Metal Gear Solid movie’s latest draft to be written by Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly

Website Variety reports that Derek Connolly, who wrote the screenplay for Jurassic World, has been brought on to write the latest draft of the Metal Gear Solid movie. Connolly worked together with Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Kong: Skull Island, and it seems their collaboration will continue for the production of this film.

The Metal Gear Solid movie was announced in 2012 (during the franchise’s 25th anniversary event) by Avi Arad, who is producing the film. Hideo Kojima is no longer officially attached to the franchise as a result of his departure from Konami, but Jordan Vogt-Roberts has made a point of wanting to preserve Kojima’s tone and style when bringing his universe to the big screen.

Source: Variety

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