Music director of Metal Gear Rising talks soundtrack

Naoto Tanaka, who is in charge of the music of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, posted a blog entry on the official Platinum Games site talking about this very subject.


Like previous games in the series, Metal Gear Rising will have a movie-like soundtrack, composed by Jamie Cristopherson. He also used folk instruments from Abkhazia for a part of the game that takes place in the same region, creating a unique sound.

For the battle scenes of the game the team took a different approach though. Here the player will hear metal music, complete with lyrics. They were assisted by Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader.

The songs have been remixed for the game with the help of a group called Maniac Agenda. Other remixes were done by Platinum Games themselves, Akira Takizawa to be precise. All in all, creating the music for Metal Gear Rising was a real team effort.

Two different cds will be released: one with the instrumental music from the game, and one called ‘Vocal Tracks’, which will have the songs with lyrics on it. Both cds together will comprise all music of the game.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Vocal Tracks will be released in Japan on February 20th 2013. It can be ordered from Konami Style Japan, where you will receive a special first print sleeve.

Source: Platinum Games Official Site,

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