Kojima talks GDC presentation, will make announcement

Kojima posted a series of messages on his Twitter, in which he talks a bit about the upcoming GDC presentation and what he is trying to achieve. Among other things, he notes that aside from the tech presentation of FOX Engine, he will also be making an announcement.

The trailer I’m working on right now is totally different from latest “RISING” pre-launch trailer which has medley of cool cuts to give motivation for consumer. So this one will be plain and different in aspects or concepts.

Back in 2009 at GDC, my keynote presentation title was “To make impossible to possible”. I gave my speech that I’d made impossible to possible with idea as ladder, but in near future we step up with technique as base and idea as ladder. It’s been 4 years now, I’ll give a presentation of FOX Engine this time.

I will give presentation speech at GDC3013 in SF. It will be tech presentation of FOX engine but also there’s an announcement to be made. Please come and join us if you got some time.

Date: 3/27 11:00-12:30
Location: Room 2014, West Hall

Technology heavily depends on everyday’s accumulation. This is not something you can easily get. It is difficult to improve technology while keep doing successful business. At GDC2009, I made promise to change the old production style. I have been doing maintenance of engine as experimenting PSP gazing at cloud age and transferring.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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