Kojima: The Phantom Pain will be 300 times larger than Ground Zeroes

The map size of Ground Zeroes in Metal Gear Solid V will be about 1/300 the size of the area found in The Phantom Pain section.

This was revealed by Kojima in an interview with Japanese site Game Watch, and translated by NeoGAF user raven777.


Kojima has said before the areas in The Phantom Pain will be much larger, with Ground Zeroes serving as a prologue to give players a chance to adapt to the new open world aspect of the game. But this seems to suggest the areas will not only be larger, they will actually be huge. It is unclear wether Kojima is talking about individual areas here, or all locations added together.

Source: Game Watch, NeoGAF

  • Knox

    Even more space for Quiet to run around as her sweet mouth watering boobs bounce up and down.


    • Dakan45

      Pimpeo Kojima is a visionary. I bet she get sweaty too and cause her nipples to appear.

      • o1striker

        Don’t worry I wouldn’t be suprised if we get something similar with Kaz(you know before he loses his arm and foot.). But everybody will focus on the fact that the women is in thinly dressed clothes and call it sexist, even though it happens on both sides of the gender tree in these games.

        • Kirk

          Do any of you have a sense of shame?

          • Dakan45

            i am joking.
            Dont take it seriously. Lol Pimpeo kojima, seriously no thumbs up for that?

          • o1striker

            I don’t understand what pimpeo means. Are you calling Kojima a pimp? I’ve never been one for slang.

          • Dakan45

            yeah its from “call of duty dog 2” video on youtube. Go check it out

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Perfect! What more can we ask?

    • CrazyGuy207

      An english Ground Zeroes trailer.

      • o1striker

        Yeah I’ve been waiting for a while now. I thought it was suppose to come out saturday.

        • Nyxus

          I don’t think they specified a date.

          • o1striker

            Oh well. Its here now go to http://www.konami.jp/mgs5/en/home.html and it will be the first video on the website, just click play. Skullface’s voice is pretty bad imo, but while I don’t think Sutherland’s voice fits big boss(doesn’t sound like the big boss we know at all), its not nearly as bad(or as “phoned in”) as people have been saying. Kaz’s voice is pretty much perfect imo.

          • William of Orange

            My thoughts are exactly the same. it feels like the guy voicing skullface simply reads the subtitles from the japanese trailers Out loud.

          • Nyxus

            I think that’s because we’ve seen the trailer so many times before seeing this English version. We already had a mental image of what the voices would sound like, and we have gotten used to the Japanese voices. Maybe if we see footage of another scene, it will be less weird.

          • William of Orange

            I doubt it, but I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.. And who knows what kind of ideas kojima has for this character. He did say that he wanted to bring mgs to a “higher” level. But I still keep my fingers crossed ,though.

      • Marc

        if an english version of gz does not happen that means…….. David Hayter will be in gz

        • Nyxus

          Journalists already confirmed it was Kiefer Sutherland in the Ground Zeroes part.

          • madbads

            Kiefer is for all MGS.

    • Dakan45

      A pc anouncement will be nice, i mean Hideo has said that they are developing on pc right now….I WONDER WHAT COULD THEY BE DEVELOPING? NO WAY ITS MGS V!! Sarcasm.

      • o1striker

        I hope it gets a pc announcement myself, I’m not planning on getting a PS4 for a while(money issues), but I do have a very formidable PC.

        • Dakan45

          Well its obvious they work on a pc version.But he said its not a priority. We will see how it turns out.

  • Batzi


  • William of Orange

    That’s great and all, but i wonder how long it takes to complete the ground zeroes campaign.

    • J0Scorpionake

      it should be very small, considering that the porpose od GZ is the payers adapt the new gameplay. Storywise, Phantom Pain should be the one to get.

      I hope Im wrong, ’cause I will purchase both XD

      • William of Orange

        I will definitely buy both games. but every mg fan or those who’ve played mgs pw can already summarize the plot of gz, just by watching the gz demo and the trailers. So I hope it would be roughly 6 to 8 hours to complete the game. But who knows what kind of surprises kojima has in store for us!

  • Dakan45

    Please PLEASE PLEASE tell me how will ground zeroes be released. Diffirent game?

    • Nyxus

      We’ll have to wait for more info on that, I’m afraid.

    • Deepthroat

      No one knows for sure, but GZ already got a rating by the USK (which is basically the same as the ESRB), so maybe we’ll get it very soon!

  • markos

    hey, demos are on konami youtube!!

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  • PrinceHeir

    amazing 😀

    though i’ll probably stop watching now!

    this is getting too exciting 🙂

  • Jessenia Lopez

    From the trailers this game looks incredibly generic

    • Guest

      So do YOU! But that’s just the typical $0N¥ Pauper…

    • Clate

      I agree, why people think this game looks like anything special is beyond me. It looks like the slaughtering of a series to me.

      • Dakan45

        Right because having big maps and being able to infiltratre as you want is so generic. Every game does it.

        • Clate

          I can think of alot of games that allow you to do that………….. You seem to be missing what the word “generic” means

          • Dakan45

            where are those games? Because far cry 3 pretended you can do that. Nearly all missions were linear and scripted.

            Dishonored allowed you to do that.

          • William of Orange

            I agree that far cry was pretty linear when it came down to the missions, but that’s because the story itself was linear. And let’s be honest here, the game played way too safe when it came down to the development of Jason’s character trough out the story.

          • Dakan45

            The game played too safe on everything.

            Here is a wanted mission, can you do it however you want? NOPE you gotta sneak in and knife the target.

            Here are better guns to buy, which cost little and your wallet fills up quite fast so you gonna have to buy every useless piece of camo crap you can find to be able to pick up money again. Also you get guns for free for opening the map by climbing towers…and each gun is better than the previous, no balance or diffirent playstyle, each gun is an upgrade. All missions were scripted, no freedom to try out diffirent things, if you took a outpost the enitre map had all the enemeis removed so you can walk around having nothing to shoot and the skills were locked till you progress the main quest, so you wont upgrade whatever the hell you want. I dont have a problems with linear scripted fps like cod holding my hand, because they are all about doing and immersive cinematic campaign. But saying “hey you got freedom here brah” and then constantly hold your hand to make sure that you cant waste money on a weapon you dotn like, or use a weapon you like when its crap compared to the new unlocked weapon, or even allow you to upgrade the skill you want, or even let you go creative and kill enemies with mines. (Which if you put one down, everyone gets alerted)

            The game downright doesnt trust you. Here is big area with a lot of enemies….you gonna use a sniper rifle from affar in order to stay safe and after the mission ends, the enemies are gone so you cant go back there and have fun. Here is another area with alot of enemies… nope you are on a vehicle and use a turret….here is another area, you play stealth and then get a merc suit, so now everyone ignores you.

            The campaign was made to be more of a movie than a “open world game” like say mercenaries 2, far cry 2, just cause 2, infamous, prototype, crackdown, etc etc.

          • William of Orange

            I just don’t know what to say after reading your post. It’s really eye opening and let’s just say i’m feelin’ you all the way, brah.

          • Dakan45

            too much sarcasm.

          • William of Orange

            Sorry, wasn’t meant like that, I really enjoyed your look on the concept of the game. For instance, why buy a vector. 45 when you could also unlock the shredder if you liberated a certain amount of camps? And what is up with this so called “dynamic” weather system, when it rarely rains during any of my playtroughs. And even if it rains, it is nothing special. Look at the demo from ground zeroes, that’s impressive and it’s beautiful to look at it.

          • Dakan45

            Yeah, so you got a sniper rifle and a 50 cal sniper rifle, you would think its better to pick the default sniper so you can put a silencer on it, but no, the 50 cal also supports a silencer.

            The game is entirelly too linear, there are only 2 missions in which you can do them with or without stealth.

            As i said if you put a mine in a outpost everyone knows where you are.

            This could have been assasn creed with guns, but it was a bunch of huts in a huge map with forced stealth and linearized missions.

          • William of Orange

            I see what you mean, but saying that fc 3 could have been ac with guns isnt much of a difference. Every AC installment is open world, but they had linear missions (AC 1 excluded) as well. Though AC II is my favorite in the series, AC 1 lets you preperate before you assassinate a templar. That was the reason I loved AC in the first place.AC II became a bit more gta, you didn’t need to plan your assassination and you just had to role with it.Luckily, the game was very story driven and had memorable characters,moments and missions.Every installment after ACII were really mediocre, compared to the first two. But what’s really funny is that gta v lets you preperate heists, so you need a escape vechicle, buy masks, etc., etc.
            But that gives me that nostalgic moment, thinking about AC 1.
            Ah, memories. (William)

          • Dakan45

            actually ac2 and brotherhood were the most nonlinear, funny thing is after how scripted ac3 was, people believe that ubisoft scritped everything in watchdogs, we will see if the game is trully nonlinear as they say.

          • William of Orange

            Ac 3 is definitely linear, but I thought ac brotherhood was pretty linear too. And that game had the same problems as fc 3.
            You want to know how many times ive visited leonardo? Two times! You can complete the main story without those upgrades.
            Watch dogs looks pretty promising, this also applies to “the division”, a mmo published by ubi.

          • Clate

            You answered your own question. I would not describe FC3 as “linear” but it also is not very “open” either. The AC series is open and allows you to tackle (most) areas in various ways. Deus Ex Human Revolution and Hitman are both also fairly open (Hitman is not “open world” though”

          • Dakan45

            So you imply that this game is just as linear and scripted as those games?

    • Dakan45

      here have the trollmaster award sensei

  • man I’m so confused man.

    is Phantom Pain the same game as Ground Zeroes or not?
    or are they two different standalone games???

    • Nyxus

      This has not been clarified yet by Konami. But it looks like it may be two separate releases that put together form MGSV.

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