David Hayter talks about voicing (and not voicing) Snake in IGN interview

IGN conducted an interview with David Hayter on their show Up At Noon. You can check it out here, or in the player below. The show is hosted by Greg Miller, and the David Hayter part starts at about 7:55.

David Hayter talks about the fact that he isn’t in MGSV, once again stating that it’s Konami’s decision in the end, but he is disappointed he doesn’t get to voice Snake like he did for the past 15 years, and that he thinks it wasn’t a ‘terribly respectful way’ to let him go. He also says it isn’t a hoax, at least not as far as he knows.


Greg Miller also urged people to post a tweet about bringing back Hayter for the game, which can be seen around the 13:45 mark of the video.

Aside from this, he talks about how he came up with the voice of Snake when he was first introduced to the character, what the recording process is like, and other parts of his career, as a filmmaker and screenwriter.

Source: IGN

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