Metal Gear Online: movement & markings parameters explained, voice pitch option coming

In this week’s volume of Designer’s Notes, the developers continue their clarification on the stats difference between the three classes in Metal Gear Online. Also, a new voice pitch option will be added to the character creation tool in the next update.

MOVEMENT SPEED & MARKERS: “Get the f*!@ out of there!”

Welcome to another Designer’s Notes, this time Vol. 19!


First thing, a quick note. Development team employees have been given a specific official title to distinguish them from players when they’re online. If you run into them in game, please welcome them with a few friendly rounds to the head and body, and of course courteous comments and Appeal Actions!

Now, let’s jump right back into character class characteristics, or the three Cs! These base parameters help distinguish classes, but can be altered depending on the player choice of abilities.
This week we’re talking about “MOVEMENT SPEED” and “MARKERS.”


“MOVEMENT SPEED” is quickest for Infiltrators, followed by Scout, and lastly the slower Enforcers. While their general mobility is equal, their speed varies between classes.

“SPRINT DURATION” and “SPRINT RECOVERY DURATION” have separate parameters; but similar to their basic MOVEMENT SPEED, when it comes to sprinting and sprint recovery Infiltrators come out on top and Enforcers finish last.

“MARKERS” or marking is separated into two specific parameters: “Placing” and “Keeping”. Placing refers to the time duration required for a player to keep a watch on the enemy in order to mark them. Keeping represents the time it takes for a marker you have placed to be transferred to the enemy’s cardboard box, etc.
MARKING is where the Scout takes center stage with the highest base ability in both placing and keeping, followed by Enforcers, and lastly Infiltrators.

Depending on which class is attempting to mark, and to which class that mark is being applied, there are offset parameters that vary with each circumstance. For example: when placing, if an Enforcer attempts to mark a Scout, it will take them a base 1.75 secs multiplied by an offset of 1.2 which equals a total of 2.1 seconds. Scout has the greatest advantage in terms of time taken to be marked, where Enforcer has a greater disadvantage in comparison.

In contrast, when keeping a mark, the Scout class has a 0.9 offset which reduces the time require to cast off their marker from the base 5 seconds, to 4.5 seconds.

Keep these figures in mind when playing to keep yourself out of sight and out of mind (or idroid radar).

We have a quick note as well for the next update. We’re gonna add a new “Voice Pitch” option when creating a character, which modifies the pitch of their in-game and preset radio audio.
There are 9 levels of Voice Pitch from [-4] to [4]. This new setting will allow you to add an extra spark of personality to your characters.


Thanks for reading this week’s Designer’s Notes. It’s a little short, but we’re all busy looking over player feedback from the recent DLC and update release last week. Thank you again for your help giving us feedback on issues you want addressed, and feature updates you’d like to see.

Look for your designer’s in-game with their unique title, and we hope to see you on the battlefield!

Source: MGSV Official Site

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