Kojima wants the new Metal Gear Online to have a broader appeal

In an interview with Did You Know Gaming, Kojima talked briefly about the new Metal Gear Online, that’s being developed in Los Angeles right now by the new Kojima Productions studio.

Kojima repeated that members of the original Japanese development team are working together with the Los Angeles staff on the title.

While MGO was very successful in Japan, Kojima doesn’t consider it a success in the west. That’s why he wanted people from all over the world working on the game.


Kojima noted a lot of Japanese MGO fans are still criticizing the fact that the game is being developed in LA instead of Japan. But he wants it to become a game everyone can enjoy, although he didn’t go into specifics. He concluded by saying: “We’re trying to make all the necessary adjustments by trial and error, having everyone work together.”

Source: Did You Know Gaming

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