Favorite scene in Peace Walker? Emotional during certain recordings? Funniest Snake quote? David Hayter answers fan questions

People who are familiar with the popular website reddit, are probably also aware of the ‘AMA sessions’ that take place there. ‘AMA’ stands for ‘Ask me Anything’, meaning users can open a topic taking questions from people. Yesterday, Snake voice actor David Hayter answered a bunch of fan questions. Below is a selection of some of the more interesting or amusing Metal Gear related questions and answers.


Do you spend much time playing video games that your voice has been a part of? Also, do you think your enjoyment of any of these games has been altered because of your participation?

I do play most of the games I’m in. There really is nothing more exciting for your inner fanboy — and I do have one, just like everyone else — to hear your own voice in the midst of some epic adventure.

While you worked on MGS1, did you have any suspicions that you were working on something truly groundbreaking and beyond amazing? Anything that made you realize how different the game was from everything else around that time?


I began to suspect that it was pretty special when I saw the artwork. Then, they showed me the cut scene where I took down the Hind-D, and I started to realize this game was going to be epic. it was, people forget, the very first game where your playable character moved seamlessly into the cut scenes. Very cool.

You Tweeted a commit about “New Coke” that cause some people to interpreted as a dig on Konami, others (like me) think its just a nod that your return as “Snake Classic,” much like what happen with the coke franchise. any chance you could elaborate more on the comment at this time?

I very much enjoyed that “New Coke” comment.

How often do you use the Snake voice to woo gamer ladies, and how often does it actually work?

It might work out okay, but I don’t do it so much as Mrs. Snake would murder me.

Did you audition specifically for the role of Snake for MGS1 or were you willing to do any of the other roles?

I’d have played Mei Ling at the time, if they’d asked me.

One of my favorite scenes of yours was in Peace Walker when Big Boss was trying to stop it from launching a Nuke, that whole scene was amazing and you killed it.

Thanks man,

That was my favorite sequence PW as well.

How much of your day is actually spent crawling through vents and eating tree frogs? Will we ever see a Metal Gear Solid movie?

It takes up a lot of my day.

Will we? WILL we!?

I’ve never played a metal gear game. Which should I start with, in your opinion?

Go chronologically.

Start with Snake Eater, Peace Walker, Shadow Moses, etc…

David, I used to practice for hours when I was younger to try and Emulate the voice you did for Solid Snake but I never made it sound gruff enough. How did you get such a low gruff tone when doing your voices?

You know, the key is not necessarily the gruff, low tones — Anyone can do that. It’s the high ends that give it its dynamics.

Is there anything you could possibly say to convince us that you are in fact not involved with MGSV in some next-level Kojima troll conspiracy?

Or have you concluded that we are all stuck in the denial phase until the game is released and the end credits roll?

I doubt it.

I will say — don’t get your hopes up.

Do you find yourself critiquing your own voice when you play the MGS games?

Oh yes. Very much.

There are times when I love it, or I hit something in just the right, most unique way, and others where I’m like, “How could they use that take? That suuuuucked.”

As an actor was it different voicing Solid/Old and Naked Snake? Or were they basically just the same person in a different time?

Solid/Old, was a guy who was under government control and manipulation from the time of his birth. He carried a lot more baggage and conflict from the beginning. Naked Snake, particularly in Snake eater, was in the prime of his powers, and ready to conquer the world at the beginning of that game. It was only over time that he realized how f’ed his situation would be.

What was it actually like recording as Snake for the MGS games? Were you able to see the footage of the scenes as you recorded or was someone in the studio basically painting the picture for you? Did all of the lines make sense or was it kind of abstract to you?

I was able to record to the cut scenes in MG:S, but after that, the games were being made as I recorded them. For MG 4, I was recording to the Japanese motion capture actors in their ping pong ball suits, so that was kind of hilarious.


Have you ever gotten emotional while working on the voices for MGS?


The scenes with the boss were pretty tough, and if you’re not getting choked up, you’re not doing your job.

If you had to change a character’s fate in any of MGS games, who would you choose and how? Your voice for Snake obviously changed through the years. From MGS1 where it came off natural to the eventual gravel that became noticeable in MGS3 and MGS4 where it was understandable. How do you explain that change?

I would have had Solid shoot himself in the cemetery. 

Accelerated aging.

Did you think of anything besides a light chuckle at the Snake Pliskin reference in MGS2?

I think a light chuckle covered it.

So Kiefer being big boss is just some part of a super elaborate Kojima hoax, right? Right!?

You’re asking the wrong person.

What was the dumbest line you had to say as Solid Snake?

The forty-two thousand repeated questions.

Which MGS game is your favorite, and why is it MGS3?

MGS 3. Just ’cause.

Hey David, big fan of your work in the Metal Gear Solid games. Do you ever break out the Snake voice in public to see who reacts?

Occasionally, I’ll grumble near someone wearing a MGS shirt.

How many times do you get asked to say “METAL GEAR?!” or any other one liner from the games.

More than I am able to count.

(which is up to 37.)

Hey David! What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever received from a fan?

… Calorie Mate?

Was the Snake voice something you did before MGS1? How did you come up with it and what was the initial reaction to it from the professional side if things?

I had never used it before, it just came out of reading the script, and looking at the artwork for Snake.

How does it feel when no matter how much you deny it, we all KNOW you’re voicing Solid Snake at the end of TPP/MG1 remake?

… Frustrating?

How many outgoing voicemail greetings have you left for fans as Solid Snake? How would one go about requesting one from you?

Many many many.

Just walk up to me and ask.

(I’m under that box over there.)

Which codec conversation is your favorite?

I love all the movie stuff with Paramedic. Among others.

Other than voice acting, did you ever make suggestions to Hideo Kojima regarding the storyline?

I did not discuss the Metal Gear story with Kojima, no.

Who is your favorite Boss Battle?

I loved The End sniper battle in Snake eater.

How much creative input did you have when voicing snake in the metal gear solid games? Did you just show up and voice pre-written lines, or did they want you to shape his personality a little bit?

I have no input over the dialogue, but the personality is my department.

I was wondering if you could share any of your favourite moments from meeting Mr. Kojima? We fans have all heard of his crazy antics from his staff and I’m curious as to whether you have any experiences of your own?

Kojima-San was always pretty subdued whenever we met. But he did seem excited about showing me the upcoming technology for whatever game we were working on at the time.

Does it get annoying people asking you to do the Snake voice in public and which Metal Gear game is your favorite?

Never gets annoying. It’s a great gift to be able to make people happy by using the Snake voice. I think Metal Gear 3 is my favorite.

Snake -Eaterrrr!

I read once that you played all the metal gear games, is this true and if so will you be playing these last two?

I have played all the Metal Gear games, yes.

I am not familiar with these “last two” to which you mysteriously refer.

What do you think was the funniest line you ever had to say when doing Snake?

“By… Farting.”

Super Smash Brothers

How did you find out you landed the role of Snake for Metal Gear Solid, and how did you feel after finding out?

I auditioned for the job, and a few days later, I got a call from my very dear friend Jennifer Hale, who said, “Guess who’s going to make some money?” And I said, “Is it me!?”

I was sitting outside on the patio, as the Counting Crows were recording their third album, “This Desert Life” at the time.

I’ll never forget it.


Note: Some of the questions have been shortened for the purpose of this article. Also, it does not contain all answers by David Hayter during the AMA session. For the full session, follow the link at the bottom.

Source: Reddit

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