Kojima: 'Two or three projects per generation is the maximum for me.'

In an interview with Electronic Gaming Monhtly, Hideo Kojima talked about game development in general and console generations in particular. The entire interview will be published in EGM issue 258 which will come out next month, but the magazine already posted some excerpts on their website.

Kojima explains that he thinks shorter console lifespans are better than longer ones.

“You make your first game with a lot of difficulty, beginning before the hardware is finalized. When you move on to the next, you’re able to achieve things you couldn’t in the first title; tech advances on the software side rather than the hardware. That usually prepares you for the next generation of hardware. For me, two or three projects per console generation is the maximum. After that, it’s time to move on.”

He also thinks that cloud computing and storage and cross platform gaming will advance very quickly in the future.

“I’m not so concerned about hardware specs right now; radical leaps in technology are difficult to deal with. I’m more concerned with aspects like cloud computing, cloud storage, and playing the same game across multiple devices,” he says, offering a tantalizing suggestion at what the new systems may demand from developers.  “I think we’re going to see advances in these areas very quickly, and I’d like the standards to be established sooner rather than later.”

Kojima has already stated before that his new FoxEngine will also be used for the next generation consoles, and it seems very likely that Ground Zeroes will be his last project for the current generation.

To read the entire interview, check Electronic Gaming Monthly 258 next month.

Source: EGM

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