Extended Metal Gear Solid V E3 2013 trailer released, PlayStation 4 version confirmed

Konami released the extended ‘red band version’ E3 2013 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

This is the same trailer that was shown at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday, but with additional scenes at the beginning and at the end.

There is another version, the ‘green band’, which is almost the same except it’s missing the new scenes at the beginning that are in the red band trailer.

Also, a PlayStation 4 version of the game is now confirmed, as the logo appears in the information screen of the trailer. Aside from that, it’s also coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One.

  • Waldir

    PS3 and Xbox360 also confirmed. Source: Official Facebook

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, but we already knew that. We knew it was coming to PS3 and 360, and Xbox One (since yesterday). The only thing we weren’t sure about was the PS4 version.

      • Waldir

        We assumed, it was officially confirmed today.

        • Nyxus

          The PS3 and 360 logos were in the Phantom Pain trailer of GDC.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    This must be the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen!

    • Waldir

      Agreed! Very exiting!

    • Ricardo Oe

      Awesome !

  • Ilja Y.

    It’s so sad to see how Big Boss became a Demon.

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, it’s a fate we all knew was coming…

      • Ilja Y.

        “Ever since the day I killed The Boss with my own hands, I… was already dead” – Big Boss

  • Ricardo Oe

    Yeah ! Too much fuckin Power !
    Strong and Violent.
    From Hell !
    A Game Like Wars . To mens and beasts !

  • Ilja Y.

    Will there be even another trailer showns during E3?

    • Nyxus

      I think this is it.

    • MrVux007

      maybe they will show gameplay demo?

  • Batzi

    I believe what we saw was NOT running on next-gen. I think that was the PS3 version. It looks exactly the same as the GZ trailer which was shown back in August and according to Kojima that was running on a PC with roughly the same specs as a PS3.

    • Nyxus

      I can’t believe the footage from this trailer is current gen. If it is, Kojima Productions really can work miracles. But I think this is the next gen version.

      • MrVux007

        But i still dont see the difference between this trailer and the first two (The phantom pain with *Not your kind of people* song and Ground zeroes gameplay trailer) witch were ran on current gen specs…. someone should make a video with comparison when this game releases

      • solidmatt

        I think MrVux makes a good point. The visuals in the trailer are impressive, but if you consider some of the most recent AAA titles to appear on PS3 (Last of Us, for example), what you see in the trailer is not an unbelievable leap for the current gen. Even comparing Red Dead Redemption (older but undeniably an influence for MGSV), you see that the PS3 has already produced visuals nigh approaching what we find in the trailer.

        • Nyxus

          As good as The Last of Us looks, I still think this is a step above. Also, keep in mind this is probably more open world than The Last of Us.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Do you believe that if Kojima had a better trailer visually, he wouldn’t show it? I hope you’re right. I’m getting it on the PS4. Where it needs to be.
      “Not for Xbox 360, Not for PS3, Not for Xbox One” 😉

    • MrVux007

      Just because its played on next gen doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to look better then current gen …..the gameplay might be smoother then current gen since the next gen will have more RAM and better hardware overall

    • yet

      If this they’ve never done a split, simultaneous release
      on 2 different gen platforms like this it will be the first time for any Metal Gear game. if it does indeed happen and they don’t announce the next gen ones right after the current gen and do Special Edition/Plus type releases like Street Fighter and DOA/Ninja Gaiden. It’d be great to know how long we have
      to wait too which is probably awhile more.

      • yet

        Re: But I’m thinking they pry for more time to do a proper next gen release and eventually the PS3/360 release is cancelled like Guns of the Patriots was originally a PS2 release.

  • o1striker

    damn still no release date though

  • Nacrois

    I already see why Big Boss keep that debris in the game, he became a demon and the debris represent one horn of the devil.

  • Vojta

    It it Paz who is undtertaking the “bomb operation” (Hurt Locker, anyone?), isn´t it? Her hair is cut short so she looks like a boy, but her chest is appropriately covered + Chico is the boy to the left + the peace sign on the bomb…

  • Papa_plitt

    Why release it across both generations of consoles??Its obvious that the next generation version will be the “much” better option to purchase,right?..but what i want to know is..by how much better is it?

    • MrVux007

      to be frank, i watched Ground zeroes gameplay (witch was played on PC but with Ps3/360 specs ) and i can say that the graphics look the same…this is my opinion,i will definitely buy it for current gen

    • Nyxus

      Because the current gen already has an installed base of about 150 million users (PS3 and 360). Next gen has a lot less. So this is the smart thing to do.

    • Fredy Carius

      when i was i kid i wanted a toned down version of mgs2 because i coudn’t buy a ps2. now i have a ps3 and i can’t wait to buy a ps4 just to play this game at its finest!

  • TheKastorian

    Sweet trailer! PS4 it is, baby…

  • as

    this for PS3,really?I think they will make GZ on PS3 first then PP on PS4.Why we must bought PS4 for two games but you can played it on PS3??

    • MrVux007

      both the Gz and PP were confirmed for current gen…..and it would be stupid to separate games like that ….

      • Nekkedsnake

        agreed. had a discussion with a friend about this. i was thinking GZ would be a digital download (prologue) while TPP was to be released on disc for next gen but realized it made no sense to separate the game into 2 halves just for the sake of selling a system. so it’s actually better that both current and next gen are getting the game as a whole.

        and while i do have a ps3 and 360 i’ll be getting MGSV and staying current gen on my ps3. as for the debate between which next gen console i’d be getting if i were to ever consider getting next gen, it would be ps4 hands down. and in so doing, would probably end up purchasing MGSV for ps4 as well, hahah.

  • PrinceHeir

    finally PS4 confirmed 😀

    thanks!! Kojima Productions!

  • CrazyGuy207

    I don’t want to sound like a noob, but when they said “realistic passage of time,” does that mean the game will use the consoles internal clock?

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