Art of Death Stranding Limited Edition will come with a copy of his sketchbook, Shinkawa says

Yesterday, Art Director Yoji Shinkawa participated in an AMA (ask me anything) on reddit organized by publisher 505 Games, answering questions sent in by fans around the world. He talked about his influences (Yoshitaka Amano was mentioned several times as the artist who influenced him the most), his work flow, and his hobbies (building models). 

He also mentioned that he’d like to design for movies, or design cars. One person asked him about design concepts that didn’t make it into the game and that he’d like to share, to which Shinkawa responded:

“There’s a lot of early concepts/designs in the Official Artbook! The planned limited edition will have a copybook of my sketchbook, so I’d love for you to check it out.”

While The Art of Death Stranding has been out for a while, the Limited Edition is still missing in action, despite being announced quite some time ago. But it sounds like it might be worth the wait in the end.

Another person asked if Shinkawa could design a character from another game in his own style, who it would be. Shinkawa responded by posting this image.

On a side note, Shinkawa drew concept art for several games in recent years, like Call of Duty and Left Alive.

Shinkawa was also asked about game art or artists that he really likes. He answered that he would like to see a sequel to The Order 1886, since the atmosphere in that game is really nice.

Someone asked about the mysterious spaceship sketches Kojima shared on Twitter a while ago, inquiring what they are to be used for. Shinkawa replied: “That’s. A. Secret.”

Here’s my way of designing new title w/Yoji. 1st we discuss the setting for each character, the background, the world, the color, the characteristics, the roles, the images, ideas and keyword going back&forth via E-mail. WFH & 20 mins direct discussion. Mostly texting via iPhone.”
Hideo Kojima, June 26

To check out the full AMA, follow the link at the bottom.

Source: Reddit AMA with Yoji Shinkawa, Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2,3)

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