Kojima on the upcoming E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V, it made Yumi Kikuchi cry

Yesterday Konami held their pre-E3 show, during which the voice actor for Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was revealed, as well as the themes ‘race’ and ‘revenge’. However, the trailer Kojima has been working on wasn’t shown here. Today, Kojima talked some more about this, and about E3 in general. Here is what he said:

“As E3 being Olympic in game industry where all world top studios come to compete, I wanted to see the reaction of my trailer I’d worked on.

As being a creator, I am always curious about how this will be received. So I invited some groups of people to watch my trailer this week.

Among visitors saw the trailer, esp Yumi Kikuchi started sobbing right fr the start and cried too hard to get back to radio show for a while.”

Apparently some last minute changes on the trailer were needed:

“Trailer once being fixed but decided to change a bit as a result of monitor feedback. Changing now in progress.”

Kojima also had a poster made for E3, which he received today:

“Limited 10 copies of poster made ​​Especially for E3 HAS arrived.”


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Batzi

    He said that the trailer he showed was the “long version” which was about 20 minutes long. The fact someone cried while watching gets me hyped even more and seriously can’t fucking wait for that BUT something interesting about those posters tells me that they are related to the PS4 and that Kojima will be attending Sony’s press conference and demonstrate the game on stage. Kojima’s recent tweet reiterated the fact that he is heading to LA for an E3 business trip and during Geoff’s interview, he confirmed that he was going to show something at E3. June 12th is going to be uploaded online and viewed through MGSV’s official site so he was not talking about that. Why am I saying PS4? Look at the color of those posters. Turn the poster 180 degrees, the writing starts with a “T” which I assume comes from The Phantom Pain. The blue and the style looks very similar to the PS3’s XMB and blue belongs to Sony.

    • VirtuousPhantom

      You’re guessing too much. All I see is an awesome looking poster!. Just because a trailer made someone cry doesn’t mean I am going to cry also. I just hope it lives up to my expectation and that is a genuine MGS game which live up to MGS3 especially.

  • PrinceHeir

    definitely hyping out for PS4 😀

    Race and Revenge are themes huh?

    “Among visitors saw the trailer, esp Yumi Kikuchi started sobbing right from the start and cried too hard to get back to radio show for a while.”

    poor Yumi chan 🙁

    i hope she’s okay!

    i want that poster!!!!!

    i actually think that could be the VR Snake at the opeing of MGS2, when it slithers around under water(he’s using the same VR green like colour from Arsenal Gear and MGS2)

    in any case i can’t wait fo this!!!!!!

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Man, i shed tears when i see something that excites me that much! This trailer will make me do it again.

    I loved the choice of Sutherland as Big Boss. I just don’t get it why people are so pissed. Have they ever seen The Phantom Pain gameplay trailer? You can hear Sutherland voicing both Big Boss and Ishmael! Guess why! Because Ishmael is just a hallucination that Big Boss’ mind made up!

    • MrVux007

      errr….sorry i only recognized Ishmael voice of Sutherland as for Big Boss im quite unsure …..

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Just rewatch the trailer. When he says “Wh…What happened to the woman” It’s clear that it’s Kiefer’s voice. That’s the 1st thing that came to my mind, when i first saw it. Why the same voice?

        • MrVux007

          well if he sounds like Ishmael i will be really disappointed because Ishmaels voice(Big bosses voice) misses the a little bit of roughness like his old voice ….im not saying Sunderland should completely mimic David Hayters voice but he should work on it a bit …that’s only my opinion,im still grieving because David wont voice BB anymore,so im little bit desperate for that good ol Snake voice….

  • Solid Snake

    Poster looks like Big Bosses hook hand and prosthetic arm and bones. Kind of like his teased pictures “Not for love” “Not for the future”

    • Solid Snake

      Also, I forgot to mention that it looks like its going to read,

      “The Phantom Pain”

      • Solid Snake

        Unless instead, it says “Tactical Espionage Operations”

  • Fredy Carius

    I almost cried when BB went back to see Mother Base being destroyed (as i’ve put so much love and dedication building it in PW) in the last trailer. Better have a handkerchief ready for next wednesday

  • Ricardo Oe

    Cool Miguelito !
    We’ll be waiting for this trailer these days.
    But hopefully all this excitement, this game is to launch later this year.
    Along with an online game!

  • Erick Mattos

    I’m so freaking excited, I want to cry too! I want to bawl manly tears all over my floor and drown in them.

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