Troy Baker talks about Ocelot, Hideo Kojima and Kiefer Sutherland

During a panel at Indy PopCon 2015, Troy Baker, who plays Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, talked a bit about his role as Ocelot, about Hideo Kojima and about Kiefer Sutherland.

Talking about the impact Kojima has had on the industry, he said: “Because Kojima decided to make Metal Gear, so many other people have decided to make games. […] I don’t know what’s going on at Konami, but I love Kojima. And I love him as a dude, I respect him as a game maker. As really one of the first cinematic game makers that we had, someone that really understood in a very ‘Sergio Leone’ kind of spaghetti western way of making film, in a game. And for giving us one of the greatest video game characters ever, in the multiple iterations of Snake.”


He also once again stuck up for Kiefer Sutherland, assuring his performance for the game will be great. “For me, as a fan of the franchise, to be in a Metal Gear game, especially this one, is huge. And I’m glad that I wasn’t Snake, cause that… Kiefer… to his credit, Kiefer Sutherland knocked it out of the freaking park. And he came in and he put the work in. So… I love David Hayter. I love David, he’s a good dude and he’s Snake. But so is Kiefer. And that guy showed up and rolled up his sleeves and got dirty on this game. So reserve judgement until you play it. You only have like two more months left. And trust me, it will be worth it.”

Troy then proceeded to talk about his own role in the game. “But the fact that I get to be Ocelot…”


This is how Troy feels about getting to play Ocelot

He continued: “There’s an Ocelot in every game. You know, and that’s, again, I get to be counted among some really really great actors. Between Patric Zimmerrman, Josh Keaton and me. That’s cool! And it’s a great version of Ocelot too. So I can’t wait for everybody to play it. And I think it might be the most ambitious game I’ve ever seen, just in sheer scope of what you can do inside that game.” He concluded saying the game is going to be incredible.

To watch the full panel, follow the link at the bottom. The part about Metal Gear starts at around 31:15.

Source: Underground Geek Network, via VideoGamer

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