Brief behind-the-scenes footage of Mads Mikkelsen in Death Stranding

During the latest episode of HideoTube, Kojima showed some new behind the scenes material of Mads Mikkelsen getting his appearance digitized and of the performance capture.

“I’ve done scannings before, for Doctor Strange, and the big films that will use 3D.” Mads said. “But obviously not on this scale.”

“Mads did some things that were different from what I instructed.” Kojima said. “And I was thinking of fixing them, but then I checked through the frame and they look really good, so they went through.” “That’s always the thing.” Mads added. “We will have to do what the director tells us, but sometimes we also do something else. And then we can work together and create something completely different. Two imaginations are not always a better thing, but sometimes it is.” However, he does feel that Kojima should have the final say. “You are the boss.”

Kojima intends to make use of Mads’ physical abilities. “I want to focus on his movements.” Kojima explained. “Superhuman movements.” He added jokingly he’d like to capture him doing ballet and cooking as well. Furthermore, the chemistry between Norman and Mads is something people should look forward to, according to Kojima.

Kojima also mentioned that Mads was always early for meetings and other appointments. “He is by himself, smoking a cigarette while waiting.” Kojima said. “He looks so cool and I’m just watching him, and then like 5 minutes have gone by…”

They will work with Mads many more times during development, as they’ve just gotten started.

At the end of the episode, Kojima once again urged people to apply for a job at Kojima Productions, saying that they can now do the job interviews in their studio as construction is finally complete. “We didn’t have a place for interviews before, so we would hold them at a local coffee shop.”

You can watch the entire episode of HideoTube below, or by following the link in the source section.

Source: HideoTube 6

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