David Hayter: Kiefer as Snake feels different from what we were doing before

In an interview with Nerd Reactor, David Hayter once again stated he will not be in Metal Gear Solid V in any way. Although this has been said multiple times, some still believe it’s all a big ruse by Kojima and Hayter. David Hayter also said he thinks it’s sad that fans still believe it, because it ‘reduces the pressure that should be put on Konami and Kojima to bring him back’.


David Hayter in a live action sequence in Metal Gear Solid 4

Hayter also said that Kiefer doing the voice feels different from what they were doing before, but that he has nothing against the guy and that he respects him immensely.

To read the whole interview, which also discusses other topics such as Hayter’s new movie, head over to Nerd Reactor.

Source: Nerd Reactor, via TheSnakeSoup

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