New details on the healing system in Ground Zeroes, and more

Here is some new Ground Zeroes information and impressions from several websites. First, from IGN’s Q&A article:

  • POWs, Mother Base bonuses and ‘more statistical things’ can be carried over to The Phantom Pain.
  • IGN calls it ‘mechanically the best Metal Gear Solid has ever been’, and a ‘gorgeous game on PS4 and Xbox One’.
  • It’s primarily a stealth game, but some side ops are more action focused (such as having to blow up anti-aircraft guns and escape in five minutes, or protecting an ally while shooting from a helicopter.
  • The CQC is ‘simplified, but great’. Snake’s moves depend on alert status and where you attack the enemy.
  • The first-aid spray you can use to heal more serious injuries is a ‘very limited resource’ in the game.

Some more details on the healing spray can be found on Destructoid, who report that when Snake gets heavily wounded an on-screen cue appears to apply the health spray. Using the spray will make Snake ‘grimace in agony’.


From ComputerandVideoGames:

  • CVG calls the stealth gameplay in Ground Zeroes ‘the most accessible, unpredictable and strategically rich the series has produced.’
  • Instead of the countdown when spotted, guards will now block off Snake’s last known position.
  • Examples of side missions are Snake having to take out ‘a pair of wanted assassins located somewhere on the base (who will also escape if the alarms go off).’, and interrogating a soldier who they have to identify using a reference photo.
  • According to CVG, the stealth Side Ops are a lot better than the action oriented Side Ops.

Previews on other websites talked a bit about the ending, luckily without spoiling anything. Dealspwn calls it ‘one heck of a cliffhanger’, while the editor at says it’s ‘one of the most disturbing things I’ve witnessed in gaming’, adding that he expects a media backlash and ending with the conclusion it’s rated 18 for a reason.

Furthermore, Dealspwn says Ground Zeroes retains all the stealth options of the previous games in the series, but made more accessible. They also mention optional items and lore can be located by saving POWs and interrogating guards.

Source: IGN, DestructoidCVG,


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