Interview with Platinum Games – Weapons, Cardboard Boxes and Metal Gear Memories

During an interview with Official PlayStation 3 Magazine Metal Gear Rising’s director (Kenji Saito) and executive director (Atsushi Inaba) answered some questions about the game and its production process.

Commenting on the difference between the work culture at Kojima Productions and Platinum Games, Saito remarked that KP staff is very concerned with details when it comes to settings. They are very precise when looking at each setting, he explains, and this is something Platinum Games could see the value of.

Answering a question regarding weapons in the game, Saito explained that players will be able to customize the HF blade, as well as use the weapons of the bosses after defeating them. They included both close combat and long distance tactics, but players won’t be able to just stand on a rooftop and shoot enemies from afar. Platinum Games wants the players to get close to the enemies, so the cyborgs in the game can’t be defeated with gunfire alone. However, it can be used to get close to the enemy.

PG also wanted to have the typical MGS humor in the game, so the iconic cardboard box had to be there. There will also be AV idol posters, Saito revealed, as well as something else that players will be able to discover for themselves.

Both Inaba and Saito name Metal Gear Solid as their favorite Hideo Kojima game. Saito explains that he thinks it’s one of the first games that used guns really well, in the sense that depending on weather conditions and the players health, it moves when you hold it. With the PSG1 sniper rifle for example, you could take medicines (Pentazemin) to stop your hands from shaking. Saito really liked this realistic feel of the weapons in the game.

You can check out the full interview here.

Source: CVG

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