Metal Gear Rising writer talks about DLC and changes during the story-writing process

In an interview in Famitsu, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance’s writer Etsu Tamari talked about the development process of the game, as well as about the downloadable content that is planned for the near future.

As many Metal Gear fans know, Metal Gear Rising was originally going to take place between Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4, when it was still being developed by Kojima Productions alone. The game was going to be about Raiden’s mission to rescue Sunny from the Patriots, and his transformation into a cyborg. According to Tamari, the story was a lot darker.

The story eventually got changed to free Platinum Games of the limitations it posed, but it still exists somewhere on the shelves of Kojima Productions, and Tamari hopes it will be used sometime. Though he noted it would have to be revised to fit with the continuity of the current game.


As fot the DLC, there will be new missions where you get to play as Jetstream Sam and Blade Wolf. The missions featuring Sam will shed some light on why he joined up with Desperado. Wolf’s mission will be about his time with Mistral. So both missions are small prequels to their roles in Metal Gear Rising.


Tamari said he’d love to continue the story of Raiden after this game, since a lot of people are wondering what happens next. So a sequel seem to be a possibility.

Source: Polygon

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