Tasia Valenza talks about playing Sniper Wolf in the original Metal Gear Solid

In an interview by Fragged Nation, Sniper Wolf voice actor Tasia Valenza answered some questions about playing the role of the famous female sniper.


On the subject of how much gaming technology has advanced since Metal Gear Solid 1, Tasia said she would really like to see Sniper Wolf in today’s tech. She also talked about the differences between live action and voice acting, as with the first you can say a lot of things with subtle movements like raising an eyebrow, and voice acting is more theatrical because you have to ‘reach the back row’ (interestingly this is one of the ways in MGSV will be different from earlier installments, since the advanced facial capture allows the team to transfer subtle acting like this into the game, allowing for a more subdued performance).

Responding to the question of what drew her in about Sniper Wolf, Tasia responded that it is perhaps her top animated character she has played. “She seems one thing, and then you find out that she’s so much more.” Tasia explained. “The scene at the end [her death scene] exposes her vulnerability that she has covered up her whole life. And if you didn’t know that scene, you’d just think of her as a one dimensional woman who’s just a hard-ass killer.” But it’s those extra layers that makes it interesting for her as an actor.


She also talked a bit about working with Hideo Kojima. “He was kind of an intermediary where he would convey and then we’d have an actual voice director [Kris Zimmerman]. So that was definitely helpful.”

When asked who she’d pick to play Sniper Wolf in the Metal Gear Solid movie, Tasia said she’d choose someone like Charlize Theron or Uma Thurman. She then asked the hosts who they would choose, and they unanimously agreed that is should be Tasia herself. Tasia was surprised by this idea, but seemed to like it. “I might be lured back into on camera if they would present me with that opportunity.”


Tasia Valenza as Sniper Wolf, image taken from herĀ Facebook Page

To watch the whole interview, follow the link at the bottom. To visit Tasia Valenza’s website, go here.

Source: YongYea

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