Famitsu PlayStation 20th Anniversary issue features Big Boss art by Shinkawa, Metal Gear in several top lists

In celebration of PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary, Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu published a list of the top characters and games associated with PlayStation, chosen by the fans.

Several game designers also provided a special illustration to congratulate the PlayStation on its 20th birthday, and one if them is Yoji Shinkawa, with the artwork below featuring Big Boss.


Famitsu-PlayStation-20th-Anniversary-Big-Boss-by-Shinkawa (image taken from

We can see Snake is the fourth character in the list of top characters.


In the top games list are four Metal Gear games (that were also mentioned during the award show). Metal Gear Solid can be found at number 10, Metal Gear Solid 4 at 14, Metal Gear Solid 3 at number 18, Ground Zeroes at 23 and Peace Walker at 34.



It’s clear Metal Gear played an important part in the legacy of PlayStation, and that Japanese gamers are still very fond of Kojima’s series.

Source: Famitsu, via Hardcoregamer,

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