New Project Ogre Details – No Wii U Version and the game will confront delicate issues

During his visit at The Smithsonian Museum of Art, Kojima gave a few scarce new details about Project Ogre. He said the game is dealing with a few delicate issues and taboos (making it likely that Project Ogre is in fact the Taboo Game he talked about a few years ago). He did say he still want to keep the game fun to play, so he isn’t sure how many of the issues are going to be in the final product, but bringing them to the forefront is something he strives for.

Kojima also talked about a trip he made to a military base in San Diego to test a shooting simulator, but wasn’t ready to reveal more about it.

Another thing he talked about during the Q&A was that the game isn’t planned for the Wii U. Since the device has a unique interface and a different way of interacting with the player than the other systems, Kojima said that if he were to make a game for it it would have to be something unique.

He did make clear that despite this, the FoxEngine isn’t hardware specific and is a flexible engine.

Source: ShackNews

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