Snake and Kaz fight naked in the showers, now in English

The famous ’sauna scene’ from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s audio drama CD can now be appreciated in English, starring the official voice actors of Snake and Kaz.

A little backstory for those wondering what this is all about: in September of 2010, a CD was released in Japan titled Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Heiwa to Kazuhira no Blues (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Blues of Peace and Harmony). It was performed by Tomokazu Sugita (the Japanese voice actor of Kazuhira Miller) and Akio Ōtsuka (the Japanese voice actor of Snake), and it contained 17 tracks, some of which character songs, and others audio dramas. One of these dramas is called ‘Snake & Kaz (Sauna)’, and it is about a fight between Snake and Kaz taking place inside the showers of the sauna on Mother Base.

Snake and Kaz get into an argument over Kaz’ womanizing behavior towards the female staff at Mother Base, and it results in the two naked men fighting inside the showers, and ultimately outside Mother Base. Paz recalls the two bursting out of the showers in one of Peace Walker’s briefing files (Paz’s Diary – 8th Entry), but the extended audio drama was never officially translated into English.

Fan translation of the Japanese track

But, after fan requests the two English voice actors for Snake and Kaz, David Hayter and Robin Atkin Downes, granted these wishes and released an English version of the bizarre event.

Source: Robin Atkin Downes Youtube

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