Win prizes in Konami’s pre-E3 giveaway

Konami is holding a contest in which they will give away several prizes. Starting today, fans can go to Konami’s Twitter channel and retweet a post about Konami’s incoming pre-E3 show. The giveaway will end on May 31.


Go here for the complete rules. In order to participate you have to be a US citizen.

Source: Konami

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh i pretty much have all of those including the mini Raiden Artbook(which you should just get the Piggyback guide since the quality is much better and is much longer)

    though i don’t have the shirts, but i prefer the Uniqlo ones

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, looks like it has an autograph on it too. But I’m excluded from participating anyway.

  • umbralex

    “In order to participate you have to be a US citizen”

    Nooo 🙁 , such a shame

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, but I saw that coming. Still, it’s a shame.

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