Metal Gear Rising info emerges – stealth, new game plus, collectables

Spanish gaming website MeriStation posted a video about Metal Gear Rising, in which they discuss the game based on an extensive play session and answer questions sent in by viewers. A written translation can be found here. The video is about a month old, but hadn’t been translated until yesterday, so for many this will probably be new information.

Below are some of the more interesting bits mentioned (some could be considered spoilers):

  • Early in the game characters from past Metal Gear games will return, who will have changed in the four years between MGS4 and MGR.
  • There’s a New Game+ that lets you start with everything you got in your previous playthrough, and a difficulty level above hard once you beat the game.
  • The game is pretty linear but there are a lot of collectables, some of which require you to cut around unexpected areas.
  • Some of the upgrades will show on Raiden’s suit, don’t expect large changes though.
  • The acts in the game are lengthy and can consist of multiple locations.
  • One location in the game is a city level where you can cut highway bridges and cars, and also walls to access new areas.
  • At times not using stealth can make things a lot more difficult, since the number of enemies can be overwhelming. You are also rewarded more points for playing stealthily.
  • Among the subweapons are (EMP) grenades, RPGs, and some surprises from previous Metal Gear games as well.
  • Cutscenes are much shorter than those of Metal Gear Solid 4, and also less essential to the story.
  • To unlock the VR missions as a separate mode, you have to access portable boxes and tablets throughout the campaign.
  • A PC version of the game is still possible, but a Wii U version won’t happen.

Source: MeriStation, Pastebin

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