perhaps?)

          • Full Options

            Yeah I also think that, based on various declarations where he said he is not obviously evil… Mads is perhaps an old friend of Sam… but he looks definitely possessed by this black matter like a puppet with black strings, specially in trailer #2.. Like any spell in fantasy stories, the possessed person looks very blossomed by being fused with his parasite…
            Haaaaa !!!!

    • It depends if the cleaner UI will be better in the end though… Because bracelet will not give too much information for the player. The arm moves really fast in these games.
      The best implementation of that idea was in the Dead Space games where every information including health was at the Isac’s back:

      • Full Options

        Maybe we’ll have the info on both UI and bracelet…

      • Lex Radu

        I was gonna say “Like Dead Space”

    • Jav

      I’m sure the light in the joystick will change the colour.

  • PrinceHeir


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