Quiet 3D character model released

As promised earlier by Hideo Kojima, today Kojima Productions released a 3D render of Quiet, the main heroine in Metal Gear Solid V.

You can see the images below (click to enlarge).






There is also a clip available of how Stefanie Joosten was 3D scanned to get her into the game as Quiet.

Source: Kojima Productions Official Site

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    next gen graphics , oooooooooh yeah 😀

  • Nick234

    So she’s basically a stripper from some two bit strip joint, classy. I see girls like this every week on street corners or in bars asking me for spare change to show me their tits.

    • NL37

      where abouts do you live m8, packing bags right now

  • James23423

    She looks like a crack whore.

    • tonymatthews

      Yep, if they wanted to make her perfect, why not give her a good face?

      • Azyral

        She has a beautiful face.

    • cell989

      bull shit she doesnt

    • Lars Anderson

      I was thinking hooker.

    • Azyral

      Like your mom, no doubt.

  • Golgari

    I want to be honest. I’m not a fan of her design. So far she looks like a … Well. 🙁
    I thought that in The Phantom Pain trailer she looked much better.

  • Guest


  • Bob Obb

    Love Quiet. But I wish they’d stop posting photos of the actors. It completely takes me out of the experience when I’m picturing an actor instead of the game character

  • meer

    if they gave her some abs that would be realistic

  • datdude

    Yes, because every sniper worth his/her salt wears pantyhose and a thong when facing intense desert heat and sandstorms that will literally peel the skin right off you if you’re not covered up.

  • The Wolf 47

    The real girl looks much better than Quiet.
    More beautiful eyes.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Is it just me or does her alfit look slightly different from what she wore in the trailer (and better in the trailer)? Anyway, I see what Kojima meant when he said he was going for a more erotic look for the characters in MGS V, notably Quiet. Wonder what info Kojima will share today with the game play demo that will be shown and at their panel. btw, is there a live stream today for the event Kojima is having or no?

  • Slick JMista

    She’s dressed like a whore, in Afghanistan of all places.

    • jgames

      Yes, I have a lot of respect for the MGS saga, but this it´s just a whore, a desrispectfull character, lazy design, bad taste… horrible, a sad joke for the players and people in general.

  • cococreek

    why in the hay does she have to dress like this?

  • Griffith

    She looks like the actress Abbie Cornish.

  • solidmatt

    I am a little incensed by this and Kojima’s explanation that such “erotic” or “sexy” character designs enhances the experience of the game or makes for more appealing cosplay for women. Her outfit is a prostitute’s outfit and not very imaginative at all.

    Also, Kojima’s suggestion that there are good reasons for her character to dress this way strikes me as total bs, and is nothing more than a rationalization for subjecting supposedly strong female characters to outfits that simply objectify them and therefore greatly undermine any identifiable qualities of the character.

    I also agree with this guy: http://www.gamespot.com/news/halo-dev-calls-mgsv-female-character-design-disgusting-6414137

    • anonymous

      kojima is a genius can you not see that. he has a reason for having her look that way do you see the stockings she is wearing they have holes in them. other than him trying to sell his game through sex appeal and for a sexier cosplay costume he is telling a story and costumes sometimes help for example: dragon ball z when bardock wore a scarf drenched in the blood of a fallen comrade. do you remember in the trailer when they shocked and tortured the girl her stockings began to be covered in holes. next time you open your mouth think about what you spew from it.

  • Thiago

    Kojima stop masturbating yourself for cosplayers and give us a believable concept. No sniper would use this outfit, ever.
    This is not ibiza, this is metal gear.

    • jo jo

      exactly! its metal gear not real life….

    • Mario Porfírio Souza


    • Azyral

      Don’t ever question Hideo Kojima’s vision, you hairy turd.

  • thisgurlissoslut

    so basically, she wears only wears two pieces of cloth to cover her jewels and wears sex stockings. slut.

    • Cindy

      There’s nothing wrong with showing skin, but a g-string and a too-small bikini is an utter failure of imagination, creativity, and talent.

      • thisgirlissoslut

        yes, nothing wrong with a bit of skin. but this is tasteless.

  • Matt

    I’m convinced everyone is gay. Quit screaming for more cloths and demand less!

    Speaking in a more serious tone towards how this could be beneficial towards character development… considering sex can be a weapon especially to those deprived of the luxuries of being able to go out and meet women which those on the battlefield most likely adhere too this could be something that plays out in her favor. Dually noting the perverted nature of most Japanese inspired female designs she’s obviously overly sexualized but as a male gamer in the 21st century I have no qualms with it and in fact encourage more games to follow suite.

    • Golgari

      You need to understand that we are talking here about Afghanistan.

      • Matt

        Ok… Throw her in a rug and chop off her nose.

    • solidmatt

      “Dually noting the perverted nature of most Japanese inspired female
      designs she’s obviously overly sexualized but as a male gamer in the
      21st century I have no qualms with it and in fact encourage more games
      to follow suite.”

      LOL! I really don’t think you’ll find any dearth of hypersexualized female bodies in today’s video game market.

      • Matt

        The fact that they still show to decency to cloth them at all is sacrilegious

  • john doe

    we should not be afraid of sexuality in games. their is nothing wrong with this.

    • Cindy

      There is nothing wrong with showing skin, but for goodness sake, that’s neither fashionable nor attractive!!!!!!!! If he wanted to go with sultry temptress sniper, at least give the woman some non-ripped up panty hose! Victoria’s secret models are sexy. Laura Croft is sexy. Audrey Hepburn is sexy. Crack whores are not.

  • Stebsis

    You people do know that her skin has camouflage ability? Have you seen the trailer? The black around her eyes disappears so it appears she can camouflage her whole body… yeah, she really has to cover her skin as much as possible because as a sniper who has to blend in she’s just useless with that little clothing.

    • solidmatt

      Interesting. Her skin is effectively an octocamo? That explains why she would want to leave a lot of skin exposed. The bikini and thong are just for decency in that case. But still, this does not explain why she needs to wear hooker pantyhose!

  • Joseph

    I hope these aren’t the realtime renders for in-game, expecially for next-gen.

    I can already see on the 3rd and 5th pictures that she is missing shadows and Ambient Occlusion on the green straps on her back and shoulder.

    For example, on the 3rd picture, you’ll see that the top of the strap near to the back of her neck is missing some shading and in the 5th picture you see that the strap on the left shoulder have no shadows either.

    • Geoffrey Davey

      Thank God, someone noticed her missing strap shadows. Should we tell Kojima-san?

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  • deep

    The ideal of a female sniper is pretty cool, but man the execution went wrong somewhere. Great craftsmanship in the model tho. I was expecting something a little more sophisticated and stealthy but hey I’m most likely not the targeted audience so who cares what I think

    • Alex Powell

      her skin changes color to fit her surrondings, thats why she isnt decked out in a camo suit.that kinda shyt sounds like dead on mgs to me….your a scrub fan..

  • DOOM

    Hideo Kojima’s loosing it, lol!

  • MattS71

    the actress must be thrilled they turned her character into a sterotypical male fantasy. Fucking pathetic

    • Alex Powell

      ummm shes not my fantasy and im a male. she just looks like a badass army chick that would fuk u up real bad if u messed with her lol but w.e right shes wearing a skimpish top and net leggings so you know thats SUPER stereotypical…with her flat ass and smaller boobs….retard

  • PrinceHeir

    i really don’t know why people are bitching about here.

    uh hello this is not real life, this is METAL GEAR SOLID.

    where you have mechs screaming like dinosaurs and cows, crazy characters that are fond of things like bees, spiders, wolves etc.

    where characters die and get’s reborn out of nowhere.

    so why are people even expecting this to be realistic? this will be the most darkest in the series, but MGS as realism? lol no just no.

    plus she’s not the only getting sexualized so what’s the freaking problem?

    is this Dragon’s Crow, Killer is Dead all over again?

    • Matt

      No one watches wrestling so it’s sexist.

  • Overlord Laharl

    Quiet has the ability to camouflage herself by changing her skin color, so more clothing means being less camouflaged

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  • Nel Pace

    I can has clothes plz?

  • Matt

    It’s Kojima’s game, he can make the characters look however he likes, if you don’t like it then don’t play it, but give the artist his freedom to create.

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